As fashionistas all over the world eagerly look forward to Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter Collections, one thing is for certain—loose fitting clothes are a standout fashion trend this 2019.

Top designers have given us fashion addicts new pieces to look forward to time and time again, and this year, they certainly didn’t disappoint. Because we know you’re just itching to try this year’s breakout trends, here are some of the flexible modern modest fashion pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe this season, from stylish loose fitting tops down to sassy loose fitted jeans!

  1. Do it with Denim

Model is wearing Alberta Ferretti. Source: Fashion United

Who doesn’t love denim? This versatile piece of clothing can easily be styled to fit casual or dressy outfits. This 2019, denim is still going strong and is as timeless as ever. It’s time to whip out those denim pieces that you already have in your closet and discover fab new ways to style your old clothes!

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Feeling feminine with a posh skirt? Or going gung-ho with some basic jeans? Denim is an instant classic that you can always fall back on no matter what the look. Dress it up by matching your trusty pair with a formal blouse, or keep it casual by styling it with a loose fit crop top.

Denim boots and bags are also all the rage right now! There’s no limit to what this timeless piece can do. The simplest things pack the most punch, after all!

  1. Play with Prints

Model is wearing Paco Rabanne. Source: NY Times

Model is wearing Michael Kors. Source: Vogue

Patterns—you just gotta love ‘em. There are thousands (or even millions) of prints to choose from, so when it comes to modest clothes, the sky’s the limit, don’t you think?

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Who says that you should balance out your outfit by pairing prints with solid colours? Print on print is in, so go ahead and go crazy! For the fresh-faced first-timer, print on print can be a bit daunting. Fret not, though—we’ve got you covered.

To make this bold choice of outfit less intimidating, look for similar prints first. Floral on floral is a good starting point, or you can go for safe lines like stripes and check patterns. Another easy way to ease into this trend is to stick to a colour palette. Pair blue with varying shades of blue, and amp it up with a few accent colours here and there. You’ll definitely be acing this trend in no time! 

  1. Utilitarian Fashion

Model is wearing Fendi. Source: E! Online

Model is wearing Tom Ford. Source: Tom + Lorenzo

Ever been curious about utilitarian fashion? We’ve steadily been seeing more and more of this no-frills look in recent years, but this 2019, it’s officially trending. Efficient, practical, and fuss-free, utilitarian fashion can be easily styled with loose fitting pants and other modest clothing pieces. To top it all off, the earthy colours make pairing this style a breeze.

After all, who doesn’t love a good pair of trousers that has practical pockets for all of your essentials? And if you’re thinking that utilitarian fashion is all about the grunge, our sleek and classy pieces will definitely change your mind.

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If you’re looking for outerwear pieces that are both practical and vogue, look no further. Utilitarian fashion ensures that you’re comfy and warm during the colder seasons while still looking on point. This style is also an excellent choice for your conservative business attire since it doesn't have distracting patterns or loud colours. That way, you can own the boardroom and wow your colleagues, peers, and superiors while looking as put-together as possible. What more can you ask for in a go-to outfit? 

  1. Wow with Bows

Model is wearing Dries Van Noten. Source: Dries Van Noten

Model is wearing Moschino. Source: Vogue

If loud and proud pieces from runways intimidate you, you’re definitely not alone. We all know that most fashion shows offer you a few choices that may not be too practical to wear in the real world, but you too can rock this avant-garde bow trend with just the right amount of confidence.

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Bows are a great way to accessorise your modest clothes naturally. Level up your loose fitting blouse by adding a romantic touch, or convert your bow into a feminine necklace or scarf around your neck.  You can even accentuate your waist by tying the bow around it for a look that flatters at every angle. However you choose to style it, a bow doesn't have to be over-the-top to look trendy and chic.

  1. Fun with Suits

Model is wearing Sies Marjan. Source: Sies Marjan 

Modest dresses are fun and effortless pieces to wear when you're into modest fashion. Still, you shouldn’t be afraid to stray from the occasional loose fitting dresses. Why not go for fierce and fashion-forward power suits instead?

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Going to a meeting? Liven up the place with your professional yet funky power suit. Out for a casual day? Be trendy and bright with your colourful set. This trend oozes personality and helps you exude casual confidence everywhere you go. 

  1. Pleased with Pleats

Model is wearing Valentino. Source: Fashion Trendsetter

Last but definitely not the least on this list is pleats. If you want a subtle change to your conservative clothes, pleats can add texture to your outfit without being too overbearing. They are a great style for fabrics that flow loosely, and they can give your outfits a certain level of dimension whether you’re rocking women’s loose-fitting t-shirts or chilling with some loose-fitting tops.

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Versatile pleats can be worn with both patterned and solid-coloured clothes, and you can even style them with pieces that have a metallic sheen for the perfect city chic look. It doesn’t matter if you’re just out shopping during the day or partying hard with your gal pals at night—pleats can boost your exceptional personality from sun up to sun down. 

Isn’t it a blast to grab some funky inspiration from the runway? All you have to do is experiment with your wardrobe and show off that charm that makes you uniquely you. So go ahead and have fun with this year's fashion trends! 

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