Celebrating mass means going to the same place and meeting with the same people once every week. While there’s totally nothing wrong with recycling the same pieces all the time, this definitely makes it a bit harder to keep revamping your looks without spending too much on your outfits. Don’t worry! There are tons of ways to update your cheap modest dresses for church without breaking the bank.

All you need is to be creative and more willing to experiment with the clothes in your closet. You can wear and re-wear your affordable, conservative church dresses and still look trendy and different each week!

Just tweak your look with an accessory here and there and you'll be good to go. Don't believe us? Here are 6 style secrets that you can use to give your inexpensive modest church dresses a makeover!

  1. Belt Up Your Cheap Modest Dresses For Church

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For this style, you need to think of your inexpensive loose-fitting church dresses as your outfit’s foundation. This means that this hack can work with almost any dress you can think off! Think about it—most conservative dresses come in a loose fit, unfortunately leaving you shapeless. They can be pretty comfortable but pretty unflattering, so a thin belt around your waist can do wonders for your silhouette.

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Belts can help accentuate your natural curves that are otherwise hidden underneath your affordable modest church outfits. They not only provide you with a more flattering figure, but they also help to break up the monotony of a full dress. Showing off your curves does not have to be indecent! With a matching sassy belt, you can easily emphasize your waist while keeping yourself conservatively covered up.

  1. Upgrade Your Look With Affordable Lace Conservative Dresses for Church

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For Sundays when you want to look extra put-together and graceful, think about wearing your inexpensive modest church dresses made from lace. It’s a classically beautiful fabric that comes in many different styles, so you can really change up your look each time. Plus, lace helps you get in touch with your feminine side, so it’s the best way to soften up your overall vibe.

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Lace dresses don't need to be expensive as well. You can easily find lace outfits with price tags that are well within your budget range. This way, you can look effortlessly luxurious in a style that doesn't break the bank. And if you don’t want to go all-out lace, you can opt for pieces that have lace details along cuffs or hemlines—these subtle details work just fine too!

  1. Cheap Conservative Church Outfits Paired with Small, Trendy Bags

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Complete your cheap conservative church outfits with a trusty (and functional) accessory. A bag isn't just for holding your personal effects—it's also an essential part of your outfit that can make or break your look. While you don’t need to over-accessorise when it comes to solemn religious occasions, you can definitely rock a handbag—just make sure that your bag matches your Sunday outfit whenever you head out to church.

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Different bags will look great with different cheap modest church dresses, but if you want to really highlight your purse or clutch, a simple white dress always works best. You can also match white dresses with your trendier accessories like a rattan bag or a neon clutch.

  1. Effortlessly Elegant: Inexpensive Loose-Fitting Church Dresses with Fluttery Sleeves

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Sleeves can change up your look in a jiffy! Make sure to invest in affordable conservative church dresses with different styles of sleeves to up the excitement factor of your Sunday outfits every week. One such style to look out for is fluttery sleeves—they’re fun, fab, and positively fresh!

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Fluttery sleeves on inexpensive loose-fitting church dresses offer a light and romantic vibe to any look. With fluttery sleeves, you’re hitting two birds with one stone! Because of its loose design, fluttery sleeves are conservative and perfect for mass. It’s also a great look to rock for after-church lunch with the family or Sunday dates with your partner.

  1. Layer Up For Style With Your Affordable Modest Church Outfits

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Worrying about a limited number of dresses in your wardrobe? Don’t sweat it! You can still make your affordable modest church outfits look unique through a simple hack. Wear a jacket or any other outer layer over your dress. A single glance in the mirror will show you how drastically different another layer can do for your sizzling Sunday style!

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Having an additional layer also frees you up to wear clothes that otherwise wouldn't have been appropriate to church like sleeveless dresses. With a cardigan on top, your outfit will suddenly look appropriately conservative. It doesn't even have to be a jacket, either! You can also pair sleeveless dresses with simple t-shirts underneath.

  1. Classically Simple in Inexpensive Modest Wrap Dresses for Church

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For lazy Sundays, there are tons of dress styles that are quick to wear, easy to style, and will still make your cheap conservative church outfits stand out. A wrap dress provides you with the loose fit you love about modest dresses, the curvy silhouette from belted looks, and even the romantic vibe of fluttery sleeves (occasionally).

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Wrap dresses might look simple, but they really do offer the best styles to subtly accentuate the natural shape of your body. It’s the perfect dress for you if you want to look good without seeking too much attention. Plus, it can be styled in so many ways! You can pair it with a trendy purse, a light cardigan, or even wear it alone.

Didn’t we say that you don’t need to break the bank if you want to look fashionably unique every Sunday for church? You just have to experiment with the cheap modest church dresses you already have and match them with accessories that can switch up your look. Head on over to INNERMOD and check out the collection of modest dresses available on site. You never know—you might just find your next Sunday outfit!

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