‘90s fashion is back in full swing! Witness the return of the plaid mini skirt, the denim overalls, the ridiculously cropped top, and a whole lot more iconic pieces from this era.

Yes, plenty of our ‘90s fashion is a bit too skin-baring for women who like more conservative or relaxed fit clothing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t jump on the ‘90s bandwagon, right? All you have to do is to create your own conservative spin on this old-school trend. Read on below for more inspiration! 

  1. Plaid is Rad

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One of the patterns that were prevalent in the '90s fashion scene was plaid. It's comfortable, casual, and flexible—you can wear it as an outer layer or as a button-down top, and it works like a charm.

A plaid top is also an excellent piece to work with if you're going for a conservative outfit. Most ‘90s-inspired outfits feature a long-sleeved plaid button-down, so you’ll definitely be on trend.

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If you want to go casual and grunge, layer your plaid top with another shirt underneath. Make sure to keep it unbuttoned for that baggy, effortless, easy-breezy look.

To make your outfit a little bit dressier, keep your plaid top buttoned and pair it with some classic trousers that you can rock from office hours to after hours. 

  1. Classically Denim

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It doesn’t matter what the era is—denim just never seems to go out of style. It’s an extremely versatile trend that transcends time. In fact, one of the most famous fashion statements during the ‘90s was denim on denim, and fashionistas everywhere were wearing them from morning ‘til night. 

To go for a classier and more updated look, why not switch it up with some long, denim skirts? Sophisticated, trendy, and totally stress-free, this look adds a splash of personality to your city chic outfit.

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While loose fitted jeans made from denim are also in style today, you can always choose to go down the more feminine and refined route with a denim skirt.

In true ‘90s fashion, you can pair your denim skirt with a loose-fitting crop top, or with a simple button-down top for a relaxed, semi-formal look. Whatever you choose, a denim skirt paired with a nice top makes for cute, conservative clothes that ooze vitality and glamour everywhere you go.  

  1. Edgy Femme

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There were many prevalent styles during the 1990s, and all of them shared a slice of the fame pie. One such trend was the edgier style of Goth. All-black ensembles became a common thing, whether they’re for looking fierce and fab or for adding a hint of elegance and sophistication to any look.

From black modest dresses to black loose fitting tops, there are so many gothic pieces to choose from. Since black is such a staple colour to have in a wardrobe, you can easily channel your inner Goth by selecting pieces from INNERMOD!

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Loose fitting dresses in classic black have varying styles and cuts, so you will never run out of posh pieces to choose from. You can try an edgier and more street-appropriate style with a simple, straight black dress paired with chunky boots. You can also go for a more romantic rendition of Goth fashion by donning a long, lace black gown with puffed sleeves. Nothing says trendy modest clothing than silky silhouettes that flatter at every angle. 

  1. Suit Up

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Modest clothes for women offer different kinds of styles for everyone. If you’re into male-inspired clothing like power suits, this ‘90s trend is definitely for you.

Coordinating clothes are back with a vengeance! More and more people are wearing matching tops and bottoms no matter where you go, and this no-frills look adds the perfect amount of monochromatic charm and confidence-boosting trendiness to any outfit.

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While ‘90s fashion showed women wearing suits made for men, you can revolutionise that trend and amp up your outfit with a tailored suit. Make sure that you pick a piece that accentuates your curves the proper way. Modernising this look doesn't have to be form-fitting—as long as your piece makes an impact where it should, then you’re good to go. A matching blazer and trouser combination makes for a powerful statement when you walk into a meeting, so you’ll be sure to turn heads the right way!

  1. Turtleneck Madness

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Loose fitting tops like a crop top and a baggy shirt are just some of the pieces popularised during the ‘90s. However, another top that became a staple during this decade was the turtleneck.

If you’re into modest fashion but aren’t a big fan of loose and flowy tops, then the turtleneck is the perfect option to go for.

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A long-sleeved turtleneck is one of the go-to closet must-haves when it comes to conservative women’s clothing. It shows very little skin but looks ultra-sophisticated and well put-together at the same time. They add a sleek silhouette to your natural curves and can add some visual interest to break up monotonous pieces effortlessly.

  1. Comfy in Tracks

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A fan of the sporty, relaxed, and laid-back look? Then you're probably rejoicing the fact that this ‘90s trend has resurfaced. Yes, that's right—tracksuits are back!

This style is proof that modest clothing can be casually cool on lazy days when you feel like lounging around. All you need is a matching jumper and sweatpants to perfect the look, and you’re all set!

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Tracksuits are perfect for easy days out and chilly nights in. After all, you don’t just wear modest clothes when you’re out and about—they’re still the perfect go-to pieces when you feel like snuggling under the covers or just having a cosy day at home with your most intimate pals.

So, who says conservative clothing needs to be bland and uninteresting? All you have to do is look for inspiration from your fave ‘90s fads and add your personal twist to get the best of both worlds!

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