Been bitten by the travel bug lately? Do you have that inexplicable urge just to book a flight to soak in the sun, sand and sea? Or are you dreaming of palm trees and lush mountainsides as you drive off to another adventure? Well, if you and your S.O. are thinking of travelling soon, you’d better plan the comfiest loose-fitting trousers you're going to bring—after all, travel dates are the best excuse to look fab AF on those must-take photos!

Super comfy and incredibly versatile, loose-fitting trousers for your travel wardrobe are an absolute must. Whether you’re painting the town red in the big city or indulging in some quiet time away from the crowds, you can wear them almost anywhere—plus, they’re super easy to style to create different looks every day.

Getting excited about your next holiday? Here are 6 fantastic ways to style your loose-fitting pants when travelling:

  1. Comfy Loose-Fitting Trousers when Travelling on a Plane

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The first thing you need to think of is your actual travel outfit on the way to your destination. Whether you’re leaving on a jet plane or riding away on your car, it’s essential that you feel super comfy for those long flights and endless stretches of road ahead. Remember, you’ll likely be stuck sitting on your bum for hours on end, and wearing tight-fit clothes might make you feel ill at ease. That's why a pair of sweatpants is the best way to go!         

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Sweatpants are modest pants for travel that anyone will undoubtedly be thankful for. They’re loose so you won’t feel squeezed in, not to mention sweatpants are also soft and flexible for the ultimate freedom of movement. There’s no need to worry about itchy or sweaty fabric—and here’s some good news: it’s a-okay to leave the house in sweatpants because of the growing athleisure trend. Whether you've just arrived at the airport or are munching down some well-deserved dinner at a rest stop, your sweatpants will still help you look comfy and stylish like you’re just MADE to be on the road!

  1. Modest Denim Pants for Travel To Anywhere

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Let’s be honest: not all travel plans go without a hitch. More often than not, you’ll probably have to improvise on where you’ll go or how you’ll get there—plus, you can’t always tell if they have a dress code or not. So play it safe! Don’t forget to pack conservative pants for sightseeing, especially your denim ones for maximum style and comfort.

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Denim pants are not only versatile in the fashion world, but you can also wear them almost anywhere at any time. A pair of loose-fitting trousers in denim is the perfect casually cool vibe to give off when you’re walking around a Parisian market or lounging on the deck of a Caribbean cruise. After all, travelling should be easy and hassle-free, so why should your outfits say otherwise?

  1. Loose-Fitting Pants for Traveling to Special Places

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Modesty is a big deal in certain parts of the world, often for religious reasons when visiting sacred sites and holy sanctuaries. Entrances to temples, shrines, and other places of worship will have designated dress codes right up front, so your favorite pair of shorts or your trusty skirt just might not cut it. In fact, some places will forbid you to enter completely if you’re not dressed appropriately! That’s why you should also pack a pair of conservative pants for trips to places which require smart, modest clothing. Other travel destinations that come in mind are some museums, religious occasions, and fancy restaurants.

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Of course, you should still bring a pair of proper loose-fitting trousers when you travel since you don’t know when you’ll need them. You might find yourself in the middle of an impromptu meeting with an overseas client or a get-together with family and friends from abroad. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

  1. Conservative Pants for Trips & Fancy Date Nights

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Hey, if you're going with your S.O. somewhere for a holiday, you'll most definitely have at least one fancy date night. You’d better have an outfit ready for that! And if you don't have a particular place set in mind yet, keep your look simple. A pair of modest pants for travel dates is the perfect all-around solution.

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It’s hard to go wrong with a pair of loose-fitting trousers. Aside from being modest, they’re also trendy as can be, which makes it perfect for all your couple selfies for Instagram. Armed with a pair of loose-fitting pants when travelling, you’ll definitely find styling your looks for all those unforgettable photo-ops a whole lot easier!

  1. Modest Trousers for Backpacking & Physical Activities

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A part of the magic of travelling is the opportunity to be one with nature. So if you’re planning to traipse in forests or climb rocky mountains, make sure to pack a pair of modest trousers for backpacking (or simply, trail walking). Make sure you bring along a comfy pair that you can easily move around in!

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Remember—you’ll be doing a lot of moving when hiking or even trail walking, so freedom of movement is essential! You’ll want to invest in a pair of loose-fitting trousers that can do the job well. Plus, they’re a great substitute if you’re not comfortable wearing just tights.

  1. Loose-Fitting Trousers For Your Travel Downtime

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When you're out on holiday, you won't always be on the go, which goes to show that conservative pants for sightseeing are not the only clothing that you should bring with you. Make sure to pack a pair of conservative pants for your trip’s downtime.

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Trust us, for the days when you just want to relax inside your hotel room, denim pants and smart-looking trousers can be a bit uncomfortable. Go for very loose pants made from breathable fabric instead. Not only are they lightweight and soft, but they’re also chic in a homey kind of way.

Honestly, you can probably style your entire travel wardrobe with just different kinds of pants as your bottoms. They’re that versatile and fashionable, but the looks above are only the beginning! Think of all the creative possibilities you can do with a pair of loose-fitting pants while you’re out travelling. Check out INNERMOD’s latest collection of pants and get on packing!

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