Brides want everything to be perfect for their special day, and that includes having a well-dressed entourage with her. If scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram for fashion inspo is making you panic, fret not! Not all bridesmaid dresses have to show off some skin. The bride’s special ladies can still look beautiful and stylish in modest dresses with sleeves.

Who says you’re limited by thin straps and off-the-shoulder cuts from the endless line of convertible dresses out there? When it comes to planning out the perfect conservative dresses with sleeves for every bridesmaid, all you have to do is get creative! Here’s a nifty trick: look up the fashion trends for the year and personalize it to your own tastes.

To help you out, below are 6 chic trends for bridesmaid dresses you can transform with modest sleeves:

  1. Navy Modest Dresses with Sleeves For Your Wedding Entourage

Source: Edressit

Every year, tons of brides choose pastels for their wedding motif, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re going for a more dramatic look, navy will suit your needs perfectly. Long gowns with sleeves in this dark shade of blue will add drama and depth to your bridesmaid group.

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The dusky colour beautifully contrasts with your pristine white gown. Just think of how stunning your group photos will be in your wedding album—plus, navy is a timeless shade that will stand out even for years to come. So if you don’t want to look back on your wedding photos and find the gowns outdated and tacky, stick to navy for your bridesmaid long gowns with sleeves—your wedding album will thank you for it!

  1. Conservative Dresses with Sleeves in Classic Lace Fit For A Bridesmaid

Source: Pink Peonies

Another fan favourite that’s still making a lot of noise today is designing bridesmaid modest gowns in lace. With sleeves made from this lovely fabric, you can deck out your whole entourage in simple yet romantic outfits. Besides, lace is practically synonymous to looking soft and feminine, just like the blushing bride on her Big Day.

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With lace, there’s no need to go all out with your accessories. Loose-fitting lace outfits with sleeves will instantly make your bridesmaid squad look stunning the fuss-free way! All that’s left is choosing understated accessories like earring studs or plain bracelets. Don’t forget that small bouquet of flowers every bridesmaid needs to clutch—lace and floral make for the perfect feminine touch, after all.

  1. Modest Dresses with Sleeves For Your Bridesmaid in Terracotta Tones

Source: Roolee

If you really want to get with the times, your bridesmaids will truly appreciate their modest dresses with sleeves in terracotta colours. Warm shades like orange, brown, and yellow are all the rage now because of their free and bohemian vibes.

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If you’re going for organic and free-spirited, bridesmaid conservative dresses with sleeves in these warm shades will work incredibly well for boho-inspired weddings. The orange and yellow tones mix fabulously with the cool green shades of leafy designs. This look is ideal for outdoor weddings during springtime—or any other time, really. It’s YOUR wedding, and you get to decide how it all plays out!

  1. Simple Wrap Dresses with Sleeves as Loose-Fitting Bridesmaid Outfits

Source: Roolee

Not every wedding needs to be glamorous, and if you’re a bride who prefers an understated wedding, then you’ll appreciate having your bridesmaids wear modest dresses with sleeves that are simple and subtle. That said, you’ll absolutely adore the trendy and basic cut of a wrap dress!

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Wrap dresses come in many designs—some have ruffles and bell sleeves while others come in more toned-down cuts like straight and A-lined. Instead of dressing your bridesmaids in gowns that they’ll probably only wear once, you can have them go with smart wrap dresses that they can wear to other occasions too. Reduce, reuse, and recycle, right?

  1. Long Black Gowns with Sleeves For Your Stylish Bridesmaid

Source: Jen Clothing

Memorable and high fashion, wearing black to a wedding is definitely not traditional. At the same time, it looks chic, unique, and totally enigmatic! It lets you give off an air of mystery with a touch of elegance and unmistakable grace. Since not many people go bold with black during weddings, you can have your bridesmaid squad wear long gowns with sleeves in this inky shade for a more distinguished look.

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Black works well for everyone regardless of skin tone or hair colour. This makes it easier for you to get your bridesmaids looking like a cohesive unit. Just think of all the pretty pictures you can snap away with your gal pals wearing modest dresses with sleeves in the same midnight shade!

  1. Embroidered Abayas Paired With Modest Gowns with Sleeves for Your Bridesmaid

Source: Abayas Boutique

Layering is an excellent and unconventional way to style the loose-fitting outfits with sleeves that your bridesmaids will wear. This way, they can pick sleeveless dresses underneath and still look lovely and conservative. Wearing abayas as outerwear is an innovative idea that can also satisfy any religious guidelines your bridesmaids may have.

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But why stop there? Instead of choosing your typical abaya dress, go for something more unique. Why not opt for an open abaya with lace and embroidered details? Worn as a kimono, these unique pieces will make your bridesmaids look stunning in their avant-garde modest gowns with sleeves—you might even start a fashion trend with this new style!

These trends aren’t necessarily made for modest fashion—they can be used for hundreds of designs, both conservative and not. It just goes to show you how flexible fashion is, don’t you think?

If you want your entourage to look like the trendiest and most fashionable group to have ever graced this earth, it all comes down to choosing the trend you want and making it fit your modest ideals. INNERMOD has plenty of choices you can browse through as you start your journey to forever with your significant other! Check out our specially curated collection of modest dresses and you might just find the perfect bridesmaid dress for your squad.

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