The brand new year is the best excuse to switch up your trendy modest clothing game! What with all of these New Year’s resolutions and people generally getting pumped to try brand new things, upgrading your wardrobe with affordable modest clothes is easy as can be.

From groundbreaking disco collars (yes, you read that right) to funky psychedelic prints, these inspiring styles on the runway should absolutely be on your modest clothing wish list this trendy 2020.

  1. Trendy modest clothing is all about bursts of colour

Add a life-giving pop of vibrant hue to your everyday outfits this New Year by elevating your typical floral prints with something new entirely—neon. Made with the youthful and always energetic go-getter in mind, neon colours and out-of-this-world hues are the perfect way to make cheap modest clothing for women stand out from the crowd. A striking maxi dress in hip and happening orange or tangerine will feed your flair for the dramatic, whether you’re aiming for a casual air about you or a fancier overall look.

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Yes, we all know that florals are still in, but there’s just something fresh and exciting about neon colours that bring out the happiest and most electrifying vibe in you. This exciting trend has been fondly called a transparent highlighter reel style, what with the abundance of fluorescent pink, yellow, green, and blue that just won’t quit. If you’re the type who just refuses to blend in with the crowd, then this vibrant shade of stylish modest wear is the most brilliant—literally and figuratively—way to make an entrance.

  1. Psychedelic prints liven up your affordable modest clothes

Trendy modest clothing takes inspiration from the past fashion eras every so often, and in this case, it’s all about the ‘60s! Floral references aside, designers are all about wild and lively prints this spring to help brighten things up for the New Year. This versatile and visually appealing trend makes your basic long sleeve modest maxi dress come alive at every angle, infusing the playfulness of that bygone era into all kinds of cheap modest clothing for women. To get the best of both worlds, why not go for a multi-colour floral patterned maxi dress? It’s fun, fab, and totally carefree at the same time—and it certainly ups the ante when it comes to dull modest office clothes at work!

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Never underestimate what a colourful, abstract print dress can do to inject life and energy into any occasion! If you’re feeling a little “blah” and you need some extra juice to help hype you up for the busy workweek ahead, retro prints can always save the day.

  1. Disco collars add wow factor to cheap modest clothing for women

Start the year with a bang with some extra oomph and added pizzazz with exaggerated collars! No, disco is definitely not dead, and if psychedelic prints were all about the ‘60s, the ‘70s definitely won’t take this new trend lying down. Channel your inner ‘70s diva with your trendy modest clothing via disco collars in varying sizes and colours—the bigger they are, the better! This surprise comeback modernises jackets, button-downs, and coats in the wildest and most courageous way possible. Wear them underneath outerwear in a contrasting colour like a plain black blazer with subtle sequin details to really make those disco collars stand out—after all, your affordable modest clothes should be loud and proud!

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This new take on typical stylish modest wear has the most impact with a blazer or even a trench coat. The pronounced collar will not only keep things interesting on the streets, but it will also keep your décolletage nice and covered, just the way you like it!

  1. Bermuda shorts add a fashionable twist to modest office clothes

Co-ords and suits not only help you give off that femme fatale vibe around the workplace, but they also keep you respectable and modest no matter what industry you’re in. This year, 2020 brings a whole new style to fashionable modest office clothes with Bermuda shorts! This welcome comeback is the perfect addition to cheap modest clothing for women because they’re nice, roomy, and non-form-fitting. They also come in just the right length to keep your office clothes as modest and fashionable as can be.

To make sure that these elements blend perfectly well with your workwear, pair your formal Bermuda shorts with a suit top or blazer in striking colours. Suit up your affordable modest clothes for your own casual take on the business look.

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Bermuda shorts showcase your casually cool nine-to-five look, especially when paired with sleek button-downs as well. Just make sure that the shorts don’t stunt your height by pairing your trendy trousers with flat footwear. At the same time, vests are also making a quick comeback this year, so it’s a good idea to invest in a three-piece suit if you can. If you’re a little hesitant to go all-out with the Bermuda shorts trend, you can always spice up your stylish modest wear with pinstriped patterns and other vertical stripes to get started.

  1. Go crochet on your stylish modest wear

Ultra-feminine and perfectly polished, the crochet look is dominating the runway this year. Update your long-sleeve modest maxi dress with crocheted elements, or complete your overall style with crocheted handbags, hats, sandals, and other accessories. You can even tone down the beach look by tying a casual cardigan at the waist for a more city laidback feel. If you’re afraid to go all the way with crochet, start with knitted blouses and outerwear, or go with some knit maxi skirts so that you can still capture that easy-breezy, flowy feel of crochet.

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This year is all about fun and fab looks that give you all the freedom in the world to experiment and enjoy. Update your long-sleeve modest maxi dress with psychedelic or floral details, or go wild with disco collars to keep your modest clothing as trendy as can be. And when you’re done planning your outfits, head on over to INNERMOD and shop for your favourites today!

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