Date nights are the perfect excuse for you to let your hair loose (or not if you’re wearing a tichel or hijab!), relax, and experiment with your outfits. Aside from spending some quality time with your beau, you can also create looks that are tailor-made for the type of activity you two will be doing.

Depending on what you have lined up, planning your modest wear ahead of time saves you from wardrobe malfunctions on what’s supposedly a romantic night out. If you’re going to ride a bike, it’s probably not a good idea to wear a flowy skirt, or if you’re going to a fancy restaurant, your typical lounge-jeans might not be the most appropriate way to go. Just picking the best modest outfits for your special night is an adventure in itself!

Need a few conservative outfit inspirations in the UK? Read on below for six fantastic date night looks to try!

  1. For Movie Hang Outs

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Who doesn't love a classic movie night? Going to the cinema is as low-key as you can get, but it's still a tried-and-tested favourite for a reason—you can catch any flick for your first date or your fiftieth date and it will still be a novel experience. The best part of it all is that you don’t even need to dress all fancy-schmancy for it!

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Movie dates in the UK are the perfect time to rock your casual, conservative outfits—just slap on a pair of your closet faves and you’re good to go! To make your date night even more magical, you might want to level up your look by wearing an extra layer. Look smart and stay practical with your modest wear by throwing on a cardigan since the weather in the UK is too unpredictable. And hey, if you’re still feeling a little chilly, you can always ask your man to snuggle in for a good ol’ hug—that’s what the movie theatre is for after all, isn’t it? 

  1. For Special Dinners

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Anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, and other special occasions will have you going to fancy dinners and high-end places in the UK left and right, and your typical denim pants and plain blouse just might not cut it. You should always try to celebrate life’s greatest milestones with your beau, don’t you think? For those memorable moments in life, don’t let a fashion emergency get you down! Glam up your look with elegant, flowy dresses that are perfect for your extra special night. Who says you can’t look sassy and stylish with unrevealing outfits?

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Wrap dresses are especially easy to style if you want to rock effortlessly elegant loose-fitting outfits. Model romantic silhouettes with these modest clothes as the main piece of your look. For some added flair, why not wear a long dress with beautiful angel sleeves? These stunning elements can add a subtle and more formal touch to your overall look no matter how fancy the venue may be. It never hurts to add a touch of femininity and grace to jazz up your date night.

  1. For Wild Concerts

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There’s just something electrifying being in a room full of people jamming to the same music and rocking their hearts out. Music certainly soothes the soul, and sharing those melodic tunes with your main squeeze makes everything all the more enchanting. The vibrant music scene in the UK is always wonderfully wild! But all the jumping around and belting out at the top of your lungs can quickly turn you into a hot mess—that’s why it’s always a good idea to wear comfy, loose-fitting clothes when concerts are on the itinerary. Artsy occasions like these are the perfect places to show off your fashion creativity with your unrevealing clothes.

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Top tip for date-night concerts? The key is to BALANCE your outfit. Find the sweet spot between comfort and creativity. For your more conservative looks, wearing a flowy, floral kimono is a hyped-up fashion trend for concert and festival goers today. It’s lightweight and breathable so you won’t get super sweaty quickly. At the same time, it lets you change up your outfit to something more unique and funky—definitely one for the books!

  1. For Relaxing Walks

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Dates are all about spending some quality time with your loved one, so there are times when exhilarating activities just won’t cut it. Slow walks on the beach or relaxing hikes up a trail might be something on your date list, and the UK is filled to the brim with lush spaces where you can stretch out your legs. But what exactly are the conservative outfits that you wear to those? Well, the most important thing you should focus on is your footwear—make sure you have comfortable shoes on if you don’t want to end up taking those pesky blisters home with you. It’s an instant mood killer if you hurt your foot in the middle of your date, not to mention it’s the quickest way to ruin the whole day!

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Create conservative looks that can cover you up from the cold and allow you to move freely no matter where you’re headed off to. Mountain trails and seashores can be chilly, so it's a good idea to wear long-sleeved shirts and comfy outerwear. Plus, having longer sleeves can offer you protection from low tree barks and insect bites. Relaxed-fit denim jeans are also perfect since you can walk around comfortably in them despite the long hours on foot.

  1. For Sporty Activities

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Is going to the gym a dating opportunity for you and your partner as well? Do you love playing sports as a way to bond together? Well, donning a long, flowy skirt might not be the most practical option for this type of date! There are many modest wear opportunities for sporty outings that you can make the most of.

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If you’re not into tight-fitting gym clothes, then an oversized sweater is an excellent alternative. In this way, you're completely covered, and the loose fabric allows you to move more freely. Then, pair up your loose top with cuffed jogger pants. This type of bottoms doesn't cling to your skin, but it also won't snag since it fits snuggly around your ankles.

However, if you’re a tznius woman and wearing a skirt is a must, then opt for a pair of skorts! That way, you are still sticking to the rules of modest wear the best way you can.

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  1. For Fun Surprises

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Surprises can be fun, and surprise date nights are equally exciting. The main problem? You have absolutely no idea what you should wear! But don’t fret—there’s always a solution around that. For times when your partner doesn’t want to tell you where you’re going, choose modest outfits in neutral shades.

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An outfit with whites, blacks, and greys makes it easier for you to blend in a UK crowd since they're a versatile colour palette. As for your actual modest clothes, stick to a simple blouse and a pair of dark slacks—these are way better than denim (especially if he decides to surprise you with a fancy dinner!). 

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