While having a closet full of clothes is every girl’s absolute dream, it’s not the most budget-friendly goal to aspire to in reality. Instead of hoarding piles and piles of clothes you’ll never be able to rummage through in a day, you might be better off having just a few flexible pieces that are suitable for modest wear in the UK fashion scene.

There are tons of loose-fitting outfits in UK stores that you can definitely rock all year-round—it’s just a matter of choosing which ones to get and planning your looks smartly. Aside from being more affordable, choosing versatile conservative clothes in the UK can also reduce all that unwanted stress when it comes to picking your outfit for the day!

Ready to find out which styles you can rock whichever the season? Here are 6 chic and flexible UK modest fashion looks you’ll absolutely love:

  1. Work Dresses for Modest Wear in the UK

Source: Perfect Life Store 

Who doesn't love a simple wrap-around dress? It's quick to put on and even easier to style. This kind of clothing can be worn both for casual days out and at work, making your UK-appropriate conservative outfits all the more versatile!

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There are many ways to wear a wrap-around dress—you can choose to model it alone or you can pair it with a dazzling blazer. Match it with comfy sneakers or up the style meter with a pair of killer heels. Even the type of bag you choose to accessorize with can turn your wrap-around dress into an instant show stopper!

  1. Trench Coats as Conservative Clothes in the UK

Source: Stylecaster

Everybody who lives in the UK knows that our weather can be a tad bit unpredictable. Whether it’s the sizzling summer or the chilly winter, it’s always a good idea to be fully equipped with the proper modest wear for the UK weather. That said, a totally trendy trench coat is an excellent piece of clothing for this reason! It’s classically chic and fabulously functional, making it the ideal go-to piece for the modern woman on the go.

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Trench coats are notable when it comes to the everyday fashion scene. It's super easy to see women wearing different styles of trench coats in the streets, but aside from its chic look, a trench coat can be practical and handy as well. They can keep you warm during the colder season and can even protect you from bouts of drizzling during the day.

  1. Cropped Jackets in the UK Modest Fashion Scene

Source: Mint Rock Co

If there are only two kinds of jackets you can own, you should definitely go with a cropped jacket and a trench coat. Cropped jackets come in many textures—denim, leather, and cotton are just a few of the fashionable options of fabric that can offer you a new look each time. Denim is often more laid-back yet presentable, while leather is hipper and edgier. It all really depends on what style you’re going for! 

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Can cropped be considered as conservative clothes in the UK? Definitely! Just as long as you wear something loose and long underneath it, you're good to go. Cropped jackets can also effortlessly accentuate all of your natural curves, as its edge hits the smallest part of your waist and provides you with a sleek silhouette that will flatter at every angle.

  1. Neutral Blouses in Your Unrevealing Attire in the UK 

Source: Instagram - @girlmeetsgold

Proper blouses in neutral colours are a no-brainer when it comes to styling unrevealing attire in the UK and in the rest of the world! They're smart and presentable to look at wherever you choose to wear them to. They can match whatever kind of bottoms you pick, and they’re so conveniently accessible, too!

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You can buy blouses in neutral shades almost everywhere, from physical boutiques to online shops. Plus, neutral tones can match any kind of clothing style you want to rock for the day. This doesn’t mean you should always stick to the usual like white and black—neutral shades that are less common are navy, emerald, beige, and burgundy, and they keep your fashion game on point just the same!

  1. Flexible, Patterned, and Loose-fitting Outfits in the UK

Source: Harper's Bazaar

Floral tropical is for spring, plaid is for autumn, and tartan is for winter—and while you can always choose to wear whatever prints you want all year, it’s also a good idea to have a few patterns that don’t necessarily have a season.

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 In the UK, conservative outfits also come in animal patterns that you can definitely rock whatever the season. They’re eclectic, chic, and fun to strut your stuff in! You can also go timeless and season-less with paisley, geometric patterns, and polka-dots for your loose-fitting outfits in the UK.

  1. UK Conservative Outfits in Jumpsuits for More Confidence

Source: My Kind of Sweet

Preferring to wear unrevealing attires in the UK doesn’t mean you can’t be confident with your outfits. It also doesn’t mean that you need to stick to the typical style formulas like blouse + skirt or shirt + pants. In the UK, modest fashion has a wide variety of styles to choose from, so the fashionable fun never stops! 

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Take jumpsuits, for example—they’re excellent modest wear pieces in the UK that amplify the confidence you have when you’re rocking them to whole new heights. There is just something eye-catching and compelling about a woman in a jumpsuit. It's sleek, professional, and stylish all in one go without the need to accessorise to the nines.

With these versatile fashion hacks, you definitely won’t need to stock up on one-time uses for your wardrobe. These are just some of the most versatile pieces you can style while rocking a modest look! There are tons more to get creative with so that you can create a wardrobe that you can wear all throughout the year. If you need to stock up on a few, why not check out INNERMOD’s current collection? You might just find exactly what you’re looking for! 

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