When you hear about modest fashion, the first things that come to mind are long-sleeved, flowy dresses and long skirts—and yes, those are conservative clothes that you just can’t do without. But what about days when flowy bottoms just won’t cut it?

Yes, you can totally make the most out of loose-fitting trousers when as they come in virtually every shade and design! A pair of conservative pants can give you the self-confidence you need to change up your casual get-ups and formal outfits. Plus, they give you more coverage that's perfect for the warmer season!

Here’s the challenge, then: in a world that’s crowded with skinny jeans and ripped pants, how can you refresh your conservative style by using a pair of modest loose pants as a key piece? Check out our 6 incredible tips on how to wear modest trousers with a relaxed fit, especially during your casual days out:

 1. Dreaming in Loose-Fitting Denim Trousers

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Denim is universal—‘nuff said. If you’re looking for a classic, worry-free tip on wearing your loose-fitting pants, go for denim! You don't need to put a lot of effort into your outfit of the day if you choose to wear a pair of loose denim jeans. For stylish yet laid-back looks, a plain white shirt tucked into a pair of loose denim pants is already perfect as it is. You can also level it up with a warm, cosy jacket and a leather belt.

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But relaxed isn’t the only look that denim can pull off. You can add some extra level of dimension and pizzazz to your oversized denim trousers by simply matching them with an elegant blouse, pretty jewellery, a cute clutch, and killer heels for chic, smart-casual looks! 

  1. All About Loose Cuffs Pants

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Wearing modest loose pants doesn’t mean you need to look like you just stepped out of the runway every day. Sometimes, you also need to think about what makes you feel nice and comfy no matter where you go. A pair of cotton oversized joggers are always an excellent choice for days when you just want to look free and easy. Throw on a sweater and a pair of athletic shoes that can make you look comfy yet fashionable throughout the day!

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If you want to add a little ‘oomph’ to your outfit, why not look into cuffed pants? Not only can they change up your athleisure look in a snap, but they can also provide you with more warmth during cold days. You won’t feel the chill of the night breeze sneaking up your legs because your cuffed joggers fit snuggly right around your ankles. 

  1. Opt for Modest Pants in Navy

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If wearing the usual blacks and beiges is so yesterday, why not opt for a more exciting navy? This prim, proper, and professional choice is a stunning shade that’s sleek and casual without being too attention-seeking. It just provides you with enough colour to help you change up your look without sacrificing subtlety and grace.

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With a pair of loose-fitting trousers in navy, you can revamp your everyday look in the office when you want a little more colour in your life. It can be an instant confidence booster without being over-the-top—plus, you can also wear navy loose trousers when you’re out shopping with the squad or while chilling with your besties at the mall in London. Whether you pair it with a dressy blouse or a graphic shirt, your navy pants will shine no matter what the occasion!

  1. Business Chic Classic in Conservative Black Pants

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While extraordinary shades are fun to wear on special days, you will still need a practical pair of modest black relaxed trousers for most of your working hours. Black pants can be your go-to office trousers since they look simple yet stylish whatever you pair them with, and they won’t steal the focus away from your killer performance in the boardroom.

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You can also wear your raven-hued pants outside of work—they can totally look fab and fashionable matched with more casual outfits. A pair of conservative black relaxed fit pants can upgrade your look from ‘okay’ to ‘classic chic’ super quick!

  1. Print Perfect Pants with a Relaxed Fit

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Feeling a little extra today? Without going overboard, you can add a little excitement to your outfits with loose-fitting printed pants. Patterned prints aren't as common as solid-coloured ones, so you can definitely turn heads the right way while still keeping everything modest and subtle.

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Modest patterned pants can feature So. Many. Prints. If you want to look chill and bohemian, you can go with florals and paisleys. Clean and neutral looks go well with stripes and dots, while you can turn your outfit into something ‘90s-inspired with a pair of plaid trousers. Go wild and experiment with the many different designs that your key pieces can come in!

  1. Never Wrong in Neutral Modest Trousers

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If you’re on a tight budget and you want to buy a pair of conservative relaxed fit pants that you can wear whatever the season, then neutral shades are your best friend. Classic neutrals are your blacks, greys, and whites, and you can definitely wear them all year-round. But if you find those to be too plain and boring, why not invest in neutral shades of a more earthy tone?

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Earth-toned neutrals like beige, cream, and brown are as flexible as your typical neutral shades, but with the added feature of appearing lighter and airier—not to mention their warmer tones can help make you feel cosier during the colder season. By wearing modest loose trousers in more natural colours, you can also trick yourself into feeling cooler as well, especially during warmer seasons. Now, isn’t that a nifty trick to try in a jiffy?

So, are you still feeling limited by flowy maxis on casual days? Our tip-top, foolproof fashion hacks can help you take advantage of loose-fitting trousers no matter what the occasion!

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