Modest outfits are meant to be shared! It’s not enough to dress modestly all by your lonesome—you can always spread your love for trendy modest clothing by letting others in on your stylish conservative clothes hacks and funky fashion tips. Of course, who better to be in the know than your dearest BFF?

From London to Milan and New York to Paris, modest fashion is now a steady winning combination—and twinning these “double images” has caught on along with it. Here are just some of our tip-top tips on how to match your modest clothing with your best gal pal, because two is better than one, after all!

  1. Modest top-to-bottom outfits

Going all-out identical has never been sassier and easier to style! Strut your stuff with your squad by going samesies on your conservative basic top and a high-waisted bottom. There’s no more fabulous way to flaunt your friendship than by going matchy-matchy from head to toe, and with trendy modest clothing that you’ll both feel comfortable and stylish in, you will definitely have everyone else looking twice—literally and figuratively!

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You can always do a little bit of experimenting when it comes to matching your conservative clothes, and it doesn’t have to be too extravagant, either. You can pick out a colour of the day, or choose a weekly fashion element that you can easily turn to when the need calls for it. You can also make sure that your cheap modest clothing has contrasting colour themes in order to make a bold fashion statement and stand out the right way—twice!

  1. Different shades, same modest style

Twinning your modest wear doesn’t just mean wearing the exact same thing from top to bottom. You can also match your long-sleeved tops with the exact same style but in different shades! You can go with a light and breezy basic blouse on some days, or dress them up with extra layers if you need to. You might find that the weather is especially chilly on a particular day, so a simple tee just won’t cut it. You can both pick a stretchy, comfy, ever-reliable long-sleeve loose top in similar pastel shades to make sure you are both nice and toasty yet still totally twinning at the same time.

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It’s hard to resist the urge to go out and flaunt your fashionable modest outfit in pairs, isn’t it? With extremely easily matched elements like this one, you and your BFF will definitely be sharing all the modest love—and while you’re at it, why not share the same modest love (and this handy-dandy guide!) with the whole squad, too? 

  1. Modest mismatched clothing

If you’re itching to be able to wear matching outfits with your best friend but you’re too afraid to overdo it, you can wear purposely mismatched items so you can still stay cute and sassy without going overboard. Conquer your fear of being too obvious by going with subtle matches at first. If your BFF is wearing one colour for her top and you’re wearing the same shade for your bottoms, then you’re already fashionably twinning right there.

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Try to don a sophisticated, classy, long-sleeved blouse with loose frills and let your gal pal throw on a pair of conservative bottoms with loose frills on the hem as well! It’s unique, elegant, and totally appropriate for killing it at the office, or for anything you both might have planned for the rest of the day, and for the rest of the evening, too!

  1. Double designs in modest fashion

Your idea of dressing modestly may be defined by wearing long, flowy, maxi skirts rather than typical trousers, and if your best friend thinks the same thing, you can still go twinning with the same kind of cut or design on your beloved modest piece. Go with a cool calm, and collected maxi skirt on a warm summer day, or opt for feminine flowy pleats for some extra layer of dimension to your overall modest style. You can have different shades or even varying pairs of tees, but if your bottoms have matching designs, you’ll still be stunningly identical.

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  1. Identical prints for modest wear

Flaunt your fashion sisterhood and take it to a whole new level! You may not have exactly the same piece of clothing as your best friend, but if your overall modest outfits share the same sleek silhouette or rock the same patterns and prints, you’re still good to go. For instance, you may be a huge fan of pink florals and maxi dresses, while your best friend can match you with pink floral outerwear like a kimono or an abaya that’s just as flowy and flowery.

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Now, before you go out and about picking out the best twinning pieces to match with your squad, here’s a quick word on staying true to modest fashion. Before you head out the door, make sure to check if any part of your body is showing by bending over (or raising your hands up in the air to see if anything rides up your torso) to see if your cute top is hanging too low. Remedy it with a long tunic or a handy camisole underneath to cover up your behind or your cleavage. Cross your legs and check to see if your matching skirts hike up more than they should on your thighs! Stick to your modest style by wearing long leggings underneath and leave a whole lot more to the imagination instead.

Now that that’s all settled, grab those matching pairs and go twinning with the BFF or your whole squad today—and remember, sharing is caring!

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