Who says fancy outfits are all about princess gowns? Stylish and posh modest clothing online can come in cheap! You don’t have to dress to the nines to posh it up everywhere you go. Even your regular outfits can be elevated to look classy and well put-together—after all, just because you’re wearing your everyday get-up doesn’t mean you have to be plain ol’ Jane.

It's just a matter of knowing what styles look good on you, and looking fancy definitely doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your wardrobe with clothes that have an equally luxurious price tag. All you need is a bit of patience while you’re scouring the racks in shops. With just the right luck, might even discover some affordable hidden gems in collections from online stores.

Don’t believe us? Modest clothing bought online can be cheap and well within your budget. Below are 6 fashionable looks under £50 that do just that!

  1. Cheap Modest Clothing Online featuring Business-Ready Jumpsuits

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Attending board meetings and closing business deals can be nerve-wracking, but the right style of clothes can give you the boost of confidence you need. Jumpsuits in simple cuts and neutral colours can do the job incredibly well! And the good news? Jumpsuits, as part of your modest work outfits, can be inexpensive when bought from the internet.

Shop the Look: Long Sleeve Wrap Around Jumpsuit, £13.99 GBP (was £28.00) | Shop other Jumpsuits

You just need to be vigilant and search through pages of content to find the jumpsuit that works best for you. The sleek figure that a jumpsuit cuts is in itself a power play. You can project a no-nonsense, I-know-what-I'm-doing persona that your bosses and clients will appreciate. Paired with a smart blazer, these fuss-free items can definitely make you feel like you can conquer the world—and there's no stopping you from dominating in your career!

  1. Trendy Pleated Skirts Online as Cheap Modest Clothing

Source: Diary of Shopaholic

Fashion trends aren’t meant to stay in runways alone. You can find tons of low-priced modest clothes that are inspired by the latest styles in fashion. You need to create dazzling looks to fit your personal style, and we know just the thing—a pleated skirt is a versatile piece of modest clothing that’s cheap and can easily be found online!

Shop the Look: Black Loose Pleated Midi Skirt with Contrast Beige, £32.00 GBP (was £39.00) | Shop other Skirts

You’ve probably seen pleated skirts numerous times before as paraded around by women in Pinterest and Instagram, but there’s a reason why it’s so popular even today. Pleated skirts can be glammed up or styled down—it all depends on what pieces and accessories you partner them up with. For instance, a pleated skirt worn with a smart high-neck top or formal blouse is luxe as can be from sun up to sun down!

  1. Affordable Striped Dresses as Conservative Clothes Sold Online

Source: The Pink Desert

As modest fashionistas, many of us subscribe to the idea of “less is more”. When it comes to buying affordable modest clothes from the internet, even your everyday casual looks can look fancy if you want them to. Invest in an effortlessly timeless look with striped dresses!

Shop the Look: Oriental Print Dress with Self Belt, £45.00 GBP (was £65.oo) | Shop other Dresses

It's a given that styling solid-coloured dresses is easier, but if you're up for a challenge, a striped dress can give you looks that are simple yet stylish. Patterns like stripes are basic enough to wear any time of the year. And if you stick to neutral colours, it's easier to avoid looking gaudy. Plus, these clothes come in a broad price range, so it's not hard to find low-priced modest dresses that fit your budget perfectly.

  1. White Blouses On The Internet as Inexpensive Modest Outfits

Source: Fabulous After 40

For fool-proof styling, white blouses are the way to go if you want to look properly high-fashion. While helping you look like a million bucks, conservative clothes like white blouses are actually affordable online. But why do white blouses look so expensive in the first place?

Shop the Look: Pussy Bow Blouse – White, £12.99 GBP (was £25.00) | Shop other Tops

The colour white is tied to the idea of pristine, which really changes your entire look in an instant. Wearing white automatically levels up your outfit—with the elegance and grace you exude in white, it doesn't matter if you're wearing cheap modest clothing.

  1. Affordable Denim Dresses for Modest Clothes Available on the Internet

Source: Dainty Jewells

Another style that you can rock from buying inexpensive conservative outfits is denim dresses. Denim is the universal fabric for casual wear, but it’s also one of the most versatile looks out there. You can dress it up or dress it down depending on your chosen accessories or dress cuts.

Shop the Look: Denim Long Sleeves Loose Maxi Shirt Dress, £32.00 GBP (was £39.00) | Shop other Dresses

A simple way to dress up your denim dress is to wear a belt around your waist. The more refined silhouette adds a certain high-class flair as it accentuates your natural curves. It doesn’t matter if your denim dress is inexpensive and from the internet. It’s the way you wear your modest outfits that count; if you think you look fancy, chances are, you do!

  1. Discover Coloured Blouses Online for Inexpensive Conservative Outfits

Source: Miss Melissa

Now, if you want to maximize your current wardrobe yet still look posh as can be, maybe it’s time to invest in classy outerwear! Blazers are not just used for work—you can use them to style your outfits to look sharper and smarter. Who says affordable conservative clothes online don’t have any flexibility?

Shop the Look: Green Stripe Tailored Blazer, £20.99 GBP (was £42.00) | Shop other Blazers

Sure, ready-to-wear blazers might not fit as great as tailored ones, but they definitely have a more budget-friendly price tag. Regardless, inexpensive blazers can still upgrade most conservative outfits (even when you’re wearing jeans!). Just think of all the fashionable photos you can post online. As a fun tip, try going for unconventional shades like teal, pink, or yellow to really mix things up.

When it comes to styling modest clothes bought online, it doesn't matter if they come at an affordable price. How much your outfits cost doesn’t matter if you style them perfectly and rock them with confidence. Modest clothing, cheap or otherwise, are just clothes! It takes you and your creativity to add a bit of fancy to all your looks. Browse through the Sale section of INNERMOD, and you might just find the outfit you’re looking for at a great bargain!

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