What kind of modest fashionista are you? When it comes to fashionable modest clothing gifts, it can be a challenge to find the perfect fashion piece for every gal pal in your life. Not everyone thinks or dresses alike, and each piece of trendy modest fashion showcases your own splash of personality with every wear. The good news is that no matter what UK modest fashion brands you and your friends are into, one thing’s for sure—your shared love for stylish loose-fitting clothes is the one common thing that brings you all together!

Whether you’re scouring the metro for the perfect gift for your squad or you’re simply trying to inject a little bit more of what makes you, you in your cheap modest clothing, our style guide has you covered no matter what you’re into!

  1. Fashionable modest clothing for the sporty athlete

The meaning of modest clothing may be different for varying people, and for the athletic modest fashionista, looking for conservative sportswear can be difficult. For some modern Muslim women, trendy Islamic clothing might mean that your sporty tops need to cover about three-fourths of the forearm, while for some, a full-length sleeve or ankle-length bottoms is the minimum lengths.

To make sure you work out easily and breezily, you can pick ankle-length trousers that don’t interfere with your running or your footwork when you move about. Go with some adjustable drawstrings too if you can, and a relaxed fit for full flexibility and versatility. Another option is to go for track pants with a modest straight fit and elastic banding at the waist to make sure you can move as easily as you want to!

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A lot of modest women feel restricted by the limited options for conservative sportswear, and they end up working out in the privacy of their home just because they don’t want to leave their skin exposed. Don’t be held back just because of the limited fashion choices out there! If you are a modest orthodox LDS or tznius Jewish shopping online, you can try layering loose-fitted skorts over leggings so that you can easily work out without any movement restriction.

  1. Trendy modest fashion for the office junkie

If your idea of a productive day is totally killing it at the boardroom and wowing clients left and right, then you’re a definite queen of the workplace, and you’re not afraid to show it! The meaning of modest clothing to you is to be comfortable and a hundred percent confident in your own skin, as you zip left and right closing deals and making your way to the top. You work hard for your money, which is why your trendy modest fashion choices should also reflect the go-getter in you.

Go for a quiet, elegant, and totally respectable vibe with some wide-leg palazzo pants with ribbon accents. Make sure the fabric is made from high-quality material to keep yourself comfortable in your killer heels all day, and it’s also a big plus if your bottoms have some side pockets in them—they’ll definitely be useful for carrying all those memos at the office.

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If you’re looking for a more basic yet totally commanding vibe, your typical long-sleeved black blazer with a fitted waist will do just the trick. Look out, world—this femme fatale is fierce and fashionable as can be!

  1. Stylish loose-fitting clothes for the bookworm 

Love staying in on the weekends and curling up in front of the fire with a good book? If your idea of a perfect Saturday night is burying yourself under the covers while sipping on some hot tea in the cold weather of the UK as you’re transported to enchanted worlds and magical lands, then all of your modest fashion brands probably don’t scrimp on comfort! Stay nice and toasty with some oversized sweaters as you take fashionable modest clothing to effortlessly chic heights. A loose-fitted cardigan with long sleeves will be just the thing to keep you company as you dive into a new story every night.

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  1. Elegant modest dresses for the feminine flower

Belles of the ball and divas of the night, unite! Not only are elegant modest dresses sophisticated and respectable, they also keep you looking dazzling without having to show off some skin. If you love soft floral and feminine frills, you definitely can’t go wrong with long, flowy, one-pieces with subtle floral prints as part of your trendy modest clothing. You can also switch up your typical maxi skirts with a lace piece—and no, we don’t mean baring it all! Pick a lace dress that already comes with an included inner lining to keep yourself nice and covered.

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Be sure that your fashion pick is made from comfortable quality fabric like polyester satin, and don’t forget to keep the length below your knees! 

  1. Cheap modest clothing for the wandering soul

Can’t get enough of travelling? Always eager to see new places and meet new people to refresh your thrill-seeking soul? Go for a utility dress or a proper shirt dress to keep yourself covered and comfortable no matter where you’re headed off to. Shirt dresses are also extremely flexible as you can wear them open or closed, and you can even use them as outerwear and layer them up when it’s especially chilly outside. Plus, when you’re out discovering new sights and walking along the less-travelled roads for long hours, maximum comfort should be your top priority.

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It’s also a good bonus if your comfy piece has utility pockets so that you can keep your valuables with you wherever your inner traveller takes you.

Whether you’re looking for trendy Islamic clothing or you’re trying to find a modern twist to your tznius Jewish clothing or LDS clothing, we’ve got a special fashion hack for you regardless of your personality. With this handy-dandy gift guide in hand, you can share these tips with your modest fashionista squad—we guarantee that they will totally relate!

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