Ever had a wardrobe malfunction you’re sure you can never move on from? Yes, we’ve all been there, but did you know that all of your problems can actually be solved by cheap modest clothing so that you won’t ever have to worry about pesky slips and nasty rips ever again?

While the modest fashion movement is all about comfort and confidence, it’s all about practicality too—no longer will you have to suffer through closet woes and fashion mishaps just because your dress is too tight or you can’t move around in those too-short shorts. And because nothing ruins a perfectly good ensemble than unwanted bursts at the seams, we’ve compiled a handy guide on affordable modest fashion hacks that will help you say goodbye to wardrobe malfunctions for good:

  1. Cheap modest clothing can save visible lines and straps

Not only do visible panty lines and bra straps make you look less sophisticated, but they also call for a lot of unwanted attention everywhere you go. When your gal pals have your back, they can easily tell you when your underwear lines are showing, but if you’re all alone in a sea of strangers—or worse, up on stage in an important presentation or client meeting—how do you save yourself from the embarrassment of revealing things you don’t really want to reveal? It’s always a practical idea to pack some sassy outerwear with you in emergency cases like this! A long, flowy, open front abaya or a kimono can be a classy way to layer up and still stay sophisticated no matter what the event. 

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In case you forget to pack some layers, thankfully, you can still remedy a fashion fail with some ever-reliable affordable modest fashion choices. A simple slip underneath your outfit can keep those straps from peeking out from underneath your clothes. A stylish outfit from head to toe should keep you confident and comfortable, and to steer clear of panty line peek-a-boos for good, why not invest in some inexpensive loose-fitting clothes that will keep you covered from morning ‘til night? 

  1. Avoid affordable conservative clothes with see-through fabric 

Before you head out the door, always check your reflection in the mirror under natural daylight to make sure that your clothes aren’t see-through! Simple inexpensive conservative wear can remedy see-through wardrobe malfunctions because they’re usually made from thicker yet more comfortable fabrics. Stick to basic cotton for more ease of movement and to make sure you’re comfy no matter what the weather. They also have a lower chance of causing annoying static that’s more common with thinner fabrics (which opens yourself up to a plethora of different fashion problems in itself!).

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  1. Inexpensive loose-fitting clothes prevent rips and tears

With all of the pros of wearing practical affordable modest clothes, it’s no surprise that the modest fashion movement is taking over the world, including the UK! Inexpensive conservative wear not only gives you a huge boost of confidence because you’re not afraid of rips at the seams whenever you get active, but it also guards against restrictions in movement and can resist more drastic activities throughout the day. The ideal cheap modest clothing for women should also be made with a little bit more stretch to avoid accidental tears while you’re up and at it. An oversized sweater is a great way to keep you safe from stressful wardrobe malfunctions and fashion dilemmas from sun up to sun down!

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  1. Cheap modest fashion for women in darker colours keeps stains away

Not everyone is as poised, prim, and proper as a princess. Sometimes, there’s an inner klutz inside of us that’s just itching to get out—and the worst part is when our clumsy tendencies rear their ugly heads at the most publicly humiliating times! If you’re prone to spills and stains, reasonably priced modest clothing items in darker colours for women are here to save the day. Lighter colours tend to stain more, of course, but if you’re donning a timelessly classic dark-hued piece, nobody is going to notice a little spill here and there. Permanent watermarks aren’t sophisticated at all in the least!

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  1. Conservative wear keeps your dignity intact at religious events

Affordable conservative clothes rescue you from a world of embarrassment especially if you’re attending a public religious event in the UK or anywhere in the world. Whether you’re reaching for something or bending over to pick something up, seemingly normal and insignificant actions can cause unwanted rips and tears if you’re not careful—and at religious occasions, the pressure to stay conservative is at an all-time high. The last thing you need is for your dress to ride up your thighs or your ripped hemline to ruin the day. To make sure you stay within the rules of modest clothing, go for a reasonably priced ankle-length maxi dress instead.

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Cheap modest fashion like long skirts definitely won’t put you at risk of ripped hemlines or torn slits and is as practical as can be too. Modern modest women will also appreciate the appropriateness of a long and flowy skirt, so why not go for it?

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Affordable modest clothes hacks can save you from a wide range of wardrobe malfunctions, from backless disasters to slipping sleeves. Closet mishaps are inevitable, but with inexpensive loose-fitting clothes for women that are both trendy and stylish, you can keep those humiliating wardrobe malfunctions at bay as best as you can. Stay sleek and elegant with soft silhouettes and flowy lengths as opposed to short hemlines and tight fabrics, and stay covered and comfy with cotton pieces and loose layers.

Keeping all the right parts of your body covered not only help you give off an air of mystery and a vibe of sophistication, but it also keeps you respectable and discreet with how you present yourself! So if you’ve ever had a gal pal who’s gone through an embarrassing fashion faux pas in public, share this handy guide with them—we guarantee that she’ll thank you for it!

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