Sparkling chandeliers and intimate conversations, or candlelit dinners and laughter shared across the table? Cosy movie nights cuddled together in the dark, or the cool evening breeze on your face as you both gaze up at the stars in the great outdoors? Whatever you and your beau fancy, date nights are always something to look forward to—and for good reason! It’s a break from the hustle and bustle of your work life, and it gives you the time to bond with your special someone.

As with any important event, planning an outfit for that extra special night can be bothersome—but don’t fret! We’ve got just the right kind of UK occasion abayas that can help save the day. Having a few abayas for special occasions stashed in your closet is a must for every stylish modest fashionista after all.

Need a few fashion inspos for your next date with your partner? Here are six awesome looks that feature abayas for UK celebrations whatever the weather:

  1. Best Occasion UK Abayas For Your Anniversary Dates

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Anniversaries are always a cause for celebration. Whether you’re doing something simple or going all out, wearing a unique abaya on this extra special day will make it seem more extraordinary. There are many ways to go about your anniversary date, but it's also an excellent reason to whip out your formal abayas and be totally dressed to the nines.

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Your abayas for special occasions can help you feel even more exceptional since you know you’re getting dressed up for something as remarkable as your anniversary. Look all the more elegant and poised with a timeless white abaya, detailed with classy black piping and an optional sash to accentuate the waistline. There’s really no reason to scrimp on a special event like this!

  1. Bring On the UK Party: Abayas For Sporty Dates

Source: Quran Mualim

Does your beau find the best thrill from an exhilarating game, or does the roar of an excited crowd give you and your partner an inexplicable rush? Sporty dates are definitely a thing, and if you’re worried about what to wear, don’t fret—they don’t call it occasion abayas for nothing! You can wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in yet still look modest with an abaya styled to match your gym clothes down to a T.

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There are also special abayas with designs created to mimic a more laid-back, athletic look. If you want a nifty little hack, you can also make use of your plain abaya and sew on sports-related patches for a fun and original date look! Style that with a pair of sneakers and voila, you’re good to go! 

  1. Abayas for Celebrations on the Beach

Source: Just Trendy Girls

An intimate walk on the beach with your sweetheart definitely has the makings of a romantic movie, don’t you think? Who doesn’t want to experience being the lead star in their own rom-com? Just remember that going to the beach doesn’t necessarily mean you need to show a lot of skin, because being comfortable enough to walk around on the sand should be your number one priority!

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In fact, you can wear a fashionable party abaya for your next beach-themed date. There are lots of abayas in the UK that look like the modern fashion kimono, and these are perfect for lounging near the seashore since they’re commonly made with thin and breathable material. Plus, they make for an ideal cover-up against the harsh sun or the nighttime breeze. 

  1. Pretty Abayas for Events Like Brunch

Source: Just Trendy Girls

Let’s be honest—we’re all busy and sometimes ‘date nights’ don’t actually happen during the evening. There are times when one of you has to reschedule, or you just feel like going out during the daytime. Your beautiful abayas for celebrations have you covered no matter what the time of day.

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Brunch dates are always fun—you can just relax, chat each other up, and eat really great comfort food. Since you won’t be moving around much, it’s the perfect time to wear your abaya dresses. Long and loose-fitting, these abaya dresses almost seem like they were designed exactly for binge-eating! It’s definitely the type of abaya for events like brunch and buffets.

  1. Formal Abayas for Fancy Restaurant Dates

Source: Styleneur

Remarkably, the most straightforward kind of date to style for is when you're going to a fancy restaurant for dinner in the UK. Because you already have a specific look you’re aiming for, it’s definitely time to bring out your formal abayas for that graceful and all-too-classy look.

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These formal occasion abayas are the go-to get-ups since they’re already fancy in themselves, but if you want to add a little extra oomph to your outfit, why not go for abayas with an extra special design? You can take your pick from fancy embroidery, shimmering sleeves, and a sheer tulle overlay for that ultra-sleek and perfectly polished look.

  1. Abayas for Special UK Occasions and for Everyday

Source: H U A W A

The best kind of abaya is the one that you can wear to both special and casual dates. While kimonos or abayas for events in the UK are an essential item for every woman, you don’t necessarily have to wear them to dates all the time—they can be totally casual too, which is why these fundamental pieces are as versatile as can be!

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Solid-coloured abayas are always a good look to sport when you’re going for a more laid-back date. Going to the movies or walking around in the park is better when you can just blend in with the crowd and lose yourselves in each other. You definitely don’t want to be overdressed in these types of dates.

There’s also a feeling of comfort and contentment when you’re wearing casual abayas as opposed to party UK abayas, because you don’t really need to impress each other with what you’re wearing—you’re already deeply in love as it is. Depending on the occasion, abayas are definitely a versatile part of your wardrobe every modest fashionista can’t live without!

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