When it comes to the basics of modest fashion, timeless dresses are essentials that you need to stock up on no matter what the season. With all the different styles you can choose from, you can change up your outfits with minimal effort in a jiffy—plus, you can keep accessorizing to a minimum since these closet faves are already a complete look.

There are thousands of patterns for loose-fitting dresses with sleeves out there that you can totally rock! To help you get started, here are just six awesome patterns that definitely won’t let you down:

  1. Naturally Whimsical

Source: Ibiza Boho Girl

Bohemian has never really gone out of style, has it? There's just something hip and organic about this trend that adds an instant level of depth and dimension to any outfit no matter what the occasion. If you're looking for a piece with a whimsical nature and an added eccentricity, the mix-and-match look of boho is a great pattern to model for your long-sleeved, oversized dresses.

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With bohemian, you never know what you're going to get until you try it on and style it. The warm tones and nature-inspired designs make you look lively and totally one with your surroundings. Plus, boho leans towards a stylishly fun look that's perfect for relaxing holidays and casual days out. It gives off an effortlessly chic vibe in every fashion situation!

  1. Clean and Angled 

Source: Pinterest

One can never go wrong with geometric patterns. Perfect for those who prefer a clean and precise design, this type of print is your go-to style if you want to amp up your game in the workplace—not to mention geometric is a fun yet professional design that adds personality to flowy dresses with sleeves. Geometric prints also help you save up on all those accessories—the pattern itself is enough to turn heads the right way, after all!

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There’s just no limit to the different geometric patterns to choose from. Think of it this way: each and every shape you can imagine can be used to create a geometric design! Think triangles, squares, rectangles, and combinations of all of them. It doesn’t matter what kind of shape you’re into or what personality you’re showcasing proudly to the world—we're sure you'll find a geometric print that you'll absolutely love. 

  1. Lines & Dots

Source: Memorandum

Even when patterned, your oversized dresses with long sleeves can still look elegantly basic. This is perfect for women who prefer a more neutral or minimalist style, and for practical fashionistas who want complete versatility when it comes to pairing up outfits from the depths of their closets. Go for simple and plain by investing in loose dresses that come in a dotted or lined pattern, because subtle is best, after all.

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Linear and dotted patterns are as versatile as they can go! These patterns also help you add some variety to your wardrobe so you won't need to stick with solid colours all the time. Even if your workplace requires you to be as basic as you can possibly be, lines and dots add a flattering flair to your wardrobe choices without calling out for too much attention.

If the idea of wearing prints seems a little too much for you right now, you can also look into 'barely-there' designs. Some pieces are designed with simple prints that aren’t glaringly obvious unless seen up-close. These subtle little touches add class and grace to any outfit without being too loud.

  1. Rockin’ Wild

Source: Animal

Nature-lovers can don long-sleeved, roomy dresses with an animal print to unleash your wild side! It's elaborate without being too loud, and definitely eye-catching without being too attention-seeking. Wearing animal patterns is a great way to balance standing out while staying modest.

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If you find the typical zebra and cheetah prints to be 'too much' for your personal style, don't worry! You can still rock animal patterns without going overboard. Some pieces feature more subdued animal designs that still boost your confidence no matter where you go. Now, who says you can’t look seriously stunning and doubly dazzling in animal print?

  1. Simple as Floral

Source: A Trendy Lifestyle 

Floral might just be the most popular pattern out there today. If you're going for classic and feminine, getting your oversized dresses with long sleeves in a floral design is the easiest way to go. You will notice that many sub-fashions feature floral as well. Case in point: styles like bohemian, rococo, and gothic make use of different floral patterns too.

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Whatever style you choose from, floral offers you a very womanly vibe with a hint of delicate beauty. And if you’re thinking that florals are just for sizzling hot days out in the summer sun, think again! These timeless prints never go out of style, whether you’re strutting your stuff at the office or having brunch with your gal pals at the café around the block.

  1. Summer Sizzle

Source: The Frugality

Speaking of summer, you might think that tropical prints are just for the summer season, but don't let the time of the year spoil your fun! Sure, tropical patterns work best when you're going on a sizzling hot holiday, but it can also work well as your day-to-day style. Show off your bright and bubbly personality with vibrant hues that leave you looking and feeling fresh all day long. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with sending out good vibes and waves of infectious positivity around you, is there?

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Tropical prints can brighten up your day in a pinch! There's something inherently refreshing when you see palm leaves and coconuts all around you. When you're feeling especially down or stressed out, wear a vibrant, tropical-inspired piece to boost your mood and make you feel like you're on a great vacation. At the end of the day, keep this in mind: fashion is not just about making yourself look good—it’s all about making yourself feel good too, don’t you think? 

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