Every modern woman knows that a basic tank top is an absolute must-have in any fashionista’s closet. You can wear this simple but versatile piece underneath different layers and create a wide range of variant outfits for any occasion, not to mention it’s affordable as can be. But as basic as THE tank top is, there are tons of other women's loose-fitting tops that you can style just as easily—yes, you don’t have to stick to your regular ol’ tank and reuse it over and over again.

With just a dash of imagination and an ounce of courage, you can easily throw together modest tops that can replace the basic tank, ladies! From the typical t-shirt to more elegant designs like the turtleneck, women’s conservative shirts can surprise you with tons of bolder, brighter, and more fashionable looks—all thanks to these ladies’ loose-fitting blouses right here:

  1. Solid-Coloured t-Shirts are easy casual women’s loose fitting tops

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Let's start with the simplest take on women’s conservative shirts: your basic tee in a solid colour can be worn with almost any type of clothing. You can style it with pants, shorts, skirts of different lengths, and even dresses! Plus, basic tees are also great undershirts for when you want to wear cardigans, kimonos, and jackets. As far as women's loose-fitting tops go, a basic tee is a definite must-have for any closet.

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When it comes to styling women's loose-fitting tops to switch up your trusty tank, make sure you colour-coordinate everything the right way. Yes, sticking to your neutrals like black, white, grey, and nude won't pose any problems (they go with everything!), but you should absolutely try wearing other cool hues, too. Think olive green, mustard yellow, baby pink, sky blue, and whatever shade you fancy!

  1. Smart ladies go for modest collared tops instead of the basic tank

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For women’s conservative shirts that need to look a bit more proper, go for the collared variety. A crisp white dress shirt is probably the safest choice, so you should always have one on hand—but that’s not the only collared variety you can wear to client meetings or brunch dates!

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Why not experiment with different shades and designs? Collared shirts come in many different colours. A simple shade switch can alter your look instantly in exciting new ways. You can even go extra with other statement elements like a built-in bow or one-of-a-kind sleeves. When it comes to loose-fitting collared blouses for the ladies, you really have to step out of your comfort zone a little bit to get wow-tastic outfits!

  1. Turtlenecks make for effortless and elegant women’s conservative shirts

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Another fancy take on women’s conservative shirts is the classic turtleneck. There’s just something sophisticated about the whole look—it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing an oversized number at home or rocking a sleek silhouette while shopping. Turtlenecks just look elegant from sun up to sun down no matter what the occasion.

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For days when you want to elevate your typical outfit without having to go through all the effort of rummaging through your closet, just pick up your trusty turtleneck and you’ll be good to go. Unlike tanks that need to be layered the right way, turtlenecks are conservative blouses all ladies can wear without the need for extra embellishments—talk about effortlessly cool!

  1. A comfy tunic for ladies beats other loose fitting blouses on lazy days

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There will always be days when you just can't find the willpower to plan your outfits from head to toe—but that doesn't mean you should leave the house looking frumpy and grumpy! Take your women's loose-fitting tops to a whole new level with a tunic that can replace your basic tank. This definite lifesaver will make you look like you planned every detail of your outfit all along—all in a simple slip-and-go no-frills look!

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Like most other women’s modest shirts on this list, a tunic is just a basic cut yet still has tons of designs that you can pick from. You can choose one that looks more like a shirt for casual days and for running errands. If you need to look a tad more put-together, a wrap-around tunic might be the better choice.

  1. Flexible jumpers instantly elevate conservative blouses for the ladies

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Aside from basic tees and tank tops, a jumper is the next best-loved piece when it comes to women’s modest shirts—and why not, ladies? Conservative blouses are all well and good, but there’s just something about the comfort level of a jumper that helps you kiss all of those worries away on any given day.

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Jumpers are the perfect fashion elements to go for if you’re all about gettin’ cosy. Plus, most jumpers already look sassy as can be without you having to scramble for tons of accessories. On especially chillier days, replacing your basic tank with ladies modest tops isn’t just trendy—it’s practical. It’s all about those layers, after all!

  1. The hoodie + blazer look is the newest women’s modest top trend to follow

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For the unconventional and adventurous fashionista, this new trend is all about breaking barriers and creating a fab new look your whole squad will want to copy. Who says you need to choose between comfort and looking high-end and respectable? It’s perfectly acceptable to pair your crisp, professional blazer with a chunky and comfy hoodie. As far as women's loose-fitting tops go, this trend will likely be solely responsible for making your OOTDs go viral!

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Be a trendsetter in the workplace with this must-try style you can influence all of your co-workers with. You can also wear this fabulous look when you're out shopping or brunching—or better yet, why not rock this style for your next fashion-famous post on Instagram?

See how much you can work with when you put your mind to it? Don’t be boxed in by the convenience of wearing a tank top day in and day out. While tank tops are a practical choice, they’re not the only choice you have. Experiment with other types of women’s loose-fitting tops to create unique and out-of-this-world outfits you can share with all of your gal pals.

That said, check out INNERMOD's latest collection of modest tops and you might just find the perfect fit for you!

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