Fashion is a great way to express your personality—who you are, what you believe in, and just your plain ol’ creativity. The same is true when you look for modest church outfits; just because looking simple and conservative is essential when going to church, doesn't mean you can't freshen up your look.

Stay true to who you are! Your modest dresses for church can quickly get boring if you keep wearing the same thing over and over again. There are amazing hacks to make each piece look unique with the right accessory and style—plus, you'll be able to get more wear out of them and still have a refreshing look at the end of the day!

Without further ado, here are 6 elegant fashion hacks to try on conservative outfits for church:

  1. Love your Layers 

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One of the easiest ways to change up the way your unrevealing church dresses look is with an additional layering piece. Not only can these pieces keep you nice, warm, and toasty, but they can also drastically change your look with just a few key elements.

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What layering piece you choose can also tell a story about you, so keep that in mind as well! What’s your personality like, and how do you want to catch the right kind of attention? Comfy long-sleeved cardigans offer a softer, gentler, more feminine look while no-nonsense loose blazers can be more professional, smart, and very put-together. You can either give off a femme fatale vibe, or be that delicate flower with an air of mystery that everyone wants to unfold.

You can even pair your conservative dresses for church with edgier pieces like a leather jacket or a cropped trench coat for a more stand-out (yet still appropriate) style. 

  1. Play with Lengths

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When you first think about unpretentious outfits for worship, there's only one type of length for your go-to apparel: long. While technically correct, “long” doesn't necessarily translate into one measure. Revamp your modest church outfits by wearing items of fun, funky, and varying lengths! 

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Try long dresses for church that fall just short of your ankles. You can also rock below the knee length church dresses for a more casual yet still appropriate look. The small amount of leg shown also helps to make your outfit look conservative while keeping you cool and breezy during hot summer days.

A long length, on the other hand, offers more coverage and helps make you look graceful and elegant for a sassy night out. Modest dresses for worship don’t have to come in a single cut all the time—playing with lengths should be part of your strengths! 

  1. Express with Colours

Source: E Vintage Life

A fun way to alter your unpretentious dresses for church is to express what you're feeling with the colours you wear. It can be as simple as wearing light shades when you're feeling bubbly and excited, and darker colours for when you're more subdued. Think of this hack as your “mood outfit” technique when styling unrevealing church dresses, and you can definitely turn heads the right way.

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But wearing varying colours doesn't have to be about how you're feeling per se—it can also be tied to the celebration of the moment. Pastel hues like pink, mint, and cream are perfect for occasions like Easter, while shades of gold, red, and green can be worn on Christmas. Who says modest dresses for church have to be vanilla all the time?

  1. For All Seasons

Source: The Skirt Societ

Since going to church is a regular occasion, buying lots of modest dresses for worship might not be the most economical move. After all, being fashionable doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a huge wardrobe! A few versatile pieces will do, especially when you’re stocking up on good, long-lasting, conservative dresses for church.

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One smart move is to invest in pieces that you can wear throughout the whole year. That means it can match every season and can look good with a few extra accessories (like a winter coat). An easy way to do this is to look for elements in neutral colours.

Denim is an exceptionally easy shade to wear whatever the season may be. Earth-toned colours like khaki and olive green can also be worn all-year-round with the right accessories. Of course, you shouldn't forget the essential shades like white, black, and grey—you definitely can’t go wrong with these shades when revamping your long dresses for church.

  1. Match with Sweaters

Source: Fashion Freaks

That girl without a single wrinkle on her outfit and not a strand of hair out of place doesn’t have to be you! You don’t need to look perfectly pristine all the time when styling unrevealing church dresses. As long as your outfit is proper and respectful to everyone (including yourself!), you can be as casual as you want to be.  Make your conservative outfits for church more laid-back and comfy by pairing your pieces with basic, cosy sweaters.

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Matching below the knee length church dresses with plain pieces underneath is a current fashion trend that you'll absolutely love. Not only does it keep you updated on the latest styles, but it also broadens your wardrobe choices!

Another trend you can try out is wearing a loose, knitted, long-sleeved sweater over your closet faves. It easily makes your look more casual (and it keeps you cosy during the colder season, too!).

  1. Own Your Outfit

Source: Society19

Lastly, the best way to own your unpretentious outfits for worship is to be confident in what you’re wearing. Your outfit may be as simple as a shirt dress and sneakers or as put-together as a floor-length Sunday dress and chunky heels, but what makes your look outstanding is if you feel great in it! 

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Confidence is always the best accessory that you can have. Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself, so own your outfit because that’s a hundred percent you. Plus, being confident is the one great accessory that comes for free, so make the most of it!

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