It’s a brand new year, and you know what that means! The fashion scene is once again busying itself with the latest trends that will take 2020 by storm—which is why you and your girlfriends will definitely need to stock up on the most recent, trendy, modest clothing you can find.

Just like every season before, some styles will be highlighted more than others. And if you're a fashion-forward lady, being updated on the current trends is a must. Share what you learn with your friends so that you can go shopping for chic conservative clothes together—sharing is caring, after all!

Need a little inspiration for your next shopping trip? Here are 6 trendy, modest wear that you and your gal pals will simply adore this 2020:

  1. Polka-Dotted Trendy Modest Clothing


Patterns are always a thing when it comes to the fashion scene, but the mystery is what particular design will dominate for a certain year. To start the new decade with a bang, you'll absolutely want to grab a few stylish modest outfits in pumped-up polka dots! 

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The fabulous thing about polka dots is that it's a basic print that has the power to breathe new life into any outfit. It doesn't seek attention, and it doesn't stand out too much—but at the same time, a polka-dotted print still adds a bit of extra oomph to your otherwise simple yet stylish modest outfits. If you’re not quite a fan of patterned clothing yet still want to jump on this trend, go for polka dots that have the same shade as your top.

  1. Stylish Loose-Fitting Outfits Simply in White 

Source: Vogue

There's a good reason why the classics never go out of style—it’s just hard to go wrong with them! Take white clothes, for example. The colour white can be paired with any shade you can possibly think of, from your simple blacks and greys to your unconventional neon shades. You can even style chic conservative clothes in all white!

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A white on white outfit is a clean, pristine look that elevates your elegance and gracefulness to whole new levels. Versatile and ultra-feminine, stylish loose-fitting outfits in white don’t need a lot of thought when it comes to accessories. The natural vibe of your outfits is an A+ look in itself.

  1. Back to Basics with Stylish Modest Outfits

Source: Le Bazar des tendances

When it comes to trendy, modest clothing, sometimes you have to re-imagine a few fashion boundaries. If you’ve always thought that basics are merely about neutral shades like white, black, and grey, think again! This 2020, the fashion scene is going back to the very basics of the colour palette. Make the most out of your blues, reds, and yellows!

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If you're tired of the usual neutrals, add a splash of colour to your wardrobe. Reds, blues, and yellows offer a variety of shades for you to choose from, whether you’re out brunching with the squad or working at the office. You can go from pretty pastels to dramatic darks quickly—you can even decide to go with monochromatic outfits. Better yet, try mixing and matching primary colours to create cool and trendy modest clothing fit for the season!

  1. Chic Conservative Clothes With Puffed Sleeves

Source: Vogue UK

When it comes to trendy, modest wear, the puffed sleeve is a definite fan favourite. Expect a lot more of the ‘70s fashion to influence 2020’s coolest trends. So if you’ve been a fan of those adorably feminine puffed sleeves from your childhood, now’s your time to shine!

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Puffed sleeves are fitting if you’re into more romantic looks. It offers a soft silhouette that is truly feminine, which is why puffed sleeves are perfect for your date nights! Plus, they give off a hip, vintage vibe for fans of timeless, fashionable conservative clothing.

  1. Coordinated Stylish Loose-Fitting Outfits

Source: Vogue UK

The late 2010s has seen the slow re-emergence of power suits for ladies, and 2020 is definitely the year of the empowered working woman. These stylish modest outfits are ideal for the modern working fashionista who wants to look chic and influential in the office while feeling comfy and confident at the same time.

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To top it all off, coordinating outfits are effortless to style. You don't need to think about pairing up your tops and bottoms because these fashionable conservative clothing elements already come in effortlessly chic pairs! You can opt for the basic blacks and greys, or go for unique colours like sky blue or tropical green. You can even go bold and opt for printed coordinating pieces!

  1. Pair Up Crochet With Trendy Modest Wear 

Source: Vogue UK

When it comes to stylish loose-fitting outfits, not everything is about what top or bottom you’re wearing. You should also think of your accessories—after all, they’re a part of your outfit, too! One trend that will be popping up more often this 2020 is the crochet and weaved look.

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While others can wear crochet pieces as their tops or bottoms, you can stand out from the crowd and think out of the box by incorporating crochet accessories to your outfits. A beautiful net bag or weaved hat would look lovely with your chic conservative clothes no matter what the weather, because who says you need to wait for the summer season to go full crochet?

Of course, these trends above are just the beginning! As the new year progresses, there will definitely be more and more choices the fashion icons on the runway will be debuting this 2020, so keep your eyes peeled—or better yet, you can count on us to bring you the latest, hippest, and trendiest modest styles out there for you. Simply welcome the New Year with open arms, a taste for fashionable adventure, and wide-eyed wonder and you’ll be sure to shine with your unmistakable style for the rest of the year.

The new decade has only just begun, so look out for more opportunities to make more trendy modest clothing choices for you and your girlfriends over at INNERMOD!

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