It's that season of the year again! The sun is out and about, so why shouldn’t you be bright and shining too? Whether you're off on a stellar holiday or just lounging around your house, there’s no reason not to rock that hip and awesome summer spirit.

Yes, we know that summer usually means shedding all those thick layers and showing more skin. But just because the heat is on doesn’t mean you need to bare it all! With all the waves that modest fashion is making today, you can easily style conservative summer looks from your wardrobe all season long.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ll help you out! Here are some top modest summer outfits you just can’t miss:

  1. Loose and Big is in

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The sweltering summer sun means the weather is definitely warmer now, and piling on all those layers of clothes is a huge no-no. Fortunately, there’s a whole bunch of cool and chic looks you can rock with just one or two layers of clothing, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and broaden your style.

Add a bit of variety to your wardrobe by mixing in colours, prints, and cuts with different lengths and fits. Look for varying cuts and designs, and balance them out to create unpretentious summer looks that will look both stylish and unique.

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One trendy fashion idea to try out this season is to throw on some oversized clothing. No, oversized doesn’t mean picking out pieces that are a few sizes too big on you! If you don’t go with your own size in hopes of rocking a relaxed fit, you will end up drowning in the fabric and looking too overwhelmed by your own clothes. Instead, look for pieces that are specifically designed with an oversized style—those that are meant to show off a relaxed appearance and still falls perfectly and frames your figure just right.

Oversized tops paired with tight bottoms are a fun and easy look for the summer, especially if you love a casual style. And while you’re at it, why not pair those oversized pieces with loose bottoms as well? Anything to keep things casual and breezy! 

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  1. Light is Bright

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Cuts and designs are not the only things you need to think about when summer rolls around. Even the different shades of your unrevealing clothes for summer can affect the level of comfort you’ll be experiencing all day long.

That's why you should invest in pieces that come in bright and light hues. Pastels are a beautiful colour family to model during the sweltering heat because they look fresh and airy to the eyes—not to mention they keep you looking polished, elegant, and effortlessly put-together.

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The easiest colour (and probably our favourite) to style during the summer season is white. This pristine shade is super versatile and can be paired with any colour you can think of—even white on white!

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Still, there's more to light hues than just looking pretty. Lighter shades are better for hot weather because they reflect heat away, while dark colours, on the other hand, are known to absorb heat and can make you feel warm. This is a good reason why most modest summer clothing come in light colours—after all, who wants to feel sticky and sweaty all day long?

  1. Length is Key

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Yes, summer is a notorious time for wearing barely-there clothing and skin-tight outfits. But if you’re looking to style the perfect conservative summer ensemble, remember that long belongs! You can still rock that flowy and airy style while staying well covered up at the same time. Why not switch up the summer trend with a longer hemline? Cuts that end below your knees or those with ankle-length hemlines can act both as a bold fashion statement and a quirky beach cover-up too.

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The versatility of these pieces keeps your summer game on-point, from casual days out at the mall to sizzling hot summer parties at the beach. These long and flowy items are definitely wardrobe staples when you want to style orthodox outfits for summer; plus, they never fail to give you a flattering silhouette no matter where you go.

  1. Long and Loose

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The summer heat can get too hot sometimes, and those super-tight skinny jeans are just not practical to wear. Because barely-there shorts aren’t an option, an excellent modest summer attire tip is to invest in lightweight trousers. Breezy materials such as cotton, polyester, and rayon tend to feel lighter and more breathable than other fabrics, and they’re the perfect low-key alternative for hot summer days.

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Check out some of our favourite no-frills wide culottes that will make your conservative summer clothes look instantly stylish. They can also keep you covered up while leaving you feeling fresh and fab even on warmer days. The best part is that with just a few accessories and with the right kind of attitude, these fashion pieces can be styled and worn from office hours to after hours!

  1. Try Out Light Layering

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Does the sizzling weather tell you to pack away all your layers and stuff them at the bottom of your closet? Before you keep them locked up never to see the light of day, give them a second chance! The trick here is to style your layers well. You need to ensure that you pick pieces that are all light and breathable so that you still feel cool even with the extra layers.

Getting creative with your unrevealing summer clothes has never been more fun! Just throw on a light open front kimono or an unbuttoned shirt and you’ve got yourself an entirely new summer look.

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When you get right down to it, there are tons of ways to style your clothing all while looking modest even under the summer sun. While most people wear less clothes to keep up with the season, you can still beat the heat by mixing and matching the conservative pieces in your wardrobe to create the ultimate modest summer looks.

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