The modest fashion revolution is here! Women everywhere are choosing longer hemlines versus too-short shorts and looser fits over too-tight tights. After all, why wear an uncomfortable skimpy top and run the risk of a wardrobe malfunction when you can cruise through your day with relaxed fits like a cool cat? Conservative trends are making rounds no matter where you go precisely because dressing modestly keeps you comfy and confident—and when modest fashion makes you feel that good, you no doubt want to share that feeling with your best bud, don’t you?

If your besties are still on the fence about conservative clothes, send this fool-proof closet overhaul guide over and they’ll be joining the modest fashion revolution in no time!  

  1. Give dresses a modest fashion makeover

Lovely laces and sheer dresses may add the perfect feminine touch to your look, but these modest fashion no-nos leave your body exposed not just to the elements but also to practically everything else. While a see-through dress will probably make you think you need to throw it out if you’re trying to dress more modestly, don’t chuck them out just yet! Wearing a cami underneath will save you from any unwanted exposed skin—not to mention an equally sheer (and equally elegant!) under-top can cover up a plunging neckline. Just make sure you pick one that matches the dress in shade in order to create an illusion neckline. You can also make a strapless piece more in line with conservative trends by layering a cropped long-sleeved sweater on top.

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If your daring dress is strapless or sleeveless, just throw in a basic long sleeve fitted top underneath and you’re good to go, or remedy a short hemline with some opaque leggings!

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  1. Convert to conservative tee trends

Just like with revealing dresses, you can wear a tank under a too-thin shirt or a strapless top. Neutral coloured camisoles are definite must-haves in conservative fashion. And because they usually extend to the waist, these base layer pieces are easily worn underneath any piece of clothing to add a little bit more insulation when needed. They can also raise your neckline to just the right height to keep your cleavage covered—not to mention they keep gaps between button shirts covered up nicely, too. And if your top is made from sheer material, a basic-coloured camisole underneath can save the day!

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Speaking of skin between gaps, cute tees sometimes have unique cut-outs as designs—the only problem is that these supposedly adorable cut-outs are way off your modest style! To keep those holes from leaving you too exposed, you can wear a trendy turtleneck or a long tank underneath—and if you’re feeling a little funky, why not pick items that have bolder patterns to let them shine through from underneath? They not only keep you on-point when it comes to cheap modest clothing, but they also let your fun personality shine through!

  1. Let layers create unrevealing attires

Layering works wonders for anyone who wants to rock a more modest style. Learning how to work with layers is key to trendy modest clothing, and nothing is trendier than a long and flowy kimono. For anyone who wants to have a modest closet overhaul, a simple kimono can really switch things up and keep you covered and stylish all at the same time! These versatile pieces not only give you an extra layer of warmth on chillier days, but they also add the perfect touch of subtle glamour no matter what you’re wearing underneath.

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Layering to create more unrevealing attires also means using everything you already have on-hand, and you definitely can’t go wrong with a denim jacket, ether! This stylish and timeless piece is the perfect outwear for all occasions (from running errands during the day to hanging out with the gals at night) all year round. And when you want something even more basic, your regular oversized white shirt will certainly do the trick. Casual, chic, and effortless, a loose-fitting white tee is a wardrobe staple when layering over skimpier pieces and sleeveless numbers. They work with any colour combo, too!

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  1. Make jeans fit your modest style

Don’t you just hate that feeling of finding the perfect pair of jeans in-store, only to see that they’re actually the rugged, torn-up-with-holes kind? Conservative fashion means making sure you don’t leave your skin unnecessarily exposed, and distressed jeans just ruin the whole thing. Still, a modest closet overhaul doesn’t mean chucking everything down the bargain bin. You can still save those hole-y denim bottoms by wearing leggings underneath. Plus, if those problematic jeans are still a little too tight for your taste, throwing on a fun long tunic will cover up the crotch area and your backside just the right way!

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  1. Stay true to trendy modest clothing

When all else fails, be ready to throw in the towel. A modest fashion makeover might mean that some items are just beyond saving no matter how much you want to make it work. But the good news is that joining the revolution on conservative clothes is always the right choice! Even if you have to start from scratch, choosing to be more modest in what you wear and how you carry yourself will be so incredibly worth it. Dressing modestly means doing it for yourself and not to please others, and it’s all about finding a style that YOU love. Modest fashion is a lifestyle, and it brings about both a physical and an emotional change. You’re happier, more confident, and more comfortable in your own skin and your own sophisticated style—and you totally own it!

Now that we’ve got you totally convinced, go ahead and share this guide to as many of your pals as you can. It’s time to get the whole squad on-board with this fashion revolution!

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