Aside from your house, the office is probably where you spend most of your hours within a single day. After all, going to work is a daily thing that you just can’t skip, no matter how tempting it is to stay in bed all day. While wearing a uniform makes it more convenient for you, planning your outfits and dressing up for work can be a more satisfying experience—not to mention it adds life and funk into your regular nine-to-five!

And what better avenue to showcase your fab and fashionable side than at the workplace? Just remember to stick to the outfit guidelines that your company has—but honestly, that's hardly a problem if you're a modest dresser. Most conservative pieces and below the knee skirts are fantastic elements to play around with, so get creative and plan looks that are both smart and fashionable! Here are 6 awesome styles to try out with your closet full of long skirts: 

  1. Neutral Classics 

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One of the most fundamental items in a young professional's wardrobe is a couple of knee-length skirts in neutral shades. Easy to style and even easier to match, these versatile pieces can come in black, white, and grey. Whatever the colour or pattern they might come in, they’re incredibly painless to match with anything you have in your closet.

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Of course, it's easy to interpret the word 'neutral' as black, white, and grey, but that's not all there is to it. Other classically neutral colours can also be universally styled—just think, if you’re after a warmer tone, beige and brown are top choices. Midnight blue is also a beautiful shade for breezier toned outfits, as it’s both undemanding and casually cool. 

  1. Practical Fashion

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This next tip hits two birds with one stone. On one hand, the utilitarian style is a fashion trend that's been making waves in recent years. You can see a wide range of influences of the clean-cut design almost everywhere, especially in the workplace. The simple colours of beige and khaki green mixed in with functional designs like buckles and straps make for an interesting fashion statement no matter where you go.

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On the other hand, utilitarian fashion is also a practical style to model. It highlights a no-fuss way of dressing up, which is perfect for young women who are all about the no-frills thrills. Getting more functional pieces for your below the knee outfits allows you to be smarter with your budget and to be more economical overall. With the utilitarian trend in full swing, your wardrobe can be hip and happening without breaking the bank!

  1. Maxi-mizing Casual

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Some offices are not as strict as others when it comes to dress code policies, and you might find yourself in one. As long as you look respectable and professional, wearing casual ankle-length skirts can be a tip-top choice for you. For typical days at your office desk, you can opt for a more laid-back and relaxed look with a long maxi skirt.

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Long maxi skirts that reach down to your ankles are not only stylish, but they can also offer practical uses for when you’re at work. First, they’re perfect if you’re feeling a little chilly because of the AC—skirts that reach down to your ankles are like blankets, after all. Second, they can change up your entire look and differentiate you from the usual long, pencil skirt fans out there. And third, long skirts are flexible pieces you can wear no matter what the occasion. They’re perfect for your day outfit to work and can transition smoothly to a fantastic look for your evening event.

  1. Keeping It Bright

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If you want to stand out at work without being too attention-seeking, below the knee skirts that come in bright and unconventional colours might be the perfect solution. Vibrant hues provide a bolder look that's perfect if you need an extra boost of confidence.

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Plus, these bright shades are fun and youthful as they add a burst of colour to your daily office wear. Dressing up in a way that makes you feel bright and bubbly can actually boost your motivation and productivity at work. Wearing knee-length skirts in vibrant shades can break the monotony of your daily grind—plus, they help showcase your personality perfectly! You don’t always need to stick to blacks and whites whether you’re in the corporate or creative world, after all.

  1. Pattern Pretty

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Because you can only choose from a handful of long-length designs, there might be times that you feel limited with your ankle-length skirts choices. If you’re feeling particularly stuck in a rut, fret not! One way to change up your below the knee outfits for work is to experiment with patterns.

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Patterns can actually change up the vibe of your entire look. Clean, geometric shapes are funky to look at, while dots and lines are classics that can elevate an outfit to a whole new level in a snap. Floral is perfect for feminine looks, while leaf prints are more summery and tropical. There are different kinds of patterns for your varying moods and styles, so you can wear what you’re feeling while at work!

  1. Simple is Stunning

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Going for that clean, fuss-free, elegant grace at work? You can never go wrong with solid-coloured long midi skirts in a pencil style or wrap-over any day. There’s a reason why these pieces are preferred below the knee skirts for women of all generations. They’re smart, conservative, and easy to style—and you don’t even have to stress over any accessories when it comes to nailing the perfect look.

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Wearing these basic pieces as part of your below the knee outfits is effortless! These long midi skirts make them perfect for women who are always on the go—you don’t even need to waste time planning your outfit first thing when you’re trying to beat the morning rush. When you have pieces that go well with everything, achieving that effortlessly chic look is just a long maxi skirt away. Besides, wouldn’t you rather spend those extra minutes in the morning sleeping in or taking an extra-long shower?

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