It’s easy to see how prominent modest fashion has become in recent years. You can see women taking interest in more modest trends these days—thanks to a few high street brands that have designed A-line skirts with longer hemlines and generously cut clothing. Retailers have also paid extra attention to the modest fashion market by introducing conservative collections in both boutiques and online shops around the world.

Of course, for women who prefer wearing conservative clothes, this is excellent news indeed! Gone are the days when wardrobe choices are all slim pickings, or the times when we feel like we’re not fashionable enough just because we prefer to show less skin.

Today, there is a more extensive selection of chic and trendy outfits available for modest clothing—not to mention showing off our modest style now gives us a refreshing boost of self-confidence! So after everything’s been said and done, why exactly is modest fashion taking the world by storm? Here are a few compelling reasons you might want to know:

  1. Modest fashion caters to women of faith

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Conservative clothing trends are all-too-popular right now because they’re very inclusive for all kinds of women everywhere, regardless of religion or faith. This doesn't mean that society didn't use to take into consideration the many women who follow specific rules because of their religious beliefs—this just means that in days long past, the choices of clothing styles were minimal, and frankly, not too fab! Women who were Muslim, Jewish or Orthodox Christian had a more difficult time shopping for clothes, and even then, the pieces available were made to be more practical and less fashionable.

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With modest style gaining more and more popularity, modest clothing is now more conservatively designed to cater to specific religious guidelines. Traditional garbs like abayas and hijabs also come in varying cuts and colours, effectively creating more exciting and fun options for everyone!

  1. Modest outfits are empowering

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Times are a-changing, and showing off your powerful femininity no longer equates to showing some skin. With unrevealing outfits, the modern modest woman knows that she’s wearing what she’s wearing not for other people but for herself. You’re a femme fatale after all, and your modest outfits aren’t for anyone else’s benefit!

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It may not seem like much to other people, but the clothes you choose to wear give you a better sense of self-worth. By wearing conservative clothing that you are nice and comfy in, you’re taking back more control over your life and giving yourself the love that you deserve. 

  1. Conservative clothes are made for practical comfort

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Speaking of being nice and comfy, most conservative clothes are made to be worn all day without you having to worry about pesky snags or wardrobe malfunctions. Modest clothing keeps you well-covered, so you never have to think about accidentally flashing others! Keeping to a conservative style allows you to do whatever you’re doing freely and without any worries.

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Unrevealing clothing can also provide you with practical coverage during unpredictable seasonal transitions. If you need to keep warm, layer on your pieces. If it’s already warm out, stick to basic outfits. You can rock conservative clothes multiple times during the year no matter what the weather! 

  1. Conservative styles boost personal confidence

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Joining the modest fashion movement means being as free as can be! There’s absolutely no pressure to look or dress a certain way, and you get to enjoy your daily boost of confidence no matter where you go. You don’t have to please others by following all the latest trends, because modest fashion is all about YOU—and it’s all about how YOU feel when you dress simply and fabulously.

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Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the modest trends out there—you can always tweak runway styles and incorporate them into your modest outfits. As long as you keep in mind that it’s always your choice and not anyone else’s, your confidence level will always be off that charts. 

  1. Unrevealing outfits show a global cultural shift

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The popularity of conservative styles proudly proves that society is facing a highly significant cultural shift, and on a global scale at that! Whether we’re talking about better inclusivity or feminism, the fact that more women are wearing styles because they feel great in them is empowering.

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Let’s be honest: just a few years ago, hearing the idea that 'sex sells' is commonplace. Even the fashion industry is guilty of this, and styles became more risqué and revealing. While there’s nothing wrong with that, not everyone is comfortable with wearing these kinds of 'stylish' and 'fashionable' looks. Now that modest style is taking the wheel, more women can enjoy being trendy and hip while wearing unrevealing outfits no matter what the situation.

  1. Modest styles appeal to millennials

Source: 9 to 5 Chic

No, we don’t mean that the modest style is generation-exclusive—definitely not! But there is a good reason why a lot of unrevealing clothing items sold today are designed for millennials—it all just means that modest trends are as fab as can be!

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Simply put, millennials can have high spending power and are at the point of their lives where they are the most social. Being out often, whether for work or for leisure, gives millennial women a big reason to shop for outfits.

But more than that, millennials are still young, and they want to gain the respect they deserve. It’s easy for others to respect women who clearly respect themselves as well. Women today want a healthy compromise, and modest outfits certainly have a balance between women’s personal beliefs and being unapologetically stylish.

Now that you know why modest fashion is getting bigger and bigger all over the world, isn’t it time you and your gal pals joined the modest movement yourselves? Everyone wants to feel comfy, fashionable, and confident anytime, anywhere, after all!

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