Let’s face it—shopping for trendy Islamic clothing can be a huge challenge if you’re a Muslim woman in today’s society. The sad fact is that most mainstream fashion stores offer limited choices of clothing that can be considered permissible to the Islamic way of life.

Luckily, modest fashion is totally on-point right now, which is why it’s the perfect time to be fierce and fab with your outfits as a modern Muslim woman. Adhering to the rules of your religion doesn’t mean you have to stick to styles that are decades old. Today, you can quickly put together a chic Islamic outfit without breaking a sweat.

Here are a few fashionable Muslim clothing styles that you’ll definitely want to try this year!

  1. Maximise Pleated Skirts

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Textured skirts are great additions to your wardrobe and can add a whole new level of dimension to your everyday wear. With just a few of these stylish and flowy bottoms hanging in your closet, creating a modern Islamic outfit can be effortlessly simple.

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There are a plethora of styles and colours that you can choose from, whether you’re into more neutral colours or bolder patterns. And because you can easily pair them up with different kinds of outfits for all kinds of occasions, these key pieces are as versatile as can be, whether you’re gearing up for a hectic day at work or just chilling with your gal pals on a breezy day out. 

  1. Let Loose with Long Shirts

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Ever since conservative fashion started making waves in the industry, many different modest cuts have been emerging—and loose fitting shirts are one of them! Oozing city chic and easy sophistication, long shirts are trending for a reason, and the best part is that there are tons of new designs to choose from.

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Loose and long shirts are especially great for days when you don’t want to wear too many layers, especially during spring and summer. They offer great coverage without too much layering required—plus, they also make for stylish and chic Islamic wear. With a few of these oversized pieces in different colours and patterns stocked in your closet, you can create a trendy Islamic outfit that’s conservative and comfortable to wear throughout the whole day. Nothing helps you ooze more confidence than maximum comfort, after all!

  1. Go Wild with Colour

Source: With Love Leena

Who doesn’t love bright and vibrant hues to add a splash of life to your daily wardrobe? Another great style to try out if you want to create fashionable Islamic clothes is by maximizing the use of colour. Being modest doesn't mean you have to stick to neutrals like white, grey, and beige. You can still look proper and unpretentious even if you wear bright shades and bold patterns!

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Colours can make your modern Islamic attire pop out and look livelier. This way, you can try being more adventurous on how you pair up your clothes without having to bare too much skin. Plus, colours can quickly transform your stylish Muslim clothes into a variety of chic looks that you can wear any season of the year. 

  1. Try Different Abaya Styles

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Abayas are a traditional form of clothing for the Muslim community, which is why many Muslim women still prefer to wear an abaya when going out today. But just like any type of clothing, abayas have also undergone major fashion upgrades throughout the years. Rocking your abaya is now hipper than ever!

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Stock up on a few different styles of abayas to help create a wardrobe full of modern Muslim attire. There’s a lot to choose from, including the conventional all-black type or the bolder prints and colours. There are variants that have fancier laces and sheer fabrics, while the more casual ones stand out with unique cuts and fabulous embroidery. Either way, you are sure to cover up properly all while looking stylishly modern at the same time!

  1. Loose & Fitted Combinations

Source: Just Trendy Girls

Matching loose and tight-fitted clothing together is not something new, but you can add your own personal twist to the classic pair with a button-down shirt dress paired with simple white tights. Oversized tops and tight bottoms keep you from drowning in fabric while preventing your clothes from being too body-hugging. They help create a sleek silhouette without giving too much away—plus, they’re nice and comfy no matter what the situation. 

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It’s really all about upgrading the types of clothes in your wardrobe. Rocking a fashionable Islamic outfit doesn’t have to be stressful! Skip the daily dilemma of rummaging through your closet every morning for the perfect modest get-up to wear before you head out into the world. With loose and fitted combinations, modern Muslim clothing is just a quick pairing away.

  1. Love Your Empire Waist Dresses

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For lazy days when you just want to dress up and go, a long dress with an empire waist makes for the ultimate no-frills choice. They’re easy to put on, require minimal effort, and can help accentuate your waist for a flattering fit that shows off your figure in a modest way. An empire cut or a matching sash elevates your piece to glamorous heights from sun up to sun down.

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Make your trendy Islamic attire look casual or formal depending on which type of design you wear. You can choose a few formal looking ones for important events and some casual ones for everyday wear, keeping your wardrobe efficient and budget-friendly.

Regardless of the type of style you like, spicing up your outfits to fit the rules while looking trendy and stylish is easier today than it was before. Add visual interest with some wild and welcome colours, experiment with some fun and funky asymmetric cuts, or boost your abaya game with a couple of glamorous prints and lace embroideries. All you need is a few staple pieces and a dash of creativity and modern Islamic clothing can be as chic as you want it to be! 

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