As basic as the shirt-and-jeans combo is, there’s no denying the classy impact this modest clothing style can bring no matter what the weather. Sleek, comfortable, and timelessly conservative, the perfect pair of jeans is practically the epitome of conservative ladies clothing.

Still, just because this trusty go-to outfit is as expected as can be, it doesn’t mean you should go with the flow and simply disappear into the crowd. Amp up your classic combo by matching the classic elements of denim with our foolproof modest clothing style guide on how to class up or dress down your loose-fitting clothes for any occasion!

  1. Every modest clothing style starts with a fabulous pair of jeans

Building a wardrobe from the perfect denim trousers isn’t just a matter of finding the perfect fit. Your jeans should have all the key elements of a fave go-to pair, whether it’s all about cut or colour. Do you prefer distressed jeans, straight cuts, or those that are just a little bit flared at the edges? Do you love to rock high-waist denim, or are low-hanging ones more your thing? Complement your modest clothing style with a pair of jeans that are ideal for your body shape, but always make sure that they’re not too skinny—you want your loose-fitting clothes to be as comfortable and unrevealing as possible, after all.

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Denim jeans may be a wardrobe basic, but you can make your get-up look brand new each time (even if you wear this combo every day!) by picking out different cuts of conservative tops. Making your attire fresh and fab is all in the styling—simply choosing different lengths and colours for your conservative fashion clothing can instantly switch up your look from lacklustre to brilliant in a second. Long sleeves, puffed sleeves, high necklines, collared shirts, classic button-downs, you name it—all of these trendy tops can go perfectly well with your fave denim jeans no matter what the occasion!

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  1. Layer up your conservative denim fashion clothing

The easiest and most versatile way to style your shirt and jeans combo is to throw on the layers! A patterned coat will help you steal the show each and every time with its eye-catching print. This easily updates any basic weekday outfit and adds a little bit of extra oomph to your conservative fashion clothing. Make your typical modest design wear Instagram-worthy with classic checked coats or a more whimsical floral or playful polka print.

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You can also add a touch of sophistication to your conservative fashion outfit (for an interview or even for just a trendy brunch with your gal pals) with a tweed jacket to look extra put-together. Dreary days at the office have never looked this high-fashion! If you want to look cute and trendy while still keeping things effortlessly cool and fuss-free, a cropped pea coat over jeans is a no-brainer.

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You can also rock this look for weekend brunches, coffee dates, and casual dinners without having to compromise your modest clothing style. Dressing up your shirt and jeans is as simple as an unfussy tailored layer over comfortable high-waist jeans and a meeting-ready tucked-in white tee. Then, wrap a pretty silk scarf around your neck or a statement necklace for the perfect finishing touch. You can also make your modest design wear trendier and more street-worthy with ankle boots, casual sneakers, or flat loafers. Then, top it all off with a fabulous pair of sunnies and you’re all set!

  1. Go for double denim loose-fitting clothes

Add an instant dose of chill when you’re out shopping in the city or having a reunion with family members by going double denim. Look great and feel great during casual weekends or give off a downtown vibe with distressed pairs. Throw in a vintage wash and some easy sneakers and your conservative ladies clothing look is definitely in for a treat!

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Let your conservative fashion clothing be the talk of the town with jeans in sultry black. Going double denim isn’t just about the blues—a pair of flattering black jeans can even be a conservative fashion outfit worn to a formal or casual event or your modest clothing wear of choice for any occasion.

  1. Accessorise your conservative ladies clothing in denim

Adding high-quality accessories elevates your typical tee and jeans outfit to whole new heights. Let your loose-fitting clothes scream “femme fatale” by jazzing up your relaxed bottoms with a chic black bag or a trendy designer pair of shades. Add a little bit of an edgier vibe with statement necklaces and bracelets, or even a dangling earring or two—just remember not to go overboard with the bling so you don’t end up looking like a Christmas tree. Then, slip on some pointy high heels or a chunky belt for the ultimate monochromatic city chic effect.

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A long cardigan can also be considered an extra accessory to keep your conservative ladies clothing looking more relaxed and chill. If you’re going to be running errands all day, you can opt for a go-to long cardigan to give your tee and jeans combo an upgrade. Don’t forget to top everything off with a leather bag or a crocheted piece to keep on-trend this 2020.

  1. Keep your modest clothing style tucked (or untucked!)

Sometimes, switching up the many ways you can style your jeans and shirt all boils down to whether you wear your cute tee tucked or untucked. You can go effortless with a totally untucked tee over sleek black jeans, or be prim and proper with a completely tucked number especially if you’re in your conservative fashion outfit.  To make things a little bit more exciting and to add more visual interest, you can tuck the front and let the back hang loose for the ultimate fuss-free no-big-deal look.

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When it comes to tucking, remember the rule of thirds—if your shirt is too long or too loose, do a little front tuck to keep from looking lousy. Tucked tees usually look best with high-waist jeans too—plus, they can give off a larger front illusion of curves for women who are less well-endowed. It’s basically all about proportion, so go ahead and check out exactly how you can style your jeans and tee at INNERMOD!

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