Modest fashion is as fun as it is versatile. You can wear almost any type of clothing to suit your personal style, and this includes wearing open abayas in the UK! Sure, abayas are primarily essential for Muslim women around the world, but you don't need to be Islamic to wear them for any occasion. 

In fact, UK girls can easily rock abaya fashion when these elegant pieces are paired with hijab outfits or other modest elements. You can wear them as modern kimonos or as a thin outer layer to help keep yourself nice and covered up during chillier days. When it comes to the classic abaya style, open abayas can really level up your UK outfits and add an instant touch of grace to any get-up.

Plus, you can style them in different ways! Check out these 6 impressive looks you can put together for your modest UK open abayas today, or check out for stylish and modern abayas:

  1. Stock Up on Everyday Open Abayas for the UK Weather

Source: Hera Closet

The open abaya is an excellent addition to most UK conservative outfits, whether it be the warm or cold season. They’re designed using a variety of fabrics from thin, lightweight, and breathable to thick, cosy, and warm. Having that kind of flexibility in your outfit choices makes these practical pieces a must-have for any closet.

Why not get yourself an open abaya that you can use for the ever-changing UK weather? You definitely need something easy-breezy for scorching hot days—at the same time, you need classy outerwear for layering up when colder seasons come around. One excellent example of this is a simple black abaya.

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Black is a timeless colour that can be worn any time of the year no matter what the season. Plus, it’s a classic look that isn’t attention-seeking, so you can wear it again and again whether you’re killing it at the office or having a casual stroll outside with your friends.

  1. Style Your UK-Based Outfits with a White Abaya

Source: Qabeela

If you prefer making a subtle statement during your events, a white abaya is simple yet novel. Not many people feel comfortable wearing long clothes in white (it's easy to mess up—not to mention stains are hard to wash off!), so this abaya style will definitely stand out in the UK. You’re sure to make heads turn without looking cocky!

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On top of the instant elegance the pristine colour of white can bring, why not add another exciting element to your outfit? Get a kimono-style abaya with embroidery to wear in the UK. The embroidered details can provide a more luxurious vibe to your look and really upgrade your open abaya outfits for the UK scene.

  1. Go to UK Events in Fancy Open Abaya Outfits

Source: Eepurl

Not all modest open abayas in the UK are worn as everyday clothing. Weddings, reunions, or birthday parties throughout the year are inevitable—it's best to be ready for these occasions with a more elegant and unique kind of abaya style for your UK events.

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Fancy abayas for your formal events can have many different cuts and designs, but one fool-proof style that will make you the life of the party is an abaya with interesting sleeves. They can be made from shimmering fabrics, have multiple layers, or adorned with beads, lace, or sequins. Go wild and have a luxurious open abaya ready in your closet for any UK special event you’ll need to attend!

  1. Be Trendy in a Light Blue Kimono Abaya Look for the UK Scene

Source: Outfit Trends

Whites, blacks, and beiges (or the typical neutrals) are timeless. You should have a few of them in your closet, but those colours are not the only everyday shades that you can rock for your OOTDs. For a fun fashion look, why not wear a light blue abaya when you’re out and about in the UK? Open abayas in light blue paired with conservative denim outfits for your typical UK days is a trendy take that most fashionistas will love.

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Since denim is as typical as blacks, whites, and beiges, you can think of light blue as a new neutral look. It’s fun but not attention-seeking and different but not unconventional. Light blue is the perfect shade to wear when you want to look novel without going over-the-top!

  1. Modest UK Gym Fashion: Open Abayas

Source: Shehna

Everybody needs time to exercise, but even if exercise isn’t on our minds, who says you can’t rock an athleisure vibe? Some modest open abayas in the UK are made for just that! Get in on the athletic trend with sporty abayas that are sure to keep your fashion game on point.

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Some abayas are made to look like long windbreakers for the ultimate trendiness. You can even pair hooded abayas with your joggers and sporty tops. But if you want a more subtle sports-related abaya, why not pepper your plain abaya with sports-themed patches? You can either get a patched abaya or have fun DIY-ing it at home!

  1. Conservative Outfits ft. A Red Open Abaya for UK Night Outs

Source: Outfithink

For those days and nights when you just want to be the belle of the ball, you’ll definitely appreciate an open abaya in red. You can wear it to UK parties or as an everyday piece to spruce up your closet, or on a date to spice things up without going overboard.

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The fun and vibrant shade of red instantly breathes life into any scene. It’s a statement piece that can level up your simple shirt-and-jeans outfit without you putting in a lot of effort. There’s no need for excessive accessories when you already have a red open abaya to complete your conservative outfits for any UK scene!

Impressed with how many styles you can mix and match to really elevate your look? It pays to have a few different designs of abayas in your closet—this way, it’s easier for you to put together tons of looks for your OOTDs.

To help you get started, you can check out the abaya collection over at INNERMOD. From simple daily abayas to fancy occasion abayas, you’re sure to find an abaya style you’ll love!


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