Not all women may have their runway dreams come true, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start your own conservative trend!

There are lots of neat tips and tricks that will keep you looking comfortable and confident in your modest fashion choices. From picking out the fabrics of your clothes to pairing outfits together, achieving a modest look is easy when you’re equipped with the right know-how.

To help you get started, here are 6 cool, conservative fashion tricks to help keep your modest style totally on point:

  1. Layer with Nude and Neutral Colors

Source: The Mysterious Girl

Some of the most beautiful pieces of clothing come in thin and sheer fabrics, and it can be a bit uncomfortable for women who prefer more conservative clothes. Don't fret! You can still wear these kinds of get-ups if you invest in the right undergarments and essential pieces.

Make sure that you have at least one nude shirt in your closet. You can wear it underneath your sheerer clothes to help you cover up without looking too stuffy.

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You can also use neutral colours as your base layers so long as you pair accordingly. A fitted white shirt and bottoms would look nice underneath a sheer white maxi dress. Black undergarments go underneath dark-coloured clothes and so on.

  1. Invest in a Few Strapless Undergarments

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Let's face it—no matter what they say, outfits that show off your bra straps do not look classy. They’re too distracting and too out of place in your well put-together outfit, no matter how beautiful your bra straps are. Plus, they look clunky and off-putting, making it seem like you didn’t even bother to polish up your look before you headed out the door that morning.

In crucial fashion emergencies like this one, strapless undergarments are here to save the day.

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Some modest clothes have wider necklines than others, and there’s no easy way to keep the straps of your bra from peeking out. But wearing the right kind of undergarment, like a strapless bra or bandeau, can help keep your conservative outfit looking smart and effortlessly elegant.

  1. Wear a Unique One-Piece Over Your Bottoms

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Some fashion rules have to be followed—others are made to be broken. One such rule is wearing long tops with long bottoms. An excellent trendy style that is perfect for women who prefer a conservative look is pairing up your button-down maxi dresses with ultra-chic trousers.

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This kind of unpretentious look is smart yet casual at the same time. You can wear it to regular workdays or to the mall without any problems, from lazy no-frills weekends to wild nights when you’re out and about.

Pro tip: unbutton the last few buttons of your loose fitting dress to give yourself a more flattering silhouette!

  1. Pair a Button-Down Shirt with A One-Piece

Source: Style Report Magazine

Stock up on button-down shirts because they’re one of the most versatile, unrevealing garment you can ever have in your closet! You can wear them for work and for play—they can even transform your outfits from day-in-the-house to a chic, orthodox look for going out.

Button-down shirts can be styled with all kinds of conservative bottoms. You can even pair them with your favourite wardrobe outer piece.

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Suffice it to say that button-down shirts can be considered key essentials when it comes to conventional fashion. This type of conservative style helps you achieve that effortless, casual chic look without burning a hole in your wallet!

  1. Buy Strong Denim

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Today, many denim pieces sold in the market are not actually made of pure denim. Some are stretchier, made of thinner material, and are designed to be of less quality than usual.

However, denim is still a flexible and essential piece to invest in especially if you’re looking for pieces that can come a long way when it comes to your decorous fashion preference.

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Make sure to invest in denim pieces that are strong and durable—that way, you’re guaranteed that your trusty pair will stand the test of time and constant wear and tear. Plus, sturdier denim is usually made to be thicker, so you know you're getting the cover you want while still looking fierce and fab. 

  1. Shop from Women’s, Not Teens

Source: Jeans and A Teacup

Resist the urge to shop from the teens’ section! Yes, those trends are hip and happening and they definitely look as radical as can be, but no matter how temptingly delightful those clothes are, you’re not a teenager anymore. You’re a stronger, better, and more mature woman—and your style should reflect your elegance and grace confidently.

If you prefer wearing a decent style, look for clothes marketed for adult women. Even casual clothes made for teens have a certain air of over-casualness to them. What might look good for younger girls may not necessarily look good on you.

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You can still look modern, trendy, and stylish with the choices that women’s clothing offers. Plus, the pieces sold from this collection are created specifically for you. With women’s clothes, you can create demure fashion with outfits that are not revealing and can give you a sleeker, more appealing silhouette. The cuts made are not only more elegant but also more defined and tailored to a fit that flatters at every angle. Think of it this way—you wouldn’t want to let those teen pieces overshadow your timeless class, would you?

Set yourself apart from everyone else by drumming up creative ways to layer, pair, and mix and match. Being a trendsetter for conservative fashion is all about raiding what’s already in your closet and coming up with exciting new ways to wear them—whether you’re pairing new things together or throwing on some never-before-seen outfits that are uniquely you. So go ahead and have fun! After all, isn’t the purpose of modest fashion to add that splash of your own personality to your look no matter where you go? 

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