Billowing dresses have been trending ever since the latter part of the decade, and their popularity seems to be soaring higher than ever. That’s good news for women who prefer modest fashion! No more scouring the metro for hours on end just to find that perfect generously cut dress—all kinds of flowy dresses are now conveniently within reach.

Still, the thing with loose fitting dresses is that the shapeless form tends to hide your beautifully natural curves all too well. Sometimes, your outfits can even look a little frumpy and dull because of all the extra fabric.

Isn’t it awesome then that we’ve got fun and fab style tips that can help you out? Below are six amazing fashion hacks on how to wear oversized dresses without looking like you’re drowning in fabric:

  1. Invest in a Cropped Jacket or Fitted Blazer

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An easy and chic way to style your flowy dresses is by pairing it with a cropped or fitted outer piece. The most important thing is that your extra top accentuates your waist. After all, your waist is the smallest part of your torso and highlighting that area always equates to a flattering fit.

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With a well-designed outer piece, your body creates a lovely silhouette that brings back the shape of your body. This way, you can wear shapeless dresses confidently with the knowledge that you’re well covered up without looking scruffy in all the wrong places! 

  1. Rock Built-In Belts

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Modest dresses come in many different colours and styles. One way to wear trendy yet straightforward loose-fitting dresses is to look for one that comes with a tie-around waist belt. It gives you the option to wear it with or without the matching sash for a different look altogether.

Because the tie belt comes with the dress, you won’t have to worry about finding one that instantly matches your outfit. The best part of it all is that those matching sash belts do a fabulous job with emphasizing your waist for a sleeker, more flattering silhouette.

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Without any effort at all, you can keep wearing these ultra-comfortable clothes and still look fresh and fab at the same time. They come in a variety of shades and cuts, so you can wear them during any season you choose. Our advice? Experiment on different ways to style them every day!

  1. Try the ‘Tied’ and Tested


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While the optional tie-around waist belt dress has been around for quite some time, another variation with a similar design comes with an attached tie front and is fast becoming more and more popular today. The simplest things pack the most punch after all, and what’s simpler than a tie front that’s already built into your billowing dress?

Some loose dresses feature what looks like two extra sleeves around the waist that you tie together to highlight the mid-section of your body. This innovative style helps break up any monotony in your outfit, as well as add a dash of elegance, a hint of style, and a touch of your own personality to any look. It adds visual interest as well as an asymmetric charm in just a single step. Isn’t that such a romantic and feminine way to accentuate your curves?

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With this kind of loose fitting one piece, you know your style is on par with the latest fashion trends of today. Your gal pals might even consider you a fashion-forward and runway-ready trendsetter—not everyone can pull off baggy dresses with such elegance and creativity!

  1. Layer With Other Pieces  

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When we talk about conventional fashion, a typical dress is something that you can wear on its own. But who says you need to stick to what’s old and unimaginative? Take your voluminous dresses to a whole new level by pairing them with all kinds of other pieces in your wardrobe!

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Pro Tip: balance your loose fitted dresses with pieces that are tighter on your body. You can wear long tights, comfy trousers, formal slacks, and so on.

This style is also a great way to help you expand your closet choices. If you pair your loose fitting dresses with long bottoms, you're opening yourself up to pieces with shorter hemlines since you'll still be nice and covered up!

  1. Cinch Your Dresses

Some generously cut dresses look better without any visible belts, especially if you're thinking of wearing them to a formal event. It just helps make your outfit look more naturally well put-together, which is why you might want to look into loose dresses that have a cinched waist. Some styles even hide the garter inside so that it fits more organically and tightly around your waist for better emphasis.

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Cinched waists can also look a lot more romantic which is perfect for formal parties and dates. They create a beautiful, subtle silhouette of your body so that you don’t look shapeless at all.

There are many different types of cinched dress styles to choose from. Some look understated and natural while others are bolder and attention-seeking—all that's left for you to do is to decide which one you like the most!

  1. Just Own It

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With more and more women prioritizing modesty and comfort over everything else, loose gowns and oversized dresses are all the rage right now. Whether it’s a raging party or an elegant soiree, or even a lazy day in or a wild night out, baggy dresses are a no-frills go-to option for smart, confident, and modern women looking to add a level of dimension to their modest wardrobe.

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Loose fitting dresses are versatile pieces that you can enjoy again and again. They can be styled with different accessories to look unique each time you wear them out—all you have to do is be comfortable and confident in it. There’s nothing more fashionable than the raw confidence that you exude while wearing the outfits you like. It’s your choice, your look, your style—so own it! 

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