Planning your outfits in the morning can take forever sometimes, especially since you don’t want to have to repeat the same look over and over again. Nobody has unlimited clothes in their closet (although don’t we all wish we did?), so the best we can all do is take a little bit of effort and creativity to mix it up with outfits that are both stylish and unique—and when that happens, the long skirt and top combo is a definite shoo-in! You can not only create tons of different outfit combinations with a modest skirt and top, but you can also bundle up with layers or strip down to beautiful basics no matter what the weather.

Are you at a loss with what to mix and match? Check out these trendy, modest combo outfits you’ll definitely want to share with your whole squad!

  1. Your Casual Match: Denim Long Skirt and Top

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First up is a classic, everyday look for any woman who loves the casually cool vibe, modest wearer or not! Denim has always been a timeless classic for a reason, and that includes the fact that the combination of a plain white shirt and the cool light wash of denim is super soft and comfy on the eyes. Your stylish conservative outfit set screams basic and laid-back with just the right amount of fashionable flair!

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What makes denim an even more versatile fabric to rock is that it’s one of the easiest elements to match with. Fab and flexible, denim can be worn to virtually any event and with any cute tee. Both clothing pieces are also automatically wardrobe essentials already, so you can quickly wear them together during the morning rush and still make it in time for that casual meet-up during the day.

  1. Rock This Modern Edgy Modest Skirt and Top Look

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If you’re going for an edgier, trendy, modest combo, why not try on a metallic skirt and an off-the-shoulder blouse? Think outside the box and be the trendsetter you were always meant to be by updating the conservative skirt and blouse formula with unconventional fabrics.

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Take a metallic hue, for example. You can create more modern, avant-garde, and totally hip looks by pairing a timelessly elegant blouse with a more exciting and youthful skirt in a shiny shade. That way, you can look well put-together without being too stiff. Plus, this ultra-cool combo will definitely make you the star of the show no matter where you go!

  1. Wear A Conservative Skirt and Blouse for Office Chic

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A loose maxi skirt and shirt attire is a perfectly comfortable and chic look for your busy office days. Instead of dwelling on all that unwanted pressure (those deadlines aren’t going to finish themselves!) plus the added stress of the holidays, be more productive by focusing on feeling fresh and confident with how you look. You’re a femme fatale who can easily overcome any challenge that may come your way, after all!

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Aside from self-confidence, comfort is also key to making sure you feel great while working. That’s why you should create long skirt and top outfits that not only look smart and proper but also feel comfy and cosy! You can’t go wrong with looking runway-ready from morning ‘til night.

  1. Plains and Prints: Trendy Modest Combo

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When it comes to planning outfits, balance is always the key. Yes, there are occasional moments when plain-on-plain and print-on-print combos are cool, but if you’re going for a more evened out and cleaner look, try mixing up plains with patterns.

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Pairing plains and prints are great if you're going for a monochromatic look—this way, you can stay within a colour family and still give off an exciting vibe. Sometimes, monochromatic outfits in plain shades can look a tad too vanilla, while patterned ones can be a bit chaotic. So remember: balance your look to avoid a fashion faux pas.

  1. This Stylish Conservative Outfit Set is Perfectly Practical

Source: Caroline's Mode

Fashion trends come and go, and it’s not always easy to follow them—but if there’s one fad that’s always on-trend to join in on, it’s practical fashion. Utilitarian looks are perfect for no-fuss days! Your clothes, like a conservative skirt and blouse, are all in neutral and seasonless colours, so it's easy to change up your look all-year-round.

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Really, these modest skirt and top outfits are made for the lazy fashionista. You don’t need to exert a lot of effort to look good in utilitarian looks. Plus, the long skirt and top sets that are under this trend are easy on the wallet. You'll need fewer pieces to match around—and fewer pieces equal spending less!

  1. Love the Romantic Loose Maxi Skirt and Shirt Combo

Source: Gal Meet Glam

For all the girly girls out there, it’s time to represent! If there’s a fashion design that can encapsulate the ultimate feminine look, it would be floral. A loose maxi skirt and shirt outfit in a floral pattern is the perfect soft vibe for spring and summer. They can instantly brighten anyone’s day!

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Of course, you can also create tons of different stylish conservative outfit sets on floral prints depending on your mood. If you're going for bubbly and youthful, light flowery designs are the way to go. For a more sophisticated and romantic look, go for florals in darker shades.

So, sure, planning outfits from head to toe can be a bothersome task sometimes, especially when you’re a modest dresser. But even with a more limited wardrobe, you can create countless chic and unique looks just with a simple long skirt and top combo. Just a dash of imagination here and a little pinch of confidence there and you’ve got yourself a trendsetting combo that can totally revolutionise the runway (and you haven’t even tapped into what you can do with pants and dresses)!

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