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Outerwear and jackets for modest fashion dressers

It might be obvious to most that modest dressing is all about covering shoulders, showing little cleavage and extending hemlines to below the knee. The inexperienced modest dresser might take this to mean that the garments they choose are limited to long-sleeves, skirts and dresses with longer lengths and so on. To traverse between clothes that may not fit the modest style of dressing, jackets and outerwear are the perfect fashion item to fill in the gap. With that cute, strappy top that was a thrift-store score or skin-tight jeans you got on irresistible sale prices, you can still make it work by pairing it with a cardigan, denim jacket or leather jacket, whichever look you’re going for! INNERMOD curates affordable and accessible outerwear and jackets of various styles and fabrics for all occasions. INNERMOD makes it easy to shop for outerwear and jackets from brands like ASOS, Vera Moda and … by collecting those that fit the modest fashion style in one website.

For the more adventurous dressers, check out ethnic-inspired outerwear like the robe-like dress abaya and kimono. These two are perfect if the boho-chic or beach-goer look is what you’re after. The flowy fabric and encompassing look of the abaya can be the full stop you’re looking for when trying to make your fashion statement. Play up the look with the flow of the abaya and kimono like a girl who walks with a wind in her hair and a skip in her step, and does not need to show off her beauty by showing skin.

Ditch the umbrella that’s lost its purpose whenever the rain is just slightly heavier than a drizzle and go for a poncho or raincoat. On rainy days, queen of modest fashion Kate Middleton can be spotted with the more stylish and practical vinyl hooded raincoat paired with a pair of olive green rain boots.

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