Dressing modestly as a Latter-Day Saint can be challenging because of the dress codes you have to uphold, but rules aren't meant to curb your personality and fashion. You just need to be extra creative when planning your modest outfits, which is why learning a few LDS clothing tips can really upgrade your look!

Fashion tricks can help you create LDS conservative outfits that follow the strict guidelines of the church and still make you look modern and stylish. From choosing unconventional recommendations to learning how to layer your clothes, planning loose-fitting outfits is rewarding and exciting for any LDS woman.

What are you waiting for? Revamp your modest LDS look with the 6 fantastic clothing tips below!

  1. LDS Tips: Keep The Sleeves of Your Modest Clothing Interesting

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Since being covered up is the name of the conservative game, the right sleeves are your new best friend. Long sleeves can help change up your look without resorting to bundling up your clothes—perfect for days when the weather is too hot for layers. But why stop at simple shirt sleeves or straight-cut sleeves?

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One of the most fabulous tips to help you improve your modest clothes is to choose unconventional sleeves. Latter-Day Saints value simplicity, but some cuts still fit the bill without looking over the top! Take puffed sleeves as an example. Puffed sleeves and bell sleeves are staples in the fashion scene, but they can add an extra ‘oomph’ to any everyday outfit you wear as opposed to simple shirt sleeves.

  1. LDS Tricks: Stock Up on Maxi Skirts for Your Conservative Outfits

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Another staple that you will undoubtedly find a preference for is a maxi skirt. They come in many different shapes and sizes, so when it comes to conservative LDS outfit tricks, an oldie but goodie would be to stock up on different kinds of cuts and styles.

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Since you'll be wearing them a lot, you'll need to have a few ankle-length skirts that vary in design. This will help you change up your looks in a pinch! Get a few in neutral colours like black and denim (for those lazy days) and some in exciting patterns like floral, polka dot, and plaid. With an army of maxi skirts in your closet, mixing and matching to create new looks will be a breeze.

  1. Trendy Recommendations: A Pinafore Skirt for Your LDS Loose-Fitting Outfit

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Looking prim and proper doesn’t always mean you need to be decked out in your smartest dress. On some days, a smart casual look is the no-frills and fuss-free way to go. For a more modern take on LDS conservative clothing tips, why not wear a pinafore skirt?

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Pinafore skirts are trendy and ultra-modern—they’re easy to dress up or dress down depending on the blouse that you match it with. Plus, pinafore skirts add a youthful vibe to your overall outfit, which adds to the fun! As far as recommendations for modest outfits go, a pinafore skirt is a must-have for stylish, young LDS women.

  1. Essential Tips for Latter-Day Saints: Look Lovely in White Modest Clothes

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There will always be days when tradition trumps fashion, which is why one of the smartest fashion tips to live by would be to dress simply. When it comes to LDS clothing, modest white dresses are a closet staple. White is a timeless colour you can easily pair with anything no matter what the season—plus, you don't need to wear tons of accessories to pull it off.

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Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accessorize when you can. When dressing down to your simplest outfits, you can switch up your look by matching it with a new hairstyle, a pretty purse, or a pair of shoes you rarely wear. Accessories can effortlessly revamp your look to maximize your overall vibe.

  1. Timeless Tips: Rock Conservative LDS Clothing in Pretty Patterns

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Another round for classic modest outfit recommendations! When you already have to follow a strict set of dress rules, an excellent way to broaden your choices is to choose different patterns. Fortunately, there are thousands upon thousands of prints to choose from out there.

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Even if you stick to just one style of dress for the rest of your life, you can look different each time if you have the same dress in different patterns! You can choose to stick to timeless prints like floral, polka dots, and plaid. On the other hand, you can pull off clean and modern looks with geometric prints like checkered and chevron. Playing with patterns is one of the most versatile conservative LDS clothing tips out there, so why not make the most of it?

  1. Smart Recommendations: Wear Your Modest LDS Work Outfit to Church

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When it comes to smart and economical fashion tips for Latter-Day Saint women, this is a winner: wear your modest work clothes to church. Most pieces you wear when you go to the office are well within the LDS dress code, so you don’t have to worry about offending anyone. All you have to do is match the pieces differently so you won’t look like you’re meeting a client every time you go to church.

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How do you incorporate this recommendation during church events? Here’s an excellent example: to look smart and sharp when wearing a loose-fitting LDS outfit, wear a blazer on top. When worn with your work blouse and pencil skirt, a blazer helps keep your overall look chic and professional. Blazers can be versatile enough to help you dress up or dress down, because when paired with a simple shirt and a maxi skirt, they keep your look smart but definitely casual.

These are just a few modest clothing tips for LDS outfits combos that you can throw together when you’re in a hurry! There's really no limit to being extra creative when revamping your wardrobe. Remember, the dress code is there as a guide—it’s your job to think of ways on how to style your outfits without breaking any rules. Take a look at INNERMOD’s catalogue of stylish modest pieces and you might just find the ones you’re looking for!

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