From sunny brunch meet-ups with the gal pals to sultry evening dates with the S.O., you always need to kick your fashionable modest clothing game up a notch no matter what the season. Gear up for your freshest and most enjoyable spring yet with our top style picks for affordable loose-fitting clothes that will turn heads the right way! Drawing a little bit of inspiration from timeless everyday pieces to on-trend closet favourites, these top trendiest spring picks will keep your stylish modest fashion totally on-point for the coming months (and will have the whole squad copying your fashion ideas, too!):

  1. The spring white dress is fashionable modest clothing at its freshest

There’s nothing that paints a more carefree picture than the image of a modest woman in a feminine white dress this spring. Comfortable, conservative, and the perfect piece to fit your conservative clothing style, the spring white dress is elegant, sophisticated, and unapologetically modest. You can choose from a variety of cuts and fabrics from flowy cotton pieces to subtle designs like eyelet details and puffed sleeves. If you find that your particular fit is looser, you can always tie everything up with a belt or a matching sash to keep your curves as flattering as can be without going overboard.

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You can emphasize your conservative clothing style by throwing on a denim outer layer over your white ensemble, or you can dress it down for more informal events with sneakers or boots. You can up the ante when it comes to elegance with a few statement accessories, or be casually cool when heading out to coffee dates with friends or strolling through the farmers market with a cosy cardigan.

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  1. Spring stylish modest fashion is all about the comfy denim maxi

Sunny morning trips to the supermarket or running errands have never been this effortlessly comfortable! If you’re simply walking a few blocks down the street in your fashionable modest clothing, there’s no better outfit to don than the ultra-comfy denim maxi dress. Heading out to the city park to enjoy the wonders of nature that springtime brings? Or going on an eco-friendly trip (don’t forget your canvas tote!) to scour the best homemade jellies, freshest produce, and artisan bread your town has to offer? A pair of sneakers is the perfect companion to your affordable loose-fitting clothes to make sure you’re as relaxed as can be from sun up to sun down.

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Ease into any stressful event with denim maxi dresses with front button details, long sleeves, and a collared neckline to make sure that you stick to your respectable stylish modest fashion wherever you go.

  1. Puffed sleeves are perfect for your spring conservative clothing style over coffee

Brunches and coffee dates with the squad need a hint of what makes women the fairer sex, don’t you think? Elevate your feminine touch with loose blouses designed with subtle puffed sleeves to keep your conservative clothing style on-point! There’s nothing wrong with celebrating womanhood through playful sleeves and light pastel colours (be pretty in pink whenever you can!), especially when it comes to spring outfits. This handy piece can also double as your elegant modest wear with just a few adjustments—simply tuck the blouse in for a more fitted and put-together look and your trendy conservative clothing for the workplace is good to go.

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Indulge in an afternoon of crêpes and coffee or biscuits and tea in a long-sleeved elegant top with a relaxed fit so you can easily breathe out all of your stresses away. And if you need a whole ensemble, why not go with a classy ruffled maxi dress so you can really feel as elegant as possible while rocking your stylish modest fashion at the same time?

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  1. Go with head-to-toe neutrals for your affordable loose-fitting clothes this spring

As you gear up for springtime, it’s time to store those goth black styles and save them for another day! Bust out your neutrals in earthy tones to keep your trendy conservative clothing at the height of its fashionable modest clothing game. This season, be all about lightening up your mood and the vibe of everyone else around you, as well as brightening any room you float into. If you’re looking for elegant modest wear that will still fit into your neutrals theme, pair a checked brown blazer over a beige turtleneck and similarly coloured trousers for affordable loose-fitting clothes that won’t distract you or anyone around you from the work at hand.

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Let your trendy conservative clothing scream modest chic by coordinating your neutral colours all the way. This spring-ready monochromatic look is a simple way of welcoming the carefree weather—and can even flatter your figure from every angle to boot. It’s the perfect way to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) this season!

  1. Long outerwear completes the fashionable modest clothing you can wear to church

Dressy church looks don’t have to be dull and uninteresting. You can still let your stylish modest fashion shine without attracting too much attention with abayas and kimonos. These long outerwear options can keep you nice and covered from head to toe with their long sleeves and ankle-length cuts. The best part of it all is that they go with almost anything you want to wear underneath, from casual jeans to dressy tops!

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You can also class up your elegant modest wear with these elegant pieces, as they instantly elevate your look to help you give off a fun but respectable vibe in the workplace. Plus, if it gets a little chilly indoors because of the office A/C, you can just throw this on and you’ll be nice and toasty all day.

So, if you’re feeling a little doubtful about your wardrobe this season, you can always take your pick from our hottest spring picks to help you stay practical and comfy with the utmost modesty this spring. Head on over to INNERMOD to find your next closet faves for the season today!

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