For brides, nothing is more important than having the most memorable day at their wedding. From the location down to the colour of the table napkin, careful planning is key to make sure everything is picture-perfect—and the same goes for what everyone is wearing. Sure, the bride's will have the spotlight for most of the day, but stunning modest gowns should also be reserved for the mother of the bride.

The bride and groom wouldn’t be the only ones on center stage on their wedding day, which is why picking a conservative formal gown is a must for your whole family, from your dearest Mum down to your adorable little cousin acting as the flower girl.

Sometimes, the mother of the bride prefers to look like the rest of the entourage, but there are times when the perfect loose-fitting evening dress should be just a touch above the rest! And who wouldn't want to share a bit of their limelight with their mum? Here are 6 fantastic modest evening gowns for the mother of the bride:

  1. Modest Evening Gowns in Muted Shades for the Mother of the Bride

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Weddings happen at any time of the day, and your colour motif will highly depend on when you want to get married. Pastels and muted colours are best for day weddings as they give off light and airy vibes that complement the joyous occasion.

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Sophisticated grace and elegance do not mean wearing shiny diamonds or an attention-grabbing outfit. There are times when less truly is more. Your mother will look stunning during the wedding in a loose-fitting formal gown in an understated shade like baby pink, sandy beige, or light grey. Pair the dress up with minimal accessories and you'll absolutely love seeing the timeless look in the wedding album for years to come.

  1. Conservative Formal Dress with Fluttery Sleeves for the Mother of the Bride

Source: Wedding Dresses Guide

More often than not, fashion insecurities add up as we grow older—maybe it’s the love handles, the cellulite, or the saggy arms. It wouldn’t be surprising if the mother of the bride would prefer a conservative formal dress when they’re not feeling 100% confident. Don’t pressure them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose a style that’ll make them feel good and look good!

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Simply look for trendy cuts and designs that can easily hide your mother’s problem areas and still make her look like she just stepped out of a fashion runway. A great example is a loose-fitting formal gown with fluttery sleeves. The loose cut hides any unwanted flabs during the wedding, and the flowy sleeves can conceal her arms easily and effortlessly.

  1. Metallic, Loose-Fitting Formal Gown for Trendy Weddings

Source: Anthropologie

Afternoon weddings are not as common as morning and evening weddings, but they are absolutely romantic. Who wouldn’t want to get married during the sunset, right? Well, a modest evening dress in a cool metal colour worn by your mother during the wedding will be very much appreciated. The metallic sheen of the dress will bounce off the afternoon light splendidly!

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What’s more, metallic fabrics are super trendy. You can quickly boost the level of your entourage’s outfit by having them wear dresses with this cool sheen. Or better yet, why not create a unique look for your photos by having some people wear metallic dresses and others wear matte? There’s so much possibility for Instagram-worthy shots!

  1. Romantic Vibes in Sheer Layered, Modest Evening Dresses for Weddings

Source: Wedding Forward

Another trendy style you might want the mother of the bride to model is a conservative formal dress with a sheer outer layer. This is the perfect style for mums who feel more secure when wearing a kind of outerwear. Layering a gown can also look unique and unconventional and will help your mother achieve that picturesque and memorable look!

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Shawls? Formal blazers? That’s so yesterday! A long, sheer outer layer designed with lace, beads, or sequins is high fashion. Don't let insecurities get in the way of your mum having the best modest evening dress during your wedding!

  1. Loose-Fitting Evening Dresses in Dramatic Dark Hues for the Mother of the Bride

Source: Discount Dress Shop

We've talked about day weddings and even afternoon weddings, but now it's time to party the night away! The evening is prime time to get married. The air is cool, the lights and stars are twinkling, and the atmosphere just feels naturally romantic. But one fantastic way to level up your weddings is to let your entourage wear dresses in dark, dramatic colours.

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Navy, burgundy, and emerald are just some of the shades that will look breathtaking in an evening wedding. A conservative formal gown in any of these colours will be a sure hit—plus, darker shades elegantly contrast with your white wedding gown!

  1. Conservative Floral Formal Gowns for Garden Weddings

Source: In Vita Da Perfecta

Who doesn't love a garden wedding? Lush backgrounds and fragrant breezes are the perfect backdrops to the most romantic day of your life. The soft green and the vibrant flowers instantly elevate the quiet sophistication of your venue, and they bring out your feminine side in beautiful bursts of colour. it certainly breathes fresh new life into long ceremonies! So, be one with nature—have the mother of the bride and your entourage wear modest evening gowns in floral patterns.

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Floral prints are timeless. If you want a semi-casual garden celebration, now’s the best time to wear them. Sure they may not be the top wedding trend now, but they will still look picture-perfect down the line when you look back fondly at your wedding photos years from now.

Looking for the perfect loose-fitting evening dress for the mother of the bride is as important as your own wedding dress or your bridesmaids’. After all, it’ll be your mother tearfully standing by your side in all those shots, so it wouldn't hurt to spoil her a little on what’s a special day for her, too. Head on over to INNERMOD and check out the latest collection of dresses and gowns. You might just find the perfect one for your mum!


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