The drastic change of temperature in the UK brings both sunny and rainy days, and there’s nothing more stressful than dressing for the heat and getting rained on halfway through the day! Restyling your conservative clothes comes with the territory, but you CAN be fab and totally on-trend despite the changing seasons.

Modest clothing is versatile as can be, and you can keep up with the current trends while tweaking your modest style to suit the season. Even a summery sleeveless top can suit conservative clothing tastes if you know how to layer it! Here are just a few of the current modest fashion trends women in the UK are absolutely into right now:

  1. A Modest Take on Floral Clothing

Source: Vogue UK 

Floral prints might be an age-old favourite, but you can still revamp this style for a more modern take. Want the flora in your outfit to pop out even more? Pair them up with a dark background for that extra emphasis. Modest clothing with primary colours like black, navy, and emerald green contrasts perfectly with the bright hues of flowers. This colour palette is also perfect for the colder season, and all you need to do is to layer it with a polo neck top underneath or throw over a leather jacket.

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Another thing that makes this trend different is the totally unique vibe it gives off. Unlike the innocent and girly air that typically comes with the light and flowery modest outfits you wear, this version of floral gives off a sense of womanly maturity—sleek, graceful, and modestly mysterious. 

  1. Conservative Outfit with Puff Sleeves

Source: Sealthelook 

If you’re more into the dainty and youthful look, floral isn’t the only trend you can try out. A conservative outfit that highlights puffed sleeves can also offer you that fresh and innocent vibe you’re going for. Don’t think that puffed sleeves are so yesterday—it’s actually coming back with a vengeance!

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It’s time to say “welcome back” to your childhood (but with a more modern take!). Instead of focusing on Cinderella-like sleeves, modest clothing offers sleeker and more timeless looks. Today’s trends have incorporated these romantic sleeves and created wearable, simple pieces perfect for everyday use. These puff-sleeved shirts not only make you look instantly stylish, but they also look best when layered with a turtleneck top for a modest look. Plus, that extra fabric around your neck certainly helps to keep out the windy chill!

  1. Add a Pop of Colour to Your Modest Attire

Source: Fashion Magazine 

In the UK, going wacky and wild with your colour palette is a welcome trend. With the thousands of shades out there in the world, it’s not surprising that a different hue is picked out as the “Chosen One” each season of every year. Add a little bounce and joy to your daily wear by donning a conservative outfit yellow. You can be bright, breezy, and youthful as you traipse around the streets without being too attention-seeking!

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Butter yellow is an overall sweet shade that’s perfect for casual days. Its laid-back and relaxing look makes it versatile enough to transition easily to a modest style for work. It not only contrasts beautifully amongst the other outfits of a darker shade, but it also keeps things nice and bright at the office—after all, no one wants to spend the workweek with all the gloom and doom, right?

  1. The Smart & Classic Modest Look

Source: La Vie Du Papillon

If bright and bold is not your preferred choice this season, black will always be in no matter when or where you are. For days when you’re rushing to throw on the perfect modest attire, go for timeless black and other deeper colours with darker shades. If the days are getting colder, you can also try out different combinations of unrevealing clothing by layering with your old summer pieces.

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One conservative outfit combo that's steadily getting more popular today is matching a long pleated skirt with a smart blazer and a simple blouse. There are thousands of ways you can style this unrevealing attire! You can keep it basic and flexible by going with an all-neutral palette, or you can choose to wear a more exciting variation by pairing a brightly coloured blazer with a patterned skirt. When it comes to this modest clothing style, the sky’s the limit! 

  1. Oversized Shirts for a Conservative Look

Source: Harper & Harley

Women who prefer conservative clothing are definitely reaping the benefits of modest fashion becoming more mainstream today. No longer do we have to stick to drab and ill-fitting clothes—now, we have tons of chic conservative clothes to choose from, and the list of fab unrevealing clothing is continuously growing!

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It’s so easy to look prim and proper when you can incorporate oversized long shirts to your modest style. These loose-fitting shirts are fantastic for work-related events from heading to the office in the morning to meeting with a client for lunch. This style is clean, elegant, and completely fashion-forward, not to mention it’s versatile enough to be worn tucked in or out. Oversized shirts can also be all-too-easily styled to match your modest attire when you’re gearing up for more casual events with the gals. 

  1. Minimalistic Modest Style

Source: Who What Wear 

The minimalistic, functional, and practical utilitarian style trending in mainstream fashion is glowing proof that army-based looks are classic for a reason—they prove just how people value stylish practicality especially in this day and age. Who wants to look decked to the nines but totally uncomfortable all day, anyway? Practicality is the name of the game, but if you’re not ready to go all-out military-based, you can wear your minimalistic modest outfit in colours inspired by the army trend.

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Essentially, you can wear any outfit in any colour palette in the UK as part of your unrevealing attire. You can accessorize with brown leather shoes, pick out a matching tie sash, or slap on some black nylon belts for extra oomph. If the days get a little colder, a leather jacket is a versatile piece you can easily throw over your modest clothes. It’s all about being confident with what you’re wearing, but don’t forget to bring an extra layer to add to your modest look—after all, the weather in the UK might be unpredictable, but your fashion choices definitely shouldn’t be!

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