Sure—this decade is all about the fierce femme fatale strutting her stuff everywhere she goes. She’s got a no-nonsense attitude and a spectacular personality that just won’t quit. But in the midst of modern female empowerment, there’s just something dainty and ultra-feminine about affordable modest skirts that prove that women can be both powerful and delicate at the same time. And because cheap long skirts are innately gentle and can immediately flatter at any angle, we’re here to help you revamp your closet with beautiful modest skirts on a budget.

Fashion is all about creative experimentation, and that includes working with what you already have in your closet! Here are six awesome inexpensive modest skirts that you can style in limitless ways this season:

  1. Best In Lace

Source: Lace and Locks

The most straightforward way to look more delicate and girly is to wear embroidery or lace. The look is a certified soft and graceful style that’s been perfected for decades; plus, this classic fabric instantly elevates your everyday outfit to whole new heights. Swap out your cotton skirts with affordable modest skirts in lace, and transform from plain ol’ Jane to prim and proper in no time at all. It’s a great style to wear during coffee dates and the summer holidays, too!

Shop the Look: Elegant White Belted Skirt with Lace Bottom, £39.00 GBP

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Lace skirts come in different shapes and colours. You can create one-of-a-kind looks that are uniquely you depending on the shade you choose—lighter hues provide you with a soft and bubbly appearance, while darker shades tend to look more mysterious and mature. Of course, it all boils down to the beautifully feminine vibe that lace lends to cheap long skirts no matter what the occasion!

  1. Top of the Tier

Source: Boston Proper

Tiered skirts were a big thing back in the ‘90s, but like many fashion trends from this era, this sassy style has returned and is definitely here to stay! Look laid-back and relaxed with the awesome bohemian vibes that this look comes with.

Shop the Look: Fashionable Layered Cotton Black Long Skirt, £39.00 GBP 

The great thing about tiered skirts is that they give simple bottoms an extra level of dimension and some added star power. You don’t need to do a lot of accessorizing with this kind of inexpensive modest skirt since its added texture allows you to create a whole new outfit no matter how basic your combo-top may be. It’s the perfect style to go for if you want casual, inexpensive, knee length skirts. The flowy fit will surely leave you feeling easy, breezy, and freshly fab this summer and all year long! 

  1. Functionally Fashionable

Source: Popsugar

If we’re talking functional, practical, and conservative skirts on a budget, the utilitarian trend is a definite style to put on your watch list. It's simple, clean, and trendy—best of all is that the cuts were designed to be flexible enough to look great when paired with anything. It tells people that you mean business and that you’re the kind of woman who gets things done, and gets them done right!

Shop the Look: Ivy Buckle Skirt, £19.00 GBP

Cheap, conservative skirts in this excitingly basic style perfectly embody the purpose of the utilitarian trend. Your entire look screams sensible yet chic! You’ll definitely have lots of fun experimenting with outfits with this practical style.

  1. Black as Night

Source: Skirt Lilah Magazine 

Another way to style affordable modest skirts is to go monochromatic, and what better colour to choose than the ultimate fashion shade of black? Make the most out of this season’s surprising Neo-Gothic trend. This budget-friendly, no-frills, go-to style saves you hours of deciding on whether or not pink or blue looks good on you. All you have to do is pick black and go monochromatic romantic all the way wherever you may go.

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Shop the Look: Side Pleated Skirt, £19.99 GBP (was £40.00)

Invest in inexpensive conservative skirts that have a few details already incorporated into them, such as crisscrossing ribbons and strings for a more steampunk vibe. There are plenty of cheap long skirts that come in floral patterns and lace—just make sure to pair your black bottoms with black tees for that all-out, mysterious Gothic chic look. 

  1. Professional & Stylish

Source: Cosmopolitan

Let's not forget about work! After all, you'll be spending most of your time in the office or doing your job, so it's more economical if you plan your wardrobe around your work needs. It’s a good thing, then, that conservative skirts on a budget already look totally professional. Their reserved length and unpretentious designs will not distract from the things you need to get done.

Shop the Look: Aeta Skirt, £23.00 GBP

Shop the Look: Caitlin Navy Skirt, £25.00 GBP 

But looking smart and modest does not necessarily mean that you should stick to simple and straight (literally!). Why not add a little added flair to your work outfit with asymmetrical skirts? These inexpensive knee length skirts are refreshing and can change up your look instantly without attracting too much unwanted attention.

  1. Button-Down Classics

Source: RG Proprio

The ‘90s isn’t the only period making a comeback in the fashion industry this season. You can see influences that go back up to the 1950s in today’s most popular styles—and one of those is the vintage button-down skirt. It’s an extremely versatile fashion statement that helps you ooze confidence for both casual and professional environments.

Shop the Look: Asymmetric Stripe Button Maxi Skirt, £29.99 GBP (was £39.99) 

What's impressive about the button-down look is that it's already a classic, which means you can wear it anytime and it will still look effortlessly chic. Button-down skirts are definite summer staples when you’re on the hunt for modest skirts on a budget.

It’s totally an Instagram-worthy piece of clothing for all your beach holidays. Aside from styling the perfect summer outfit, this piece can also give you a sharp and confident look for all your boardroom meetings.

This season will definitely provide you with a lot of choices to try on! It’s just an added plus that below-the-knee length skirts and modest fashion are gaining popularity. You don’t even need to spend a lot of money to reward yourself with stylish new clothes. So, what are you waiting for? Make a workable budget and get started with this season’s new wardrobe!

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