When you think about hijab, it's easy to visualize a particular way of modest dressing—and that’s usually some form of headwear wrapped around your curls matched with a long flowy dress that reaches below the ankles.

Yes, there’s always something beautifully timeless about old fashioned looks, but a lot can be said about upping the ante when it comes to modernising. Like other types of fashion, hijab outfits have also evolved throughout the years! When it comes to Muslim clothing, you don't necessarily need to stick to one kind of outfit all the time—what’s important is that you embody the ideal.

That said, many Muslim women throughout the world are now taking great leaps and bounds to create a fashion niche where you can wear what you want and still look modest! To help you start your journey towards a hipper way of styling Islamic outfits, here are 6 incredible formal and casual hijab looks to try out today:

  1. Trending: Double Shirts

Source: Pinterest - Anya

The timeless ol’ tee is the epitome of casual clothing. They just look so basic, simple, and relaxed, making them the perfect everyday fashion piece no matter what the weather. Still, they can sometimes be limiting because of their short sleeves—but there’s a solution for everything. One quick answer to that is to pair your trusty tee with a tight-fitting, long-sleeved piece underneath—that’s double the fun and double the creativity!

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By donning this fabulous pair, you can wear most loose graphic shirts comfortably, and it will fit the ideals of hijab clothing to boot. The extra long-sleeved element underneath provides you with another layer of cover too, so chilly nights out can be no big deal. Be creative and try pairing different colours and patterns together to make unique Islamic outfits that you’ll absolutely love to wear every day—doing so can also help ease the burden on your wallet a little bit, because who says you can’t reuse the same piece but wear it in a different way?

  1. Light as White

Source: Girls Hijab

If you need to show up at a fancy event and you’re a little bit pressed for time, it’s easiest to follow a more traditional route (but with a unique twist!). Abayas nowadays come in many shades and patterns, but if you’re aiming for that pristine, classic, elegant look, wear a white piece. Sweet, sleek, and subtle, the sophisticated and perfectly put-together look is ideal for hijab looks that make heads turn without being too attention-seeking.

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Even better is that a white variant isn’t overly common. Keep your hijab clothes looking modern by pairing yours with trending pieces. A pair of loose-fitting, high-waist pants can be an excellent combination to try out—we guarantee that once you start sporting this look, your friends will want to try it out, too! Now, aren’t you a fearlessly fierce trendsetter? 

  1. Jazzy in a Jumpsuit

Source: Pinterest - Miska  

Speaking of trendy, you can look youthful and fashionably up-to-date by creating hijab outfits with a jumpsuit as your key piece. Aside from being flattering and stylish, this top trend is perfect for no-frills, fuss-free days when you don't want to put in too much effort into your outfit. All you need is to pair it with a long-sleeved item underneath, and you're ready to head out the door!

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You won’t see many women using a loose-fitting long jumpsuit as part of their hijab clothing, but trust us—it totally works! You can be as unique and fashion-forward as you want to be with a fab and ultra-comfy piece like this. And because it’s a one-piece look, you’ll definitely save some time rummaging around your wardrobe for possible pairs to match in the morning. 

  1. Classically Dressy

Source: Somegram

Don’t know what to wear to that prim and proper formal gathering you’re going to? Take the tried and tested route by wearing an elegant, long-sleeved dress. Long lengths offer you a proper feminine vibe instantly—you won’t even have to accessorize all that much to look naturally graceful.

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One way to look more confident and mature is to wear richer colours on your wardrobe faves. The next time you have a classy event to go to, try a deep, dark red shade for your hijab clothing choice. It exudes a certain type of passionate elegance without coming off as ‘come-hither’ seductive.

  1. Never Wrong in Denim 

Source: Instagram - @irennakristyn 

Another casual classic that you should definitely try out is wearing denim. Who says you need to stick to long skirts all the time? A pair of loose-fitting denim can do wonders for your hijab clothes—plus, they maximize comfort and mobility no matter what the situation.

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There are so many styles to choose from! You can go for a softer look and pair them with puffed sleeves and light shades, or you can also opt for an edgier street vibe with your Muslim clothes by matching denim with loose layers and outerwear. It’s really all about your own take on casual cool when it comes to wearing denim!

  1. Easy Matches

Source: Instagram - @mgmirafilzah 

Matchy-matchy tops and bottoms have been around for a long time, but colour coordinating doesn’t have to be outdated. Don’t limit yourself to the restricting idea that matching coloured blazers and trousers are just a work uniform!  

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These are also perfect hijab clothes since they are modest in cut and overall look. Show off your inner femme fatale and be that workplace powerhouse that you’ve always been! It gives off a confident and professional vibe that's perfect for boardroom meetings and catch-ups with your clients. All you need to worry about is what inner element to wear, and you’re good to go. 

While there’s nothing wrong with sticking to tradition when it comes to your hijab outfits, there are still many other options for you to try out there. So don’t box yourself in—simply take inspiration from the many fashion icons around you, and make it work for your own cool hijab look!

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