If there’s one rule about the steadily growing modesty movement today, it’s that fashionable modest clothing should be fun and flexible no matter what your mood is! Do you need to feel invincible at the office as you’re rocking a stylish conservative attire? Or do you need to exude elegance and grace in your conservative clothing style?

Let your affordable loose-fitting clothes speak volumes about your mood, and affect how other people around you are feeling too! Check out our cheap modest fashion colour guide for every mood right here:

  1. Fashionable modest clothing when you feel like rocking the office

Studies show that colours can totally affect not just your mood but your behaviour and your stress levels as well. When you feel like unleashing that femme fatale in you at the workplace, you can go for black shades for an extra air of mystery in your stylish conservative attire. This power colour works wonders for any kind of cheap modest fashion, and it has a slimming effect, too! If you want people to take you seriously in the office, whether you’re in a client meeting or making a big presentation for the whole team, go with a black suit to seal the deal.

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Green denotes harmony, safety, and is all about giving off a fresh vibe. It’s closely associated with money and the “go” signal, so it’s a great colour to have in the office as well. Blue can also be just as calming, especially if you have a drama-filled workplace. It can help reduce strain and tension, plus it’s the colour of truth and wisdom. It definitely can’t hurt to have either of these shades in your overall stylish conservative attire, whether as a full outfit or in subtle accents on your suit. This is especially true if you’re a fan of the colour grey, which can be seen as uninvolved and passive. Grey in the workplace can also denote a lack of energy, so incorporating pops of colour like blue or green into your affordable loose-fitting clothes in grey can be a good counteragent. Here’s an extra tip for you in the office: if you switch up your desktop wallpaper to a green shade, you’ll be less stressed especially if you’re sitting in front of the computer all day.

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  1. Conservative clothing style when you feel like working out

If you need to indulge in a burst of energy to suit your enthusiastic mood, don some orange to make your trendy modest clothing in the UK as fun and vibrant as can be! Orange is all about stimulation and excitement, and it’s a good balance between the fervent passion of red and the light joy of yellow. The colour orange is also known to increase oxygen supply to the brain, making it the perfect shade to induce an energizing effect in your conservative clothing style. It’s a tad more soothing than red, and the ideal hue to inject a positive and energetic mood into any situation. It’s the perfect shade to wear when you feel like sweating it out at the gym, or working out those brain muscles to stimulate brain activity!

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On the other hand, a pop of yellow in your affordable loose-fitting clothes can cheer you up on a really bad day. If you’re feeling down in the dumps, you can get rid of the blues by wearing yellow to help perk up the rest of your day. It’s a good shade to wear as an additional accent element in your fashionable modest clothing, but you can also rock it from head to toe and be as bright as the sun!

  1. Cheap modest fashion when you’re feeling romantic

Everyone knows that red is THE colour for passion, and it definitely gets the blood pumping if you’re in the mood for some fiery lovin’. Date nights have never been more exciting with red as your trendy modest clothing ensemble in the UK! Red also helps stimulate the appetite, so if you and your significant other are up for a celebratory feast, then by all means, rock that red midi or maxi dress all night long!

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Romance and happiness can also be showcased perfectly with hints of pink across your whole conservative clothing style. Very calming and extremely feminine, pink is always a good choice for dates, especially when you’re looking for a subtle pick-me-up. If you’re not into the whole pink girly-girl look, opt for instilling little pink elements like a headscarf, a cover-up, or even an elegant abaya or any outerwear over your trendy modest clothing in the UK—you’ll definitely still give off that romantic vibe without going overboard.

  1. Affordable loose-fitting clothes when you feel regal and elegant

Sophisticated, luxurious, and all about elegance, purple is the colour to don when you want to feel like royalty. Be the queen of cheap modest fashion any day of the week with purple hues and stimulating tones that can boost your energy level and spark your creativity. Purple can also be strongly associated with intuition and spirituality, so it’s the best shade to throw on when you’re feeling in touch with your inner self.

Of course, no fashionable modest clothing colour guide will be complete without the basic timelessness of white. Associated with innocence, simplicity, grace, and pure subtle elegance, white is a clean look that will lend an unmistakable air of sophistication to your day when you’re in the mood for sovereignty. The best part of it all is that it’s one of the most basic colours out there, so you definitely won’t have any trouble shopping around—modest outerwear, maxi and midi bottoms, and long-sleeved tops included!

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No matter what your mood is, you can always mix and match your fashionable modest clothing colours to suit exactly how you’re feeling inside. There’s always a shade for every emotion and a matching tone for every occasion, so head on over to INNERMOD and shop for your next mood-boosting outfits and share these tidbits with all of your friends!

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