Let’s face it—everyone enjoys shopping. From the thrill of a good find to the exhilaration of rocking the runway, what’s not to love? It doesn’t matter if you’re all about modest clothes and conservative attire—after all, there are limitless styles to choose from when it comes to unrevealing clothing.

Still, being a certified fashionista doesn't mean you need to spend a lot of money on your wardrobe. Maximising your budget with a simple, covered outfit that’s uniquely you is easy! All you need to do is to arm yourself with proper preparation and a good fashion game plan. To help you out, we’ve compiled 5 stylishly modest outfits just for you—and the best part of it all is that they are all below £50!

  1. Casual and Relaxed - £45.00 GBP

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Every wardrobe must have a few key pieces that you can wear with different clothes. Versatile, readily available, and easy to mix and match, solid-coloured apparel can go a long way. You can pair them together with other solids, or balance them with bold, patterned garments. For this laid-back, conservative wear, match a cool-toned relaxed fit blouse with a warm-toned bottom.

Shop the Look: One Pocket Shirt - Black, £25.00 GBP

Shop the Look: Peppercorn Pants, £20.00 GBP

If you want a versatile look that you can wear any season, it’s a good idea to try matching cool tones and warm tones together for the perfect contrast. Don’t be afraid to experiment with those colours until you find The One that’s ultra-hip and super chic for you.

Pro tip: White, blacks, and greys pair nicely with almost anything. Khaki and olive greens are also trendy and versatile colours to match with.

  1. Smart & Airy - £50.00 GBP

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During warmer seasons, you can still look presentable and fashion-forward while nice and comfy in your modest apparel if you wear breathable fabric. Summer, as you should know, is the best time to whip out your cotton, rayon, and linen among many others.

It’s not enough to choose lightweight materials on a bright summer day. For example, silk is light and flowy but retains heat and moisture—you wouldn’t want to go out and about and end up drenched in sweat at the end of the day, would you? Make sure that your chic, unrevealing clothes let the air circulate through your body to keep you fresh and breezy all day.

Shop the Look: Jack White Shirt, £22.00 GBP

Shop the Look: High Waist Checked Legging, £28.00 GBP 

Another thing to remember when it's summertime is to wear lighter hues. Whites and pastels are great during this time of the year since they reflect heat better than darker colours.

For your bottoms, why not swap out your usual black and navy with light greys and beiges? These colours will keep you looking professional and comfortably confident all day long. 

  1. Simply Formal - £45.00 GBP

Source: Just the Design

Formal wear is notorious for being a tad more expensive than your usual modest getup. They’re extravagant, fancy, and often try to burn a hole in your wallet any chance they get. But let’s be honest—not all formal events call for ridiculously elaborate gowns and insanely expensive cocktails dresses.

You can still float in like a goddess at any formal event with a demure ensemble that can look elegant with proper pairing and styling.

Shop the Look: Malik Blouse in Beige, £21.00 GBP

Shop the Look: Eider Skirt - Navy, £24.00 GBP

For this outfit, why not try pairing a crisp, puffed sleeve cream top with a dark-coloured asymmetrical skirt? The minimalist colours make it an easy pick for most formal affairs, and the no-frills design ensures that you’ll enjoy the night without worrying about pesky straps and convoluted folds and flaps that can explode all over the place.

Plus, the striking yet straightforward silhouette of your individual pieces creates a dynamic, sophisticated, and proper attire that elevates your look into something more special than your everyday style. Beauty and grace don’t have to be expensive! 

  1. Fresh as Summer - £31.00 GBP

Source: The Simply Luxurious Life 

Styling your conservative outfits during the summertime provides you with many opportunities to experiment with different light and flowy pieces. From sheer fabric to loose fitting and light-coloured ensembles, you can make up tons of different looks without breaking a sweat! For that simple, effortless look, a one-piece modest ensemble is an easy yet flattering way to go.

Shop the Look: Adele Tied Linen Dress - White, £31.00 GBP

One sure way to keep your unpretentious attire trendy and modern is to wear a basic white dress. There are many different styles that you can try out: you can choose a peasant-style dress or button-down dress, or pick one that has a crisp collar or a round neck.

You can even go with three-quarter sleeves or puffed ones. White dresses are light and airy choices for the hot summer season to keep you looking fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

  1. Uniquely Chic - £47.00 GBP

Source: Who What Wear 

Conservative wear offers you a broad spectrum of styles to choose from. You don't need to stick to a particular colour palette or fabric cut to wear a modest getup. Simply try and check out what the latest fashion trends are, and get inspired! Or if runway styles aren’t your thing, browse through other people’s lookbooks, find outfits you love, and put your own personal twist on them. Who knows? You just might find your next closet fave!

Shop the Look: Ciel Stripe Shirt, £24.00 GBP 

Shop the Look: Aeta Skirt, £23.00 GBP

Take this crisp, blue top and brown skirt combo for example. It’s not the most common match, but they do create an eye-catching, stylish outfit, don’t you think? Remember: it’s always a good idea to think of ways to maximise the wardrobe you have now. Don't keep buying clothes that you just "might" wear someday. Invest in pieces that you know you will make the most use of and are flexible enough to be worn as different outfits.

When it comes to modest outfits, the cost of clothes comes with different price points. You don’t need to spend too much on a single piece of clothing to put together stunning, everyday outfits! Sure, it's perfectly fine to splurge every once in a while, but it's a lot smarter to cut back on expenses where you can—and if that means clothing that’s more affordable yet equally chic, then go for it! 

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