If you live in the United Kingdom, you know how unpredictable the weather can be. You can be strolling down the street under the bright and beaming sun one moment and splashing through puddles the next! While there’s really not much you can do to keep the weather in check, you can make sure that you are dressed for the abrupt change and stay comfortable in your outfit.

Want to know one way to stay on top of the weather? Create a wardrobe that is both stylish and practical. Planning your closet full of modest clothes in the UK is easier than you think! For instance, the longer hemlines of your clothing can help protect you from all kinds of weather conditions. With that in mind, here are just a few conservative clothing pieces UK-based women should definitely have in their closets:

  1. Layer in the Weather

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With the ever-changing weather, it’s always a smart and practical idea to invest in pieces that can be layered on. Crisp and collared button-downs are excellent for this kind of job—not only can you wear them as they are, you can also look effortlessly put-together whatever the occasion.

Collared shirts can also be worn with light, open cardigans to give you more warmth when the temperature suddenly drops. They are also great to throw on under your snuggly outerwear for when the weather gets too freezing. There’s nothing easier than slipping them on and off, is there?

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When it comes to creating conservative outfits for the UK weather, it’s better to have different styles of versatile tops. Even a plain t-shirt is a fantastic piece to have when you want to create more weather-flexible styles—never underestimate the power of simplicity!

  1. Keep Cool with Kimonos

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During the summer season, it’s not uncommon to experience a little rain (let’s be honest—it’s not really “a little”). But that doesn't mean you need to compromise your light and colourful style! You can always wear a bright kimono to provide you with more cover without sacrificing any fashion points. Just because the clouds are dark and grey doesn’t mean your clothes should be too. Isn’t it a refreshing sight to see when you let your fun personality shine forth through your vibrant outfit?

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Wearing modest outfits in the UK and still staying comfortable as can be might be a bit tough because summer days can get really hot or really cold. For this season, stock up on items made from lightweight, breathable fabric like cotton and rayon. Then, to give you a bit more protection from any sudden weather shifts, wear a funky kimono. Not only do they provide you with more cover from the wind and rain, but they can also elevate your look with their bright and beautiful patterns. It can’t hurt to stand out from the gloomy crowd! 

  1. Rain or Shine in Neutrals

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Let’s face it—most of us do not have the budget to spend a lot on extravagant clothing no matter how much we want to. It’s more economical to plan your UK modest clothing wardrobe to be as flexible as possible—after all, you would want to keep reusing those key fashion pieces over and over again, wouldn’t you? That means investing in pieces that are not only stylish but can also be paired with almost anything. You can even wear them throughout the entire year (hint: less seasonal pieces for you to buy!).

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Be straightforward with your choices and stock up on pieces that come in neutral colours. Blacks, whites, and greys are the most popular shades you can get; plus, they are also the easiest to style. Still, they're not the only neutral colours you can use to create conservative looks for the random UK weather. Even warm-toned, nature-based shades are versatile when it comes to fashion—think olive green and beige pieces. And if you’re looking for a more cool-toned neutral look, denim is always a no-brainer!

  1. Defend from the Cold

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When planning your modest attire for the UK’s unpredictable weather, you need to be 100% ready to get wet. Rain is something you can’t really plan for when you live here, so it’s always best to have preventive measures on hand.

A practical tip is to have a water-repellent hooded coat ready. It’s even better if it’s foldable so that you can store it inside your bag when it’s not in use. That way, you can protect your clothes and your health whatever weather the day brings forth. Health is wealth, after all!

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A handy raincoat is not the only clothing piece that you need when the weather gets cold. You can also put together a UK weather-appropriate conservative attire with a comfortable warm blazer. These fab wonders are fantastic for when you need to look well-dressed and professional. At the same time, they can also protect you from the occasional chilly gust of wind.

  1. Look Smart through All Seasons

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The weather isn’t the only thing that’s unpredictable—you just never know when you need to look sharp in a snap. Fret not—wearing conservative clothes in the UK can also mean dressing down without compromising how smart you look. For these occasions, try wearing belted collared dresses for the ultimate femme fatale look.

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Long dresses with belts around the waist are effortless looks to pull off because you hardly need to accessorize. They're the perfect 'wear and go' outfits for your ultra-busy days, and they also provide you with a sleek silhouette as they accentuate your waist perfectly.

Collared dresses are excellent for all types of occasions. They can be worn casually when you just need to run errands around town and are smart enough for your more professional engagements. Rain or shine, these belted go-to closet must-haves are perfect for easy, everyday unrevealing outfits in the UK.

So, ready to brave the weather? With these foolproof, modest, and practical fashion hacks, you won’t need to ask the rain to come again another day! 

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