Modest fashion is revolutionizing the whole industry, from casual Janes sporting sassy conservative clothing to high-fashion femme fatales strutting their stuff on the runway. If you’re already a fan of modest outfits, you know full well just how comfy and liberating conservative clothes can be—but with these modest clothing must-haves, you can elevate your modest style to a whole new level! 

Get ready to fawn over these staple pieces with our modest wear wish list and share them to as many of your beloved gal pals as you can. Who knows? They just might gift you with that perfect pair of culottes or that totally adorbs jumpsuit sometime soon!

  1. Tailored modest fashion

Sure, the classic white tee is perfectly capable of keeping you on-trend when you’re dressing modestly. There’s nothing wrong with going classic and timeless with pairing a white long-sleeved piece under a strappy dress or a sleeveless denim jumpsuit for extra coverage, but for a more sophisticated and put-together look, go with a crisp tailored blazer.

When it comes to modest style, tailored blazers are your best friend! These extremely versatile pieces can be layered on top or paired underneath otherwise revealing dresses and wardrobe pieces, and can effectively keep your arms and décolletage appropriately covered. As the perfect modest wear when you’re making big client presentations at work or leading that team meeting in front of your boss, tailored outer pieces for women add an extra layer of grace and can help you command respect wherever you go.  Invest in a couple of these classic shapes, or go for wrap styles if you want something a little extra. And hey—it can’t hurt to drop hints here and there about this modest clothing must-have to your family and friends, right?

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  1. Modest knitwear outfits

Chic, stylish, and incredibly cosy, knitwear should always be a wardrobe staple for modest fashion fans. Layering your trendy modest clothing with oversized knitted sweaters or going solo with a couple of long-sleeved turtlenecks is a fabulous way of staying covered and on-trend. Knitwear can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours, and these cheap modest clothing options can keep you dressing modestly from casual Sundays lounging around outside or during the hectic workweek at the office.

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To make sure that your cheap modest clothing can last you for years and years to come, invest in a fab set of quality cashmere knitwear. Knitted pieces are also great universal elements for conservative clothing, especially since they are so easy (not to mention super fun!) to switch from different shades and add some well-deserved pop of colour to your regular winter wear—plus, they elevate your mood too!  Picking out a button-down cardigan is a versatile option whenever the weather gets a little too chilly—it never hurts to be fully prepared for the unpredictable weather in the UK!

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  1. Conservative clothes in cool culottes

Not only do below-the-knee length culottes keep your trendy modest clothing hip and stylish, but they also offer the right kind of coverage especially for tznius wear no matter what the occasion. Jazz up your work culottes with a handheld tote or acrylic clutch at the office, or take your favourite pair to a formal or semi-formal event with the perfect pair of stilettos.

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You can even go with some longer palazzo pants for extra coverage, or to simply breathe new life into your daily go-to modest style at your regular nine-to-five. Let your cheap modest clothing pack a punch in ultimate sophistication with comfy culottes that come in a wide range of colours and fits. Pair them with long-sleeved pieces from basic blacks and winter whites to bold prints and psychedelic patterns. Be totally weather-ready on date nights and random get-togethers with your effortlessly chic culottes as an alternative to your long dresses—they definitely leave you free to party or to run around doing errands all day!

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  1. Maxi modest wear 

Of course, you just can’t make a modest fashion wish list without the essential maxi pieces! Versatile enough to be worn anytime, anywhere, the perfect maxi piece is the ideal replacement for the LBD. Say goodbye to hemlines that keep riding up your thighs and stop worrying about the fabric of your clothes snagging and having a wardrobe malfunction! Stay sleek and sophisticated with a monochromatic piece, or be loud and proud with bold prints and pretty patterns.

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These ankle-length pieces are a definite must-have to complete your modest style or tznius clothing, or you can keep things sleek and simple with an all-black ensemble. Maxis can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion, so you know you won’t go wrong with having them prepped and ready to go in your conservative closet.

  1. Trendy modest jumpsuits 

If flowy one-pieces aren’t your thing, dressing modestly can be easy-peasy with flowy jumpsuits instead! Neutral or nude coloured pieces go well with anything, or you can add an extra layer of personality by pairing them with scarves or even a statement clutch. Long and modest jumpsuits are also always a definite eye-catcher, plus, you can always add a statement belt to make your outfit shine even more.

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For traditional modest wear, you can pair your hijab with the same shade as your long jumpsuit, and wear a pair of kitten heels for a more runway-ready look. Then, go all-out glam with a boost of confidence to help you face anything fiercely and passionately, from acing that job interview to wowing your beau’s parents when you’re meeting the folks for the first time!

Modest clothing isn’t just about covering yourself up every chance you get—it’s really an overall mindset, and a way of living that lets you embrace your femininity without having to show off some skin. With this sure-fire wish list of modest wear must-haves, you can amp up your fashion statement and make a splash wherever you go. Best of all, you can send this wish list to all of your best buds and they might just take a hint and grant you your wishes!

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