Thanks to the power of social media, modest fashion have been making waves in the fashion world in recent years—and rightfully so! Stylish bloggers showcasing their creative modern take on abaya fashion via lookbooks have certainly helped bring modest fashion into the limelight. The good news for us modest modern stylists is that it doesn’t matter whether you only wear the latest abaya trend or other modest outfits—one thing we know for sure is that showing less skin is in!

Timelessly traditional and often in all black, abaya clothing for women is widely used by Muslim women, especially in the Middle East. For many years, the styles and designs associated with long abaya fashion are usually black, in darker tones, and with minimal designs or prints. These days, basic black abayas are so passé, because modern fashionistas have upgraded abaya fashion to creative new heights!

There’s a lot of stunning and stylish outfits now that fit the women jubba fashion aesthetic. Below are just 6 of the many ways you can style the abaya trend the next time you’re hanging out with the girls.

  1. Fresh Abaya Fashion in Light Florals

Source: @hijabi_fashion

When it comes to fun and funky abaya clothing for women, one of the easiest ways to look trendy today is to wear floral. Like most other styles, floral patterns also evolve throughout the years—now, modern pieces included in long abaya fashion have a wider variety of floral designs that you can totally rock from morning ‘til night.

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Combining floral with the open abaya trend makes it look like you’re wearing a casual kimono, and you know how everyone’s wearing kimonos nowadays! With an open floral abaya, you can continue to dress the way you want to and still be in on the latest trends, especially when you’re out and about with the gals.

  1. Abaya Style in Trendy Blue Hues

Source: Just Trendy Girls 

One of the benefits of the abaya style going mainstream is that both designers and customers are more willing to explore different ways to create abaya-inspired looks. One such thing is making abayas of different colours. If you want to channel a fashionably laid-back yet polished look, a blue-hued abaya is an elegant way to go.

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There are so many looks you can put together effortlessly with a blue abaya. For instance, you can re-create the ever classic “city chic” look with a light blue abaya over a white shirt and denim jeans. If you’re going for more casual glam, you definitely can’t go wrong with a deep blue abaya on girls’ night out! 

  1. Abaya Trend Alert: Soft Peach Shades

Source: @saritiw 

With abayas now popping up in many colours and designs, it’s super easy to express your personality (and even your current mood!) with what you’re wearing. Gone are the days when women all looked alike in abaya fashion. If you want to look sweet and dainty, why not don a beautiful peach-toned piece?

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Abayas that come in light shades like pink and peach give off a more innocent and bubbly vibe. You can even elevate that aesthetic by picking out abayas made of different fabrics, whether they’re made entirely out of lace or come in shimmering materials. There’s just something delicately romantic about this particular shade, especially when you’re hanging out with the girls. It’s all about looking fab and feminine, after all! 

  1. Women’s Jubba Fashion in Sophisticated Black

Source: Ferraceci

Sure, we talked about straying from black, but when it comes to women’s abaya clothing, you really can’t forego black completely. There's just something so universal and flexible about this midnight colour. For days when you don’t want to spend a lot of time stressing about throwing on the perfect outfit, opt for a black abaya dress.

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Don’t worry! There are so many new styles to try out even when you’re dressed in all black. You can go for semi-sheer materials and some with ruffled sleeves, or you can also combine other abaya trends and mix it up with your outfit for a more exciting look. Girls’ night out has never been this sleek and sophisticated! 

  1. Try Long Abaya Fashion in Playful Patterns

Source: @sharifahrose 

It’s easy to see how similar the open abaya trend and casual kimonos can be. Your typical long abaya fashion can also give you that same kimono-esque fresh and stylish vibe—just rock an abaya dress in different prints!

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The wonderful thing about patterns is that you can keep wearing the same style of clothing all your life, but it can look wholly different if it comes in various prints. For example, you can wear a closed abaya the whole month, and still change up your look by wearing a floral abaya today and switching to a checkered abaya tomorrow. There’s truly no limit to how you and your gal pals can mix and match your abaya fashion trends today!

  1. Light Up the Night with A Bright Abaya Dress

Source: We Heart It 

If you’re feeling extra adventurous and quirky, the colourful abaya trend is here to save the day. Most abayas we see come in more muted or pastel shades like brown, black, green, blue, cream, pink, and peach. While all of those hues are pretty on their own, there's something inherently more exciting when you wear something bright, vibrant, and full of life. After all, you definitely don’t want your fashion statement to be dull and uninteresting, do you?

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Don’t be afraid to wear your abaya style in saturated tones of orange, purple, and the like. Wearing bright colours is more of a reflection of what you're feeling that day—you can be feeling playful and happy with sunshine yellow, or feeling electric with a rustic orange abaya. These vivacious shades also add an extra layer of added oomph to your style and can turn heads the right way wherever you may go on your fabulous girls’ night out. Coming up with endlessly creative ways to rock abaya fashion is definitely squad goals!

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