There’s no doubt about it—modest fashion is in, and it’s definitely here to stay. From oversized, relaxed fits to sleek silhouettes that flatter at every angle, modest trends and conservative styles are easy to pair and fun to rock! To help you make sure that your covered style is on point, here are just a few runway ideas to provide you with a little bit of inspiration: 

  1. Little White Dress

Model is wearing Badgley Mischka. Source: Vogue
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You’ve probably heard all about the little black dress—after all, it’s one of the most common and most talked-about wardrobe essentials a woman should have. This year, the fashion world has opted to revamp the classic look with a different alternative. Instead of the traditional style black dress, why not look for one in white?

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Elegant, simple, and extremely versatile, white can be worn with all kinds of accessories and still retain its basic, no-frills, modest style. Plus, white is a great transition colour from spring to summer! Its light hue will look bright and fun paired with your vibrant floral outfits. White is also a lovely shade to wear to keep yourself casually cool and easy-breezy under the scorching heat of the sun.

  1. Drama Puff Sleeves

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Remember those excruciating days when your mom would dress you up in Sunday dresses complete with cringe-worthy puffed sleeves? News flash: puffed sleeves are back with a vengeance, and this time, you get to choose how to style them!

If you want to create a striking silhouette, wearing a blouse with puffed sleeves can instantly update your covered style. You can even wear them for both casual and professional outfits for that polished, put-together look.

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Ultra-feminine and super sophisticated, puffed sleeves are a fabulous way to update conservative trends with timeless pieces. Besides, these sleeves aren’t just limited to your run-of-the-mill round puffs. They come in all shapes and sizes—you can even catch a few pairs here and there that are puffed near the wrist instead of the shoulder!

  1. Rock Shirt Dresses

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When it comes to conservative fashion, simple is often better, and subtlety is always best. And in this great big rush we’re all tangled up with in the morning, isn’t it a dream come true to have a go-to outfit you can just throw on without giving it too much thought?

Stop torturing yourself with the paralyzing dilemma of not knowing what to wear for the day! Shirt dresses are the perfect stress-free alternatives that will keep you looking effortlessly cool from sun up to sun down.

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Shirt dresses designed to copy the “boyfriend” look are perfect for casual days out when you feel like lounging around, while trench coat-inspired shirt dresses are your best bet when it comes to looking smart and elegant. No matter what the occasion, shirt dresses are an instant hit to show off your conservative style.

  1. Earth Colour Tones

Model is wearing DavideMaestri. Source: WWD Japan

If you’re going for a more unpretentious style, that doesn't mean you need to stick with the typical minimalist palette of blacks, greys, and whites. There are so many other colours you can utilize—in fact, why don't you try creating outfits with simple, Earth-toned shades?

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Brown, beige, green, sienna, and other similar hues are near-neutral colours that are almost as versatile as blacks and whites. You can make a ton of soft and delicate outfits with this palette—they’re perfect for that light and bubbly feeling of both spring and summer!

  1. Perfecting Palazzo Pants

Model is wearing Salvatore Ferragamo. Source: Vogue | Shop modest Pants

Welcome palazzo pants back into your closet because 2019 is bringing this trend front and centre! This undeniably stylish yet covered up style is the perfect way to add a level of dimension to your regular everyday clothes. Palazzo pants are also an excellent choice if you’re more comfortable wearing loose-fitting clothing, helping you ooze confidence and style everywhere you go.

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You can easily wear palazzo pants to work and slay it like you mean it in your meetings. Then, just change your top to match your palazzo pants when it’s time to party the night away!

  1. Athleisure Going Strong

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We've seen the steady rise of athleisure for years now, and 2019 is no different. Women are clamouring for a more comfortable and covered style, which is why sportswear donned as everyday clothes are all the rage right now. Who wouldn’t want that kind of freedom of movement with their modest, unpretentious style?  

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Even sweatpants can look smart and modest if appropriately styled! You can now maximise comfort and funk by matching simple sweats with more structured tops. For instance, a crisp, white collared top paired with a pair of simple, black sweatpants is a suitable outfit for when you just want to walk around and go window shopping on a lazy day out.

Of course, there are tons and tons of fashion trends from Spring/Summer 2019 collection that you can take inspiration from—it’s all about interpreting them the right way. Even a seemingly too-revealing outfit can be styled properly to match your conservative fashion sense like a perfectly tailored glove. Fashion is all about experimenting, after all—so experiment away and put your own personal twist into your new spring outfits!

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