The summer season is here! The warmer weather equals fun beach holidays you simply can’t live without. While most women take this perfect opportunity to whip out their most skin-revealing clothes, you can still dress more modestly even when it’s scorching hot outside.

Want to know a quick trick? Make smart outfit choices and invest in clothes made from lighter fabric like cotton and linen. Wearing loose fitting clothing and knee-length summer skirts can also keep you cool during the summer season—plus, it can also help combat the stuffiness of wearing long-sleeved outfits.

Yes, it’s easy to stay decently covered and still feel breezy and comfortable under the hot, summer sun. With these below-the-knee skirts for summer, you won’t have to break a sweat this season—literally and figuratively!

  1. Wrap It Around

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If you’re looking for stylish and easy bottoms to add to your wardrobe, a wrap-over is the perfect choice, especially during the hot, humid weather. All you have to do is bundle yourself in the wrap-over and secure it with a functional button or a cute ribbon. Easy-peasy, right?

Wrap-overs can also double as cover-ups when you're soaking up the sun on the beach. Just tie them around your waist after swimming, and you can comfortably walk around and enjoy the sand beneath your feet without having to show a lot of skin.

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Wrap-overs come in a variety of different styles and colours. These below-the-knee length skirts for hot weather can be styled to look both casual and professional. You can pair them with basics for easy, everyday fashion, but for days when you need to dress smart, a wrap-over skirt is also a fabulous choice when paired with a crisp, button-down top. Now, there’s no excuse not to look fierce when powering through an important office presentation!

  1. Make It Pop

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Summer is the perfect season to experiment with bright and bold colours—and no, we don't mean going full neon. Breathe a little life into otherwise dull outfits by adding a bit of red here and there. It’s not as attention-grabbing as fluorescent shades, but it's still daring and dazzling—plus, it adds a hint of romantic charm to any kind of look.

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You can even try to match knee-length skirts for hot weather with other shades. You don't need to stick to white, black, and grey—different muted shades like navy and beige are a unique and eye-catching choice when paired with red. If you’re feeling a tad more adventurous, pink or orange matched with a red knee-length skirt can still look nice and lovely without going overboard. This is the best time to try out colour combinations that aren't as suitable for the colder seasons, so go ahead and go crazy! 

  1. Wear Clean & Classic

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You can never go wrong with going the classic route. For days when you want a hassle-free look that still screams prim and proper, go with light neutrals. Shades like white, cream and beige are perfect for the summer since they look fresh and airy. They always cool to look at and will not feel stifling while you’re out exploring under the heat of the sun.

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For a retro look, you can rock an effortlessly chic button-down skirt that’s perfect for your summer knee-length outfits because of how casual and elegant they look. You don’t need to accessorize much for these types of outfits, either—just a couple of basics and a wide-brimmed hat paired with your button-down skirt can already create a tasteful summer look you’ll love wearing again and again.

  1. Keep It Cool With Satin

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When you think of summer and season-appropriate fabrics, satin doesn’t automatically come to mind. While fabrics like cotton, linen, or rayon are more common during the heat, you really shouldn’t let that be a deterrent! In fact, being such an uncommon fabric choice makes satin a unique option for you to stand out from the crowd.

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In fact, why not embrace the summer season by creating stylish summer knee-length outfits centred on a blue, satin skirt? The cool cerulean shade partnered by the metallic sheen of satin perfectly mimics soft, ocean waves. Think of how many chic, beach-inspired looks you can put together with a style like that! Plus, a satin skirt can instantly elevate even the most laid-back of looks. Whether you’re wearing a plain button-down or an elaborate piece, you’re sure to come out looking posh and elegant.

  1. Master Casual Elegance

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The main contention when it comes to summer fashion is comfort because of the sizzling hot weather. It’s not really practical to add layers upon layers to your clothes, but that doesn’t give you the reason to wear slouchy outfits all season long. You can look casual and easygoing while maintaining an air of elegance—all you have to do is find the perfect stylish balance.

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One way to balance out your below-the-knee outfits for summer is to pair everyday pieces with more dazzling ones. Case in point: a basic tee tucked in a glittering, pleated skirt can instantly look more put-together and chic than the same one over loose-fitting pants. Both have the same amount of layers but can have different impacts depending on how stylish you want to look.

All in all, knee-length summer skirts are a practical addition to your summer wardrobe. They can be worn for almost every occasion—plus, they can keep you comfortable because of their convenient length. To be honest, you can probably get away with wearing skirts covering the knees for the whole season because of how fashionably flexible they are. What else is there to look for in a summer staple and wardrobe fave?

Knee-length skirts for summer are only one type among many when it comes to creating your very own modest summer wardrobe. So go big or go home—experiment with much more options and show off your creativity with the summer looks you’re bound to make! 

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