Can’t get enough of posting OOTDs on Instagram? You can spice up your photos and wow your followers with smart and sassy tznius clothing every single day! Because you already know your limits and your personal preferences inside out, you can easily play around with different combinations that won’t cramp your modest style.

Discover how you can glam up your Instagram profile with modern and modest Orthodox outfits by trying out our fashion-forward tips below!

  1.   Tznius Clothing with Pops of Colour for Instagram

Source: Winter Street Style

There’s a lot you have to remember when dressing modestly, especially when we’re talking about conservative Orthodox clothes. Make your Instagram OOTDs look more attractive by adding pops of bright colours to your outfit. Injecting different shades can instantly breathe new life into regular daily get-ups without the need to accessorise all that much. For a more dramatic look, try pairing a basic muted outfit with vivaciously vivid shades.

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If you’re going for a look that gravitates toward whites and browns, you can opt to highlight your footwear by wearing bright reds or sunshine yellows. You can also choose to wear a classic black and white outfit but paired with a neon green bag. This way, you can add visual interest to any ol’ outfit; plus, you get to draw others’ attentions to what you want to accentuate.

It’s all about creating a focal point that emphasizes your chosen accessory for the day. This focus ties up your entire photo with a pretty little metaphorical ribbon and makes it loads more interesting!

  1. Linen White Dresses as Tznius Clothing for Social Media

Source: Etsy - SondeflorShop

When it comes to tznius clothing and modest clothes in general, cotton is one of the most common fabrics to use out there. Comfortable and lightweight, it’s an easy choice especially when the weather is a little stifling. But aside from the cool comfort that cotton brings, did you know that fabric texture can also change the way your photos look?

Similarly light and comfy, linen provides a slightly rougher texture to your tzniut outfits in Instagram. It certainly ups the ante when it comes to adding a layer of depth and dimension to your overall look.

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A white linen dress is essential for any modest dresser. White dresses are ethereal and effortlessly romantic—you can glam it up or dress it down depending on your accessories and backdrop. But to make your tznius clothing OOTDs more interesting in Instagram, you should also experiment with poses! Here’s a nifty little tip: use your dress as a prop and make interesting shapes with it. Let it billow in the wind or fall in a gracious heap around you—just make sure that you have someone with you who can take the perfect shot!

  1. Bohemian Patterned Tzniut Outfits for Instagram Travel Shoots

Source: USA Spell Co

Aside from well-chosen selfies and fashionable outfit shots, travel photos are a top pick when it comes to Instagram content. Your tzniut attire for vacation is vital if you want to capture that perfect holiday shot—and nothing says “I’m off work” better than pretty bohemian patterns.

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Boho is known for its eclectic look and free-spirited idealism. What better time to embrace the vibe than while you’re on holiday? Wearing your tznius clothing in bohemian patterns will translate incredibly well with Instagram travel photos because they blend perfectly with the scenery. These fun and fab prints will make you look a lot more laid-back and relaxed, which is exactly the look that you're going for.

  1. Trending: Maximalist Fashion for Tzniut Attire in Instagram

Source: Instyle

Every fashionista has heard of the minimalist trend, and as a modest dresser, you’re probably thinking that minimalist is the only style you can really rock. But why should you let those stereotypes lock you into a restrictive limit? You can also wear modest Orthodox outfits in a maximalist style for Instagram—after all, OOTDs are all about stepping out of your comfort zone and thinking out of the box!

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Maximalist fashion, for obvious reasons, is the opposite of minimalist in terms of overall look. You get to play with layers, colours, textures, and patterns without having to think of the so-called fashion rules. It's not overindulging in any way—you're just freer to choose which pieces go with which! That’s definitely a win-win situation for fashion, don’t you think?

  1. Be Instagram Famous with Modest Orthodox Outfits in Monochrome

Source: Nen- Pinterest

But if maximalist fashion is too much for you right now, you can still change up your look by going full monochrome. The beautiful thing about this style is that there are literally endless ways you can mix it up. You can wear all-carnation pink or all-orange dawn for your conservative Orthodox outfits for Instagram, and they will always look great no matter what the weather.

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Monochrome outfits are also your best bet if you want the focus of the photo to be solely on you. Because you’re essentially breaking up all of the different shades and tints around you, wearing the same colour all throughout highlights you in the picture most of all. This is the go-to style for cityscapes and night shots because you’ll really stand out!

  1. Pleats as an Instagram Trend for Conservative Orthodox Clothes

Source: Dressed Up Deniz

An oldie but goodie when it comes to tzniut outfits for Instagram, pleated skirts are all the rage right now, so join in on the fun! There are tons of ways to style pleated skirts as they just add an extra layer of texture to your tzniut attire on Instagram.

They’re incredibly easy to pair, and they offer a built-in depth to an otherwise plain outfit. Plus, they’re flexible as can be, so you can wear them anywhere from closing those deals at the office to catching up on the latest updates with your gal pals for brunch.

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If you keep on experimenting, you'll realize soon enough how incredibly exciting and versatile tznius clothing can be! Being a modest dresser doesn’t mean you have to make do with dull outfits—you just need to find inspiration and the courage to wear a style that’s new to you. Check out INNERMOD's latest collection, and you might just find the perfect pieces for your Instagram-worthy outfits!

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