While going to church is an obligation, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your get-up! Because staying modest is of the utmost importance for any religious event, you need to have modest dresses for church that are subtle, stylish, yet totally trendy.

Early morning masses can be a bummer especially if you’re the type to indulge in a little extra shut-eye when you want to sleep in, but having the sassiest conservative dresses for church in the UK can definitely help you get motivated during Sunday mornings.

Ready for more remarkable ways to wear your modest dresses for church here in the UK? Check out these six styles below!

  1. Modest Dresses For Church in Fun, Bright Colors

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Being a modest dresser doesn't exclude you from wearing brighter colours! Choose light and bubbly shades for your conservative ankle-length dresses to combat the gloomy UK weather. You know exactly how dreary our days can be, so why not defy the rain and be the little ray of sunshine you truly are?

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Just remember to choose what shades to go for when celebrating mass. Wild and attention-seeking colours like neon pink and highlighter green might not be appropriate for church wear, but softer tones like sunny yellow and sky blue can perfectly showcase your chipper mood without being over the top.

  1. Jumper Casual: Conservative Dresses For Church in the UK

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Even the most fashionable women in the world have their off days, so you should always have a bit of the basics under your belt. A few modest LDS dresses for church every UK-based gal should have are casual pieces that are effortlessly cool. Simple overall dresses and basic t-shirt dresses are perfect for days when you just don’t have the energy to plan your outfits. You can just slip them on and go—it’s the perfect outfit minus the hassle and the stress!

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Just make sure that you still look presentable while wearing a more laid-back outfit—after all, you’re still going to church. For overall dresses, make sure that the shirt you're wearing underneath is appropriate for the occasion. A helpful tip? Stick to sleeved shirts with neutral colours like white, black, and grey.

  1. Wrap it Up! Trendy Loose-Fitting Maxi Dress For Church for UK Women

Source: Livy and Kate Clothing

Who says you can't be hip and up-to-the-minute when heading to church? It really depends on what trends you want to incorporate into your regular Sunday closet—and the wrap dress is a definite shoo-in. Modest dresses for church in a wrap style are effortlessly elegant and totally fuss-free—you really can’t go wrong with them whatever the weather!

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The feminine silhouette of wrap dresses allows you to keep the accessories to a minimum. When it comes to loose-fitting maxi dresses for church, UK gals will love the wrap dress look because of how easy it is to style. Just pair it with your favourite ballet flats and a cute purse, and you're ready to go out and about even when the service is over!

  1. Clean, Classic Pattern in Modest Dresses For Church in the UK

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If you want to spice up your loose-fitting maxi dresses for church here in the UK, then there’s no better way than to wear pretty patterns. There are literally thousands of prints out there in the market today, and it’s virtually impossible to wrap your head around each and every one of them. But when you’re dressing conservatively for church, clean and classic designs are the ultimate way to go.

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Here’s an extra handy-dandy tip, UK ladies: invest in modest LDS dresses for church that come in stripes and polka dots. Timelessly sophisticated and minimalist, those patterns are fun and funky enough to spice things up, but aren’t wild enough to draw too much attention. Having a few modest dresses for church that come in prints instantly widens your wardrobe, so make sure you have one or two to help you plan easy get-ups in a jiffy.

  1. Timeless Black: Modest LDS Dresses for Church Every UK Woman Needs

Source: Memorandum

And speaking of timeless, you just can’t go wrong with conservative dresses for church in the UK that come in the sultry shade of black. Every woman needs a black dress in her closet! For a modest dresser like yourself, instead of the usual Little Black Dress, go for another type of LBD—a Long Black Dress.

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Black can go a long way with conservative ankle-length dresses for UK events. They're modest and suitable for church; plus, they can be worn both to typical workdays and when out meeting with clients. You can even rock black dresses when painting the town red with your gal pals! Whatever the occasion, a long black dress is a must-have in every closet.

  1. Collared Conservative Ankle-Length Dresses in the UK

Source: Modest Pop

The great thing about modest fashion is that most of the looks you can create are smart and proper. But if you want to look extra put-together, a simple trick is to wear something collared. With those collared necklines, modest dresses for church in the UK or otherwise are perfect if you're going for a smart-casual look. They aren't slouchy-looking and totally not snobbish at the same time.

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Aside from being an excellent style for your modest dresses for church, collared dresses work perfectly for other occasions where you need to look respectable and formal. You can instantly glam up your holiday photos with a collared summer dress, or throw on a shirt dress for that fancy brunch date with your SO! Make every shot Instagram-worthy by simply opting for collared necklines from sun up to sun down.

Now, all these dress styles are just examples of what you can wear in church. You can also experiment with long, loose-fitting skirts and even pants in some cases—it’s really all up to you and your creativity. Check out INNERMOD’s latest collection to help you update your church outfits today! 

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