The hardest days to plan an outfit for are when you don't have anything special going on—and it's particularly true if you have a very restrictive wardrobe to choose from. Wearing the same looks again and again can be cumbersome, but it's a good thing that there are tons of ways to keep your daily trendy Muslim fashion fresh and fab!

We all know that there are rules to adhere to when it comes to trendy hijab style. Still, that doesn’t mean you need to let your fashion game suffer! More and more clothing options are easily available for Muslim women everywhere, and with that comes a lot more leeway when looking as stylish as can be with your latest hijab fashion outfits.

Want more proof? Here are 6 remarkable ways to keep your Muslim outfits chic and completely on point:

  1. Trendy Muslim Fashion Tip: Experiment With Layers

Source: New Season Women

It’s a well-known fact that keeping yourself covered up is part of modesty whether it’s for Islamic Muslim fashion or for women who opt for a more conservative look. Who says that should mean you can’t look modern and stylish while doing it? You can switch up your everyday look by mixing and matching different kinds of tops. Got basic blouses and regular sweaters? Pair them with bottoms like long skirts and loose pants. You can also give layering a try—you just might discover a new trend!

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Layering your trendy Muslim clothing can be easy-peasy whatever the season. You can wear kimonos or abayas with light, breathable fabric during summer and spring. On the colder months of the year, jackets and coats made from wool and fleece are the better choices. You can also experiment with short-sleeved cover-ups to help change your daily look in more creative and totally fun ways!

  1. Blazer Up Your Trendy Hijab Style

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If you’ve always thought that blazers are just for board meetings and formal events, think again. Sometimes, even your daily errands require you to dress smartly—mixing your latest hijab fashion outfits with stylish blazers is a trendy look that any woman can pull off perfectly. Plus, it gives off an instant vibe of confidence for days when you need some reassurance about how much of a femme fatale you are!

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Don’t just stick to your usual blacks and greys when trying out blazers with your chic and modern Muslim outfits. Go for unique colours like emerald or hot pink for more casual days. You can also try blazers in stripes or plaid prints for times when you just want to look extra funky. All these awesome designs (and the more basic ones) can be worn to work as well. Needless to say, the office will definitely be more exciting with these handy wardrobe surprises in your daily closet!

  1. Color-Coordinate Your Hijab with Your Trendy Islamic Clothing

Source: Instagram - @reistaputrii

A massive part of hijab fashion is definitely the headscarf, so don't forget to style your outfit around that essential piece of headwear. You have tons of colour and fabric choices when it comes to buying your hijab, so go wild and try out all kinds! If you want to look extra put-together whatever the weather, try colour coordinating your hijab with the rest of your look.

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Making sure that the colour and style of your hijab works well with the rest of your outfit is essential when it comes to your beautiful trendy hijab style. You don’t want your hijab to clash with your latest fashion hijab outfit—everything should flow together for a more chic and clean look from sun up to sun down.

  1. Mix Hoodies & Sweaters with Hijab Fashion Outfit

Source: Yirmisekiz DIY Decors Club

Like any other kind of style, Muslim fashion can be worn in many different ways. It’s easy to think of your latest fashion hijab with outfits for more glitzy occasions, but you can also rock super casual attires too with just a little bit of creativity and imagination. What better way to scream casual and chic than by whipping out those ultra-comfy sweats and hoodies?

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There’s just no denying it—sometimes, your typical days are better spent in comfortable clothes you can relax in all throughout the day. You can keep your Muslim fashion looking chic yet comfy by pairing hoodies and sweaters with classic denim pants—they’re super easy to wear whatever the season. You can even pair them up with sweatpants or leggings (the perfect combo for going to the gym!).

  1. Love the Patterns on your chic Islamic Clothing

Source: Just Trendy Girls

Trendy Islamic clothing doesn’t just come in plain, solid colours—that would be too dull! There are tons of different prints and designs that you can incorporate into your daily looks to help keep them fresh and looking good no matter what the occasion.

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If you’re new to the pattern game, a few basic designs that are timelessly wearable are stripes, polka dots, and plaid. Vibrant and whimsical personalities will definitely love the fun vibes of florals and tropical prints. If you're feeling extra wild, geometric patterns in neon shades—as well as animal prints—are definitely a more exciting and quirkier way to go!

  1. Stylish Hijab Fashion Outfits with Accessories ft. Bags!

Source: Fhijab

Your hijab fashion outfit doesn’t end with long and loose-fitting clothes. All pretty outfits should be styled with an equally stunning accessory, so why not opt for bags?

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Different kinds of bags work on various occasions. Roomy handbags are perfect for workdays, while purses work great for days when you just need your essentials (cash, cards, your phone, and your trusty lipstick). If you’re going for a trendier look, 2020 is the year for crochet and weaved accessories—the perfect excuse to go grab that net bag you’ve been eyeing!

With all of these inspiring suggestions, aren’t you just itching to try everything out and share all of these tips and tricks with your family and friends? Head on over to INNERMOD’s latest collection for more choices you can discover today!

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