Dressing modestly and fashionably is an empowering trait that most women of certain religions all have in common. For instance, fun church outfits ideas that you showcase with what you wear show just how much you respect yourself and the people around you. Elegant, respectable, and ultra-comfortable, modest fashion is not just a statement—it’s a way of life!

Of course, dressing conservatively is not synonymous to looking lacklustre and lousy. On the contrary, modest clothes for church can also look chic and stylish—even more so than your average daily get-up—if you take the time to get creative with it!

To help you get started on your road to conservative fierceness, here are six comfortable and casual church outfits ideas that fashion-forward women will absolutely love:

  1. Church Outfits Ideas with Cosy Cardigans

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Want to give off that totally chill girl-next-door look? Go modest chic with that knee-length skirt and preppy overall look. All you need to do is to throw a cardigan over any basic tee—this not only keeps things nice and modest, but it’s also a good trick to use in case it gets a little chilly. If you already have ideas of what to wear for your next church visit, don’t forget to pair your church attire with a simple knit cardigan to top off your look.

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Cardigans automatically help you give off a friendly, youthful energy that's perfect for young ladies everywhere. They’re also useful when you want to wear your sleeveless tops—cardigans can be pretty handy layers to whip out in a jiffy. Aside from making your modest church clothing appropriate, cardigans can also keep you warm and toasty during unpredictable weather changes in the UK.

  1. Floral Skirts in Casual Church Outfits

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A classic that never goes out of style is the timeless floral skirt. Whether it be short or long, floral skirts are always a go-to piece to have in any woman’s closet. Pairing a plain top with a floral skirt can add a little more vibrancy to your modest church outfits—there’s just something inherently bright and fun about flowers, whether they are coloured light or dark!

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Plus, you don’t even have to stick to skirts at all. You can also go with floral shirts and flowery dresses. In fact, you can definitely wear a flowy, floral dress for days when you don't feel like making a lot of effort but still want to look cute!

  1. Long-Sleeve Blouses for Your Dainty Church Attire Ideas

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Depending on your personal comfort and restrictions, you can wear a top with a modest neckline and mid-length sleeves. Of course, if you prefer to cover more of your arms but still want to wear that shorter sleeve top (whether it has a special neckline feature or just because it’s your absolute favourite top), then simply throw over a cardigan and your church attire will be looking as modest as ever. That’s a simple idea you definitely can’t go wrong with!

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Blouses with sleeves not only cover more skin, but they’re also undoubtedly more elegant. It gives you the option of adjusting the length of the sleeve to suit your preference—something that a short-sleeved top just can’t do. It’s not only totally versatile, but a top with sleeves can also feature details along its cuffs that would accentuate your casual church outfits and elevate your look to whole new heights.

  1. Modest Clothes for Church Paired with Pretty Heels

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You can do a lot of mixing and matching when it comes to styling modest clothes for church. There are so many designs and patterns to choose from, and every look can change in an instant with a simple shoe swap!

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If you want to save up on footwear, you totally can! Just invest in a pretty pair of nude heels, chunky or otherwise. Nude heels are perfect for any occasion since they can match most (if not all) of the modest church outfits that you can think of. Whether you're wearing neutral colours or a bright outfit, nude heels will complement anything for a totally balanced and completely harmonized look!

  1. Trending: Ribbons for Church Dresses

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Have you noticed that wrap dresses are coming back with a vengeance? It’s time to get on with the ribbon trend with your modest church dresses! Wrap dresses are quite easy to wear since you don't need to accessorise all that much. Their wrap-around design (and a few ruffles here and there) is enough to pull off an effortlessly elegant look no matter where you go.

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Ribbons are easy to style wherever you put them, especially when you’re planning your casual church dresses. You can have a wrap-around blouse or even a bow belt for your long skirt. Not one for having ribbons on your modest church clothing? You can also wear hair bows or ribbon-designed hairbands to get creative with the trend. After all, feminine is always in!

  1. Modest Church Clothing Matched with Mini Handbags

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Casual church outfits can be as vogue as can be when you go the extra mile! Pair your church outfits with a beautiful, quaint handbag, and you’ll see just how much a tiny bag can do to keep you looking fresh and fabulous from morning ‘til night.

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Your small handbags aren’t just accessories to match with your modest church dresses. They’re also functional pieces that can house all of your essentials when you’re leaving the house. Make sure you’re getting one that can, at least, fit in your keys, phone, and personal care items—no use stringing along a bag when it can’t even provide you with a quick touchup in a pinch, right?

Wearing modest fashion when going to church really CAN be exciting and fun. It’s just a matter of planning what you want to wear! You can be as colourful and full of patterns as you like, or as subtle as can be when you need to. There are endless ways to style your modest clothes for church, so why not head on over to our ‘New In’ collection here at INNERMOD? Who knows? You might just find what you’re looking for! 

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