Nothing says “femme fatale” at work better than modest office clothes that help you power through the work week! From landing those big projects to acing corporate presentations and client meetings, everyone knows that the right kind of Islamic office wear or hijab formal office wear can make or break a good year at work. Whether you’re gearing up for a job interview or working it in the boardroom, here are our top power outfits you can mix and match at work to fit your conservative work clothes this 2020!

  1. A tailored blazer is the epitome of modest office clothes

Whether you’ve just graduated and looking for your dream job or you’re heading back into the office after the long holidays, you just can’t go wrong with the classic tailored blazer. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a business casual look or dressing up for a more formal professional environment—a tailored blazer will always do the trick. Think structured blouses and skirt suits for your bottoms, or you can tuck a silk blouse or a satin top into your pencil skirt for your hijab formal office wear. Complete the elevated look with some neutrals like white, black, navy, beige, or grey. You can also choose to amp up your conservative work clothes with a tailored blazer in striking striped patterns.

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It not only gives you a world of opportunities when picking out the different choices available in the market, but it’s also one of the most reasonably priced items you can find out there if you are looking for cheap modest work clothes. Plus, a tailored blazer is the perfect way to stick to your office dress code day in and day out. Just keep in mind that it’s always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed if you’re not too sure about the attire in a new office environment, or especially if you’re interviewing at a new office for the very first time. If your office is a bit more chic, you can go for an edgier look with a blazer over a statement tee for a professional structure and some quirky fun at the same time. And when everything else fails, the classic matching blazer-and-slacks combo will do just fine—it’s a classic combination for a reason, after all

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  1. Subtle details on your top can complete your Islamic office wear

Modest office clothes don’t have to be loud and proud—after all, you wouldn’t want your outfits to distract your colleagues from the pressing matters at hand. If you’re looking to dress to impress with your Islamic office wear without going overboard, you can choose to wear cute tees and quirky tops with details that are soft and subtle. You can start with some crisp, white button down shirts that are versatile enough to be matched with any kind of bottoms, whether you’re wearing wide-leg trousers, tuxedo trousers, or structured midis. You can choose sleek tops with conservative v-neck necklines, buttoned cuffs, or even pleated cuts. You can also choose from puffed sleeves or regular long sleeves—the possibilities are endless!

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If you’re wearing a suit to complete your cheap modest work clothes options, you can never go wrong with beautiful chiffon blouses—they’re not only elegant and graceful as can be, but they’re also comfortable enough to wear from sun up to sun down.

  1. Jumpsuits are staples for conservative work clothes

Looking for a more unique way to stand out from the crowd? In a sea of matching pantsuits and tailored tops, be one step ahead of the corporate game with a sassy monochrome jumpsuit for your Islamic office wear or hijab formal office wear. Make sure you pull off this conservative work clothes with a whole lotta attitude and confidence and you’ll definitely go from fashion zero to fashion hero in no time. This out-of-the-box wow factor flatters your figure and gives you a sleek silhouette while keeping your look completely conservative at the office. In general, you should pick one that has a fitted waist or a wrap design on the front and make sure the fabric is looser on the legs to maximize that flattering look.

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For taller women, wide-leg variations will complement your figure better if they end just above the ground. For more vertically challenged ladies, go with a cropped style to keep from getting drowned in the fabric. The right jumpsuits not only save you a great deal of time and effort whenever you’re planning your outfits first thing after you wake up, but they also keep you looking elegant and respectable in your reasonably priced modest clothing. By beating the morning rush, you now have more time to get to the office earlier and get things done right off the bat!

  1. Wow the workplace with modern abaya fashion

If you’re tired of the usual smart cardigans and basic sweaters, an open front abaya is the perfect way to style Islamic office wear or hijab formal office wear. With modest office wear for ladies, you can look sleek and trendy without sacrificing the professional look you need to portray at the office. Feel free to play with different patterns and colours! Just like you would with an open kimono, your long open abaya will instantly elevate your work wear when layered over any kind of modest office clothes. Even if you’re rocking relaxed jeans for a more comfortable option or some oversized wide-leg trousers, your modest office wear for ladies will keep everything polished and poised throughout the day.

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Modest office clothes don’t have to be overly complicated. Whether your chosen abaya is more laidback or more dress-like, you can boost your glam factor to all-new heights with the right kind of pointed closed shoes or high heels. After all, you’re an unstoppable go-getter at the office, and your hijab formal office wear should make you feel confident, chic, and comfy all at the same time.

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