One great thing about fashion is that it always changes. With each new seasonal trend coming in, you have all the reason to buy new clothes and update your wardrobe. With modest clothes and conservative fashion slowly gaining global popularity, it’s now easier than ever to indulge in all the trendy conservative outfits you need!

To help you start out your summer 2019 wardrobe, here are a few modest clothing pieces you’ll definitely want to stock up on: 

  1. Romantic Classics

Source: Dress Archive

Romance is in the air this summer as the casual and vintage silhouette of the lovely tea dress takes centre spot. It's all about ruffles, puffs, and having an overall feminine vibe when you wear this style. This modern take on a tea dress is lightweight and breathable, making it the perfect choice for the sweltering hot weather. Not only does it keep you feeling light and breezy under the summer sun, but it also adds a certain casual elegance that elevates your entire look.

Shop the Look: Ginerva Top, £26.00 GBP

Shop the Look: Marilee Dress, £30.00 GBP 

To top it all off, the delicate style of ruffles and shearing in your modest look is perfect for days when you want to look dressed up yet still remain casual. This romantic fashion choice is excellent for taking travel selfies or going out on summer dates—totally fuss-free! 

  1. Simple and Clean

Source: Lafotka

One big trend that’s taking the fashion world by storm this year is Utilitarian. You’ve probably seen it around here and there since spring, but this hip and happening style is still making a lot of noise this summer. If you're looking for an effortlessly chic outfit, the clean and straightforward design of Utilitarian fashion is a definite must for your summer wardrobe.

Shop the Look: Adele Tied Linen Dress - Olive, £31.00 GBP

Shop the Look: Tail Coat Dress - Black, £29.00 GBP 

As far as conservative clothing goes, this straightforward style is the easiest to maintain while keeping you looking fierce, fab, and completely up-to-date. You don't need to worry about crazy colours or unique cuts and designs—utilitarian fashion is all about being functional and comfortable. So, if you’re a big fan of sticking to basic colours and classic cuts, then this chic style is your best bet.

  1. Lovely in Lavender

Source: Memorandum

When it comes to fashion trends, it's not just about the patterns and the accessories. Even a particular colour shade can be the next big thing, and for this summer, it's all about lavender. The light and muted shade is perfect for the summer since it isn't too bright and too dark. There’s definitely no easier way to feel graceful and bubbly than wearing lavender and going about your day like nothing can go wrong!

Shop the Look: Corset Waist Dress Abaya, £34.00 GBP (was £49.00)

Shop the Look: One Pocket Shirt - Purple, £25.00 GBP

Lavender is such a natural colour to wear since it looks good in a number of styles. It's a fun and casual shade for your modest attire at work, but you can also wear it to dates and formal events to stay refined and feminine. The delicate hue adds a welcome touch of elegance as you grace any occasion with your presence; plus, it even invokes an air of royalty no matter where you go.

  1. Puff It Up

Source: Kate Cook Top

Let's face it—your preference for wearing modest outfits can limit the possible styles you can wear. But that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with new looks—in fact, modesty is the best policy when it comes to hunting for the best mix-and-match outfit as your next go-to look. One thing is for sure though—you should definitely stock up on puffed sleeves this season!

Shop the Look: Brianna Dolman Sleeves Top in Butter Milk, £21.00 GBP

Shop the Look: Idalia Coral Top, £25.00 GBP 

The remarkable thing about puffed sleeves is that it has evolved in great heights as a distinct style in itself. When you think about puffed sleeves, don’t think about the uncomfortable poofs of your childhood! Now you can enjoy more structured sleeves that don't restrict the mobility of your arms. At the same time, rocking different types of puffed sleeves can help you change up your looks instantly, all while helping you pull off that perfect feminine vibe.

  1. Dark As Black

Source: Harper's Bazaar

If there is one shade in the whole world that the fashion industry will never tire of, it would probably be black. Universal and flexible, black can be worn casually or as formally as you want, and can even come in many different textures (cue in matte blacks and shimmering midnights). But if you're going to make a really fresh and unique conservative attire, why not channel some Neo-Gothic looks?

Shop the Look: Dione Noir Top - Black, £27.00 GBP

Shop the Look: Peony Abaya Black, £99.00 GBP 

If you want to instantly own the high-fashion look without having to put too much effort into your unpretentious outfits, an all-black ensemble is the way to go. You can choose to layer as much as you comfortably can—an all-black outfit just makes everything easier to style. You probably even have a few posh pieces tucked away in your closet! It’s time to whip them out so you can save a few pounds and still look trendy and totally on-point.

  1. Patchwork Pretty

Source: Who What Wear

We’ve seen romantic, feminine, and even Gothic—all of those trending fashion summer styles are awesome in their own way. But if you’re looking for a bubblier and more vibrant style, you just might love the unique pattern that patchwork brings. It’s also a good design to invest in if you’re having trouble choosing which pattern to match with your awesome summer conservative look.

Shop the Look: Artsy Maxi Dress with Shirt Collar and Buttons, £65.00 GBP (was £85.00)

Shop the Look: Colourful Patterned Long Sleeves Maxi Dress, £39.00 GBP (was £55.00) 

Patchwork is an entertaining and refreshing style that helps you feel more creative with the conservative clothes you don. This versatile fashion choice can appear more Bohemian, Country, or even just plain artsy. Anything goes! Rocking a patchwork outfit makes you look approachable and fun-loving, which is perfect if you want to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. After all, what’s summer without all the fun, fun, fun?

Now that we’ve covered the basics, keep in mind that these aren’t the only styles to look out for! There are a lot more summer trends this 2019 to check out and totally own. From waterproof clothes and tie-dye outfits to bucket hats and basket bags, you can create fun and unique looks for the whole season without breaking a sweat!

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