When it comes to layering, it’s not a question of how much you’re piling on—it’s a question of how cute and trendy your options are, and how you can jazz them up to suit your own modest style! Yes, even basic slip dresses and short skirts can be added to your fashionable modest clothing wardrobe. All you have to do is to learn how to layer up using chic conservative trends, even with limited pieces.

Here are a few tips to help you learn the basics of layering using trendy, conservative looks—even with a minimalist wardrobe:

  1. Stock Up on Long & Short Sleeve Basic Tops 

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A short and long sleeve basic top is an essential piece in any minimalist wardrobe. There are so many styles you can choose from, from round necks or V-necks to short sleeves or long sleeves. Take your pick from among solids or patterns, basics or textures, and accessories to create tons of chic, low-key outfits. As versatile as they can be, basic tops can be worn with any type of bottoms or layered under a loose-fitted sleeveless dress.

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You can even style both casual and dressy looks with basic tops. A round neckline on a simple white t-shirt works great for that perfect laid-back look. A long-sleeved turtleneck top, on the other hand, is a great building block for many stylish, conservative trends. Smart casual or professional looks can easily be achieved with a turtleneck top.

  1. Dress Smart with Button-Downs & Sweaters

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When looking sharp and smart is the name of the game, a stylish, simple attire that you can always go for is the button-down shirt and sweater combo. It’s not only modest and comfortable, but also neat and stylish enough for dates, casual meetings, or for days when you just want to look as put-together as can be.

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 A white button-down shirt and a dark sweater combo always make for a chic, unpretentious outfit for most types of occasions. It's also the most common colour you'll see when it comes to this outfit style, so there’s no need to worry about matching colours when you’re rushing to work in the morning. Take it up a notch by slapping on some yellow and blue for a brighter and happier style.

  1. Utilise Long Trench Coats & Tailored Blazers

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For the modern modest women living in cooler climates, a basic long trench coat and a nicely fitted blazer can quickly change up your everyday look. They are the ultimate essentials when it comes to chic, conservative trends—it does not only keep you warm and cosy when it’s a little chilly out there, but they also level up your basic outfit to fashionable heights effortlessly.

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Who knew hoodies can look so haute couture? With the right trench coat combo, you can achieve this fashionable, reserved look without worrying about going against your chic low-key style.

  1. Pair Up Tights & Knee Length Skirts

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Short skirts and midi knee-length skirts can be repurposed into new and cool, modest outfits by simply pairing them with some trusty tights. Tights are timeless, ever-reliable accessories for stylish, low-key trends since they are great transition pieces all year-round. You’ll definitely never go out of style with these!

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Having tights in your closet can help you shift from the warmer seasons to the colder ones as elegantly as possible. Here’s a quick tip: you can use your knee-length skirts during spring and summer, and then use your tights to transform them into nice and toasty options by the time autumn and winter come around.

Aside from being key pieces in your trendy, unpretentious style, tights can also provide an extra layer of warmth when you need it the most.

  1. Mix High Street Fashion with Street Style

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When it comes to chic, conservative trends, don’t be afraid to think out of the box! Why not blend together the more delicate silhouettes of high-street fashion with the edgier pieces from street style? We guarantee that it’ll be a stylish, conservative look that not everyone can pull off, making your genuine outfit uniquely you.

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The wonderful beauty of this layering tip is that you can mix and match literally anything! You can either pair a dressy long-sleeved top with a basic tee or style a flowy, floral maxi dress with a baggy hoodie. You can even pair up smart and sleek-looking slacks with a simple white shirt, or an elegant basic top with a plain midi pencil skirt. With this chic, low-key style tip, the looks you can create are basically limitless! 

  1. Match Long Pieces Together

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Another favourite when it comes to stylish, low-key trends is pairing long tops with equally long bottoms. Who would’ve thought that it would look this good? You can make it look comfy and laid-back by keeping everything loose and flowy, or you can choose to make it look more posh and sophisticated by adding more accessories.

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A belt around your waist can help accentuate your shape, and add a more polished look to your outfit. A huge necklace can help level up your simple look, too—never underestimate the power of good accessories! Either way, pairing long tops with long bottoms makes for trendy, conservative looks that are as comfy as can be no matter what the occasion.

Layering your clothes can help you create tons of stylish, low-key trends with a limited wardrobe. You can even tailor-fit some fab pieces you initially wouldn’t think you could pull off—so go ahead and have fun with all those layers!

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