Weddings are always an excellent excuse for you to dress to the nines. The solemn occasion and glitzy reception deserve only your very best fashion endeavours—it’s the perfect opportunity to put your best fashion foot forward! Most weddings feature a multitude of dress styles ranging from short hems to floor-length cuts, but a long skirt and top combo is a trendy and timeless style that’s sure to rock any event.

Wearing a smart top and maxi skirt for weddings is a novel idea that anyone can pull off. It’s all about mixing and matching to get the perfect outfit for the special day. Whether you’re the blushing bride or an ecstatic guest, long skirts and blouses will definitely be memorable wedding looks that’re one for the books!

Be a wedding trendsetter today with these 6 gorgeous modest skirt and top outfits you’ll want to wear to any wedding:

  1. Classic All-White Long Skirt and Top Wedding Outfit for the Bride

Source: Love Find

When you see a woman in an all-white outfit, you’re instantly reminded of a blushing bride on her Big Day. It’s a tradition that many women still practice today, so it's not surprising if you want to wear white to your own wedding. You can never go wrong with a classic, after all—but why stop there? Why not put a fresh twist to the timeless look by wearing a two-piece outfit instead?

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Wedding gowns are effortlessly beautiful, but the right combination of an exquisite blouse and a long skirt will make you even more stunning during your wedding. It’s a fresh look that gives off a youthful vibe; plus, you can dress it up or dress it down any way you want to. Whether you’re having a casual gathering in an intimate space or a formal wedding with loads of guests from all over the world, a two-piece set will definitely keep the spotlight on you.

  1. Bright, Silky Red Maxi Skirt and Top Combo for Trendy Weddings


Colour motifs are equally as important as finding the perfect wedding outfit for the bride. Not all colours will look beautiful as the years go by. Save your bridesmaids from future embarrassment and choose a colour motif that will stand the test of time. Dress them up for the wedding in modest skirts and blouses in a deep red shade!

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A deep red palette like burgundy and wine will look beautiful in plenty of event venues, especially ones with an abundance of green. The subtle cool tones juxtapose beautifully with the lush surroundings, elevating your bridesmaids' outfits. Just think of all the beautiful wedding photos you can take!

  1. Long Floral Skirt and Smart Blouse for Spring Weddings

Source: Tumblr – Lovely Skirts

Not all weddings are stuffy and formal. Some couples prefer a no-fuss gathering among a handful of family and friends, like having afternoon tea during the springtime. For casual spring weddings, a conservative floral skirt paired with a simple button-down top will do just the trick.

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Spring, after all, is the season of flowers blooming, so a floral-themed outfit will definitely be all the rage. Plus, there’s something intrinsically romantic about the swooshing of a loose-fitting skirt paired with a cute blouse in the middle of a garden wedding venue. You’ll definitely make heads turn the right way for the duration of the whole ceremony!

  1. Modest Skirt and Blouse Combo in Warm Tones for Millennial Weddings


Here’s another splendid colour motif to check out: warm earth-toned shades like mustard yellow, burnt orange, moss green, and the like. This is especially fitting for younger couples tying the knot because most millennials prefer a more organic, one-with-nature lifestyle. It's safe to assume that this preference will definitely shine and breathe new life into the wedding. So dress up your entourage in loose-fitting skirts and blouses in greens, yellows, oranges, and browns. This earthy motif will make everyone feel more at one with Mother Nature as well!

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That said, wearing warm tones to a wedding isn’t strictly for millennials only. You can rock earth tones beautifully whatever your age may be. So if you want to look like the ultimate fashionista in any wedding, get trendy and go for a long skirt and top combo in this colour family!

  1. Conservative Skirt and Top Outfit in Bubbly Blue for Summer Weddings

Source: Tumblr – Virtuous Christian Ladies in Pleats

Summer weddings are hip and fun, but you can feel hot and uncomfortable in stuffy formal gowns. Don’t worry! You can always go for modest skirts and blouses in a cool blue shade for your summer weddings. Paired with light colours like white and yellow, you'll feel calm and fresh throughout the ceremony and reception.

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Plus, blue is such a casual colour that instantly looks refreshing to the eyes. It's effortlessly chic, and anyone can wear it. It's not hard to plan bridesmaid outfits in the colour blue because you know that all your girls will look gorgeous in it.

  1. All the Glitters: Loose-Fitting Blouse and Skirt Outfit for Night Weddings

Source: Revelry

You can also play with the fabrics you choose to wear depending on the time of the wedding. While day weddings might look pretty in light and whimsical materials, night weddings are different. You can look ethereal in a long skirt and top combo in glittering fabrics. Really up the fun factor in the reception with materials like sequins, metallic fabric, glitter fabrics, and more.

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Just make sure to balance your look for the wedding. If you’re going for a glittery maxi skirt, make sure your top is plain and simple, and vice versa. Go too glittery and you might look gaudy and over-eager, so remember that the right balance is always best.

These are just six ways you can plan your conservative skirt and top combos for weddings. Just imagine how many more looks you can make if you continue experimenting with your wardrobe! So change up your look and go for trendy outfits the next time you go to a wedding. Instead of the typical dress, wear a two-piece outfit that will turn heads in your direction. Check out INNERMOD’s latest collection of modest tops and skirts and you might just find the perfect pair you’re looking for!

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